Tarea (Homework)

1.  Vocabulario #7 quiz on Tuesday,
January 31st.                                                

 2.  Clothing Test on Wednesday,
February 1st.  

3.  Explorer Packet due on Friday,
February 17th.                                            

1.  Vocabulario Repaso due on Tuesday, January 10th.

2.  La Ropa - Clothing Project due Friday, January 13th.
     Draw 3 different models.  Design a different "look" for each model.  Use the clothing and accessories you have learned in class.  Label all clothing and accessories in Spanish.  You may not use the same word more than once.  Your picture needs to be in color, creative and everything needs to be spelled correctly.  Be creative.

1.  Vocabulary quiz #6 on Tuesday, December 13th.

2.  Bring in $2.00 for the class Christmas party by Friday,December 16.  Illustration Of A Decorated Christmas Tree.png  

1.  Test on body parts, adjectives and the verb tener on Thursday, December 1st.

2.  Vocabulary #6 needs to be translated by Tuesday, December 6th.

​3.  This week is the book fair.  Please bring in your book fair money on Thursday, December 1st.


1.  Vocabulario #4 quiz needs to be signed and corrected by Thursday, November 10th.

2.  Vocabulario #5 due on Tuesday, November 8th.

1.  Vocabulario #4 Quiz on Thursday, November 3rd.

1.  Vocabulario #4 needs to be translated by Tuesday, October 25th.

2.  Picture Day is Wednesday, October 19th.  Please send in picture money by Wednesday, Oct. 19th.  Students must wear full winter dress uniform.  They can wear sneakers if they have gym.

3.  Please send in $2.00 for the Halloween activities.  All money must be in by Monday, October 24th.

1.  Vocabulario #3 Quiz on Tuesday, October 18th.
2.  Body Poster due Tuesday, October 18th.
      Title the poster : El Cuerpo
Color and label in Spanish the body parts on the hand outs you were given.  For higher grade you may add 5 body parts that are not on the hand out pages.  You poster must be NEAT, in COLOR and SPELLING counts!!  If you want to draw your own person instead of putting together the person on the handouts you may do so.                                        
3.  Finish worksheets due on Thursday, October 13.

1.  Vocabulario #3 must be translated by Tuesday, October 11th.
2.  Worksheets on body parts due on Thursday, October 6th.
3. Spanish progress report must be signed and returned by Thursday, October 6th.

1.  Vocabulario #2 Quiz on Tuesday, 
​October 4th.


1. Review packet due on Thursday, September 22nd.

2.  Vocabulario #2 due on Tuesday, September 27th.

1. Vocabulario Quiz #1 on Tuesday, September 20th.