Tarea (Homework)

1.  Comprehension Packet due Thursday, May 24th
2.  Vocabulario Repaso test on Tuesday, May 22

1.  Vocabulario #11 due on Tuesday, April 17th.

1. Vocabulario #9 due Tuesday, March 6th.

WORDS:  hueso, frente, muneca, pulgar, cuerpo, espalda, rodilla, barbilla, piel, sangre, cejas, mejillas, codo, hombro, craneo, unas, lengua, tobillo, cuello, garganta

1.  Vocabulario #8 quiz on Tuesday, February 13th

1.  Vocabulario #7 due on Tuesday, January 23rd.

2. South America packet due on Thursday, February 8th.

3.  South America project due on Wednesday, January 24th.

Nombre ______________________________ DUE DATE: Tuesday, January 23rd

Tour of South America

This is a two part assignment. 

Part I - Trifold (Working with a partner, research one country in South America)

All information must be accompanied with a picture.  Information must be put into your OWN words.  

It is up to you and your partner how the work is divided.  You will be given class time to research.

Information to be included on trifold:

 the name of the country

 the flag of the country 

- you must make the flag, you may not print it from the computer

a description of what the colors and symbols on the flag represent


 a map of the country

the map must be hand drawn

label the capital city, other major cities, major bodies of water


- description and pictures of popular foods eaten in the country

 cultural/historical places

include the name, a brief description, a picture and the location of 

    famous places to visit 


- include popular sports played in the country

famous sports teams or players

the name of sports stadiums

include pictures along with the information


include a brief description and picture of popular instruments, dances,

              singers and/or types of music

- places to see a concert

 capital city and 2 other major cities

information about things to do and see in those cities


animals native to the country with a brief description and picture


two major holidays celebrated in the country

include a brief description (when the holiday is celebrated,  customs and pictures)

All information will be put on your trifold.  You will be graded on content, creativity, effort and neatness.

Remember the information must be put into your own words.  You will receive a failing grade if you plagiarize.

Part II - Presentation

You will present the information on your country to the 2nd and 3rd graders.  Small groups of students will visit your country.  It is your job to entice them to visit your country.  You must speak clearly and be knowledgeable about all the information on your trifold.  

Be enthusiastic!!  

All members of the group must participate in the presentation.  You must be well prepared and work as a team!!

At the end of your presentation you will stamp the 2nd and 3rd graders passports so they know they have visited your country.  They will then vote on which country they liked the best.

Your grade will be partially based on the student vote, how you worked as a team, speaking skills and knowledge about your country.

1.  Vocabulario Repaso Test on Wednesday, January 17th.

2.  South America Packet due on Thursday, February 8th.

3.  Must bring in a trifold by Tuesday, January 16th.

4.  South America project due on Wednesday, January 24th.

1.  Vocabulario #6 quiz on Tuesday, December 12th

1.  Translate vocabulario #6 by Tuesday, December 5th.

The words are:  revista, palabra, frase, noticias, poema, anuncio, informacion, tarea, periodico, periodista, libro, leccion, escribir, leer, papel, escritor, pagina, cuaderno, lapiz, boligrafo

1.  Test on ser/estar, professions and places on Thursday, October 26th.

2.  Vocabulario #4 quiz on Tuesday, October 31st.


1.  Vocabulario #4 must be translated by Tuesday, October 24th

​2.  Review sheets due Tuesday, October 24th

​3.  Test on ser, estar, professions and places on Thursday, October 26th


1.  Vocabulario #3 due on Tuesday, October 10th.

These are the vocabulario #3 words:  qué, cuando,

dónde, en, por qué, bien, que, mal, de, cómo, y, a,

mucho, quién, mismo, pero, porque, fin, como, para


1.  Vocabulario #2 Quiz on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd.


1.  Vocabulario #2 words need to be translated by Tuesday, September 26th.


1.  Vocabulario #1 quiz is on Tuesday, September 19th.

2.  $9.00 for Scholastic Magazine needs to be handed in ASAP.

3. Review Packet due on Tuesday, September 19th