TAREA (Homework)

1.  Counting Classroom worksheet due on Friday, October 20th.


1.  La Clase Picture due on Friday, October 6th.  On the computer paper you were given write La Clase on top as your title.  Draw a picture of a classroom and at least 12 objects in a classroom and label the objects in Spanish.  Your picture must be in color (use crayons or markers).  You must use the words that are in your notebook.  You will be graded on spelling, neatness and creativity.


1.  Classroom worksheets due on Friday, Sept. 29th.  Use the words on the first page of the worksheet to help you with  the word search on the second page.


1.  Classroom worksheets due on Friday, September 22nd.  Please complete the front and the back of the worksheet. Make sure to use the vocabulary words in your notebook.


1. Get requirement slip signed