5th Grade LOTE
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During the month of November students will finish the topic on math and numbers. Then they will begin a unit on the days of the week, the months, seasons, holidays and dates. They will also learn basic questions and sentences using the information. TAREA 1. Test on Numbers 0-1,000 and math problems on Wednesday, November 14th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Review sheets due on Wed., Nov. 6th 2. Finish worksheets due Wed., Nov. 6th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish math worksheet by Tuesday, October 30th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish number worksheets. Due on Tuesday, September 25th. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Quiz on the numbers 0-20 on Wednesday, September 19th. Spelling Counts!!! Worksheets due on Tuesday, September 18th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hasta Cien worksheet - fill in the numbers 0-29. Spelling counts. Due on Wednesday, September 12th.