5th Grade LOTE
TAREA Weather project due on Wednesday, June 14th FINAL EXAM on TUESDAY, JUNE 13th!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather worksheets are due on Wednesday, May 10th. Test on family needs to be signed and corrected by Wednesday, May 10th. ---------------------------------------------------------------- TEST on Tuesday, April 11th. The test is on ​family, pronouns and the verb - tener (to have). ​Study your review sheets. ----------------------------------------------------------------- TEST on Tuesday, January 31st. The test is on days of the week, months of the year, writing the date, seasons and holidays. STUDY your review sheets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Season Poster due Tuesday, January 24th. Choose a season and write it it in Spanish on the top of your poster. Then divide your poster into 3 sections and in Spanish write the months that go with each season. Under each month draw pictures of the holidays that are in each month and label the holidays in Spanish. You may include holidays that we did not learn in class. Your poster needs to be creative, neat and spelled correctly. Your poster must be in color. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Test on numbers 0-1,000 and math on Tuesday, November 8th. Spelling Counts!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Review sheets due on Wednesday, October 26th. 2. Test on numbers 0-1,000 and math on Tuesday, November 8th. Study review sheet and know how to spell the numbers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish Hasta Cien worksheet by Wednesday, October 12th. 2. Math Puzzle and Matematicas worksheet due Wednesday, October 12th. --------------------------------------------------- 1. Quiz on # 0-20 must be signed and corrected by Wednesday, October 5th. 2. Finish worksheets by Wednesday, October 5th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fill-in #'s 41-69 on Hasta Cien worksheet ​by Tuesday, October 3rd. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Students must fill-in Hasta Cien worksheet #'s 20-40 by Wednesday, September 21st. 2. Number Search worksheet due on Wednesday, September 21st 3. Quiz on #'s 0-20 on Wednesday, September 28th. Spelling Counts!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Students must fill-in #'s 0-19 on Hasta Cien worksheet and complete the front side of the Spanish Numbers worksheet by Wed., September 14th.