Comprehensive Attendance Policy

School Attendance Policy

In Accordance with New York State Commissioner’s Regulation 104.1(i)


Comprehensive Attendance Policy

I.          Attendance Objectives

Due to the positive correlation between regular school attendance, class participation and successful academic performance SS. Cyril & Methodius School has adopted an attendance policy to ensure that all students comply with the academic standards set by the Diocese of Rockville Centre and the New York State Department of Education.  SS Cyril & Methodius School prepares our students to become individuals who contribute positively to the community in their future vocations and professions.  In this preparation, lateness and absenteeism are to be avoided.  Each student’s behavior and interaction with others defines our school environment and culture.  Their attitudes and habits create the forum to learn and are linked to consistent attendance.  We strive to maintain this philosophy on a daily basis as we set forth this policy. 


II.        Strategies to Meet Objectives

Designing an optimum learning structure fosters positive attitudes for consistent attendance.  Adult role models set by our staff and teachers equally provides the students with a reinforced element of our attendance policy.


In addition the following strategies will be implemented:

  • The principal will discuss attendance issues with students during the opening of school orientation and other appropriate school student meetings.
  • The principal will discuss attendance issues with parents at the opening parent meeting and Parent Association meetings.
  • This policy is published online on our website


This policy also establishes practical strategies for the school to account for the location of its students throughout each school day and ensures sufficient pupil attendance at all scheduled periods of actual instruction or supervised activities.

  • Attendance will be taken and recorded every morning during homeroom period, 8:00 – 8:20 a.m. and after lunch at 12:45 for grades K-5.
  • Departmentalized grades – attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.
  • In the event that a child is absent, parents are instructed to call the school (preferably before 9 a.m.).  If they do not call, the school will call parents/guardians to confirm their knowledge of the child’s absence.
  • Upon the return to school, a note explaining the reason for absence is required.
  • A doctor’s note is required when a student is reported absent due to illness for 3 or more consecutive days.

III.       Excused Absences

  • Sickness
  • Death in the family
  • Impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe
  • Religious observance
  • Required attendance in court
  • Medical/Dental appointments


            Unexcused Absences

  • Vacation/Trip
  • Take your child to work day
  • Babysitting


IV.       Attendance Coding System

  • ES       =          Sick
  • EM      =          Medical Appointment
  • EF       =          Family illness/death
  • ER       =          Religious Observance
  • EC       =          Court appearance
  • EW      =          Weather
  • ED       =          District Transportation
  • EO       =          Other
  • FT        =          Field Trip


V.        School Attendance Policy and Course Credit

All compulsory age students are required to attend school every day of the 177 instructional days as set forth by the State of New York Department of Education.  Parents of children of compulsory age are responsible for their child’s daily school attendance.  SS. Cyril & Methodius School will respond appropriately to prevent the development of patterns of non attendance.  SS Cyril & Methodius School will comply with the local agencies involved in truancy prevention.


All students are required to fulfill the appropriate requirement:

Students in grades K-5 allocation:  15 absences/trimester and 45 absences for a full year may result in the denial of credit for the year.


Middle school students in grades 6-8 allocation:  10 absences/trimester and 30 absences for a full-year may result in the denial of credit for the year.

(Excessive absences due to extraordinary circumstances will be considered on an individual

basis by the administration)


VI.       Incentives and Sanctions

To encourage good attendance yearly certificates for perfect attendance and perfect attendance awards at graduation are distributed. 


To discourage high absenteeism notification via a phone call, letter, or email by the principal to the parent/guardian is made when an attendance issue arises.

VII.     Parental Notification Process

The secretary/receptionist will try to reach the parent/guardian by calling the phone number(s) of record provided by the parent/guardian..  It should be understood that there will be occasions when parents will not be able to be reached.  The school will assume no responsibility beyond making reasonable efforts to reach the parent through the numbers provided to the school.


Persons in the parental relationship to an elementary student will be notified by the principal should a student accrue fourteen absences and a conference will be scheduled to discuss attendance issues.


Students and parents who have questions about attendance status should contact the principal.


VIII.    Intervention Strategies

Possible intervention strategies to improve student attendance include:

  • Asking the parents of the student to seek medical help for stated reasons for absences
  • Student should be asked to reduce other activities that interfere with school attendance
  • Student should have an “attendance contract”
  • Student should be referred to school support; school psychologist, school district truant office
  • Parents should be asked to create a home-based reward/consequence system
  • Student should have a “school buddy” to foster collegiality


Absenteeism:  If the parent/guardian has not notified the school of the child’s absence the secretary/receptionist or attendance personnel will call parent to verify child’s absence on the first day of absence.  A written notification will be sent home if communication via the telephone or email is not successful.


Tardiness:  Students will receive a late pass from the secretary/receptionist when arriving to school after 8:30 a.m.  Five (5) tardies in a trimester will constitute a loss of recess.


Early departure:  Parent or guardian must sign child out from the office and indicate in the sign-out book the reason for early departure.


Tardiness and early departure may not be excused except for the reasons listed under excused absences.

IX.      Review of Attendance Records

The principal will review attendance records monthly and initiate action to address attendance issues.  Homeroom teachers will notify the principal if an attendance issue arises prior to the monthly review.

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