Tarea (Homework)

1.  Vocabulario #4 due on Tuesday, Oct. 24th

2.  Review sheets due on Monday, October 23rd.

3.  Test on sports/sports equipment/tocar/jugar/instruments on Wednesday, October 25th.


1.  Sports Equipment worksheet due on Monday, Oct. 2.  All answers must be written in Spanish.

2.  Sports poster due on Wednesday, October 11th.  Poster must be done on oak tag.  Choose a sport and write it in Spanish on your poster.  Then draw/print pictures of the equipment used for that sport and label the pictures in Spanish.  You must choose a sport from your notes and use the words for the equipment from your notes.  If you want to add extra pictures of equipment that is not in your notebook, you may do so.  You must be CREATIVE!!!  Spelling and neatness count!!

3.  Vocabulario #2 quiz on Tuesday, October 3rd.


1.  Vocabulario #2 words need to be translated by Tuesday, September 26th.


1.  Vocabulario #1 quiz on Tuesday, September 19th.

2.  Review Packet due on Monday, September 18th.