Tarea (Homework)



1.  All unfinished worksheets are due on Tuesday, May 16th.

2.  Vocabulario Repaso Test on Tuesday, May 23rd.

1.  Vocabulario Repaso needs to be translated by Tuesday, May 16th.

1.Vocabulario #11 due on Tuesday, April 4th.

2.  Aztec, Inca or Maya project due on Wednesday, April 5th.

1.  Vocabulario #7 quiz on Tuesday, January 31st.

2.  Test on Wednesday, February 1st. Study -AR verbs: meaning, conjugation, stems, sentences and questions. Study all information on review sheets.

3.  Culture Packet due on Wednesday, February 8th.

​1.  Vocabulario Repaso is due on Tuesday, January 10th.

1.  Quiz on conjugating -AR verbs on Tuesday, December 20th.  You must know the verb endings ( -o, -as, -a,
-amos, -an).


1.  Vocabulario #6 quiz on Tuesday, December 13th.

1.  Test on Tuesday, November 8th on sports, equipment, tocar, jugar and instruments.                                                

2.  Progress report needs to be signed and returned on Wednesday, November 9th.

3.  Vocabulario #5 due on Tuesday, November 8th.

1. Vocabulario #4 quiz is on Thursday, November 3rd.
​2. Review sheets due on Monday, October 31st.
​3. Test on sports, sports equipment, jugar, instruments and tocar on Tuesday, November 8th.

1.  Vocabulario #4 must be translated by Tuesday, October 25th.

1.  Vocabulario #3 Quiz on Tuesday, October 18th.

2.Sports Poster due on Monday, October 17th.
Football Gear.pngChoose a sport that you learned in class.  Title your poster with the name of the sport in SPANISH.  Draw all the equipment that is used with that sport and label the equipment in SPANISH.  Be creative.  You will be graded on spelling, neatness and creativity.  
2.  Vocabulario #3 must be translated by Tuesday, October 11th.

3.  Spanish progress report must be signed and returned by Wednesday, October 5th.

1.Vocabulario #2 Quiz on Tuesday, October 4th.

2. Sports Equipment worksheet due on Monday, October 3rd.


1.  Vocabulario #2 due on Tuesday, September 27th.


1.  Vocabulario #1 quiz on Tuesday, September 20th.

2. Review Packet due on Monday, September 19th.