5th Grade LOTE
TAREA 1. Test needs to be signed and corrected by Tuesday, February 13th. -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Review sheets due on Wed., January 24th 2. Test on review sheets on Tuesday, January 30th 3. Poster due Wed., January 24th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish worksheets if you didn't complete the work in class. 2. Season Poster due on Wednesday, January 24th. Follow directions on the assignment sheet.

La Estación Poster

 Choose a season and write it in Spanish on top of your poster.

el invierno, la primavera, el otoño, el verano

 Divide the poster into 3 sections.  In Spanish write the months that belong to each season.  Remember the months start with a lower case letter in Spanish.

 Draw or print pictures from the computer of all the holidays that take place during each month and label the holidays in Spanish.  You may also include holidays that are not in your notebook.

 You will be graded on spelling, neatness, creativity and grammar.



​1. Finish worksheet by Tuesday, January 16th --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish worksheet on La Fecha - The Date by Wednesday, December 13th. Remember the pattern for writing the date (el # de month) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Test on Wednesday, November 8th. Study the review sheets. You must know the numbers 0-1,000 and how to do basic math problems. Spelling counts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ​1. Hundreds worksheet due Wed., Oct. 4th ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish number worksheets if you didn't finish them in class. Due Tuesday, October 3rd. 2. Get number quiz signed and make all corrections. Due Tuesday, October 3rd. 3. Fill in #31-59 on Hasta Cien sheet if you haven't already completed it. Due Tuesday, October 3rd. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Quiz on the numbers 0-20 on Tuesday, September 26th. You must know what the number is and how to spell the words. 0-cero 1- uno 2- dos 3 -tres 4-cuatro 5- cinco 6- seis 7- siete 8- ocho 9 - nueve 10- diez 11- once 12 -doce 13 - trece 14 - catorce 15 - quince 16 - diez y seis 17 - diez y siete 18 - diez y ocho 19 - diez y nueve 20 - veinte 2. Finish worksheets due on Wednesday, September 20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Get requirement slip signed. 2. Fill in Hasta Cien sheet #'s 0-19 3. Finish worksheets