Pre-K Fun!
​Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K!
Teachers: Mrs. R. Storms  Mrs. J. Pappas

Special Teachers:
Mon. Art- Mr. Montella
Tues. Music- Mrs. Sandkuhl
Wed. Library- Mr. Senatore
Thurs. Art - Mr. Montella
Fri. Library - Mr. Senatore
Congratulations to all our Pre-K Graduates!  You did an amazing job on our Graduation Show!  We were so proud of you!  Many thanks for all the wonderful wishes, gifts and sharing list items!  We appreciate all that you did to make our day and entire year such a success!  Have a wonderful summer!  Good luck to you all in Kindergarten!  It was such a pleasure to have you all in our class!
Please complete the Reading Log each day.  We have a new form for June.                         Happy Birthday to JC, Molly, Hailey, Maddy& Ryan !

Important Dates:
June 12- 9:00 Pre-K Graduation Ceremony  Arrival/ 9:30  Auditorium/ 10:30 Gazebo Refreshments  Dressy clothes with their Graduation Sash.