Menu due on Friday, April 7th.  Must include a cover with the name of your restaurant in Spanish.  Follow the guidelines you were given.  May not be done on loose leaf paper.  You will be graded on content, neatness and creativity.                          

1.  Quiz on fruits on Friday, December 16th.  Study the 20 fruits in your notebook.    Grapefruit.png

2.  Test on the classroom needs to be signed and corrected.

3.  Fruit homework was due on Friday, December 9th.  


Worksheets due on Friday, October 28th.
Only use the vocabulary that is in your notebook.  


La Clase picture due on Friday, October 7th.  Use construction paper or computer paper.  Title your picture La Clase.  Draw 12 classroom objects and label the objects in Spanish.  You must use objects that you learned in class.  All pictures must be neat, creative and in color. Spelling Counts!!


Students must get requirement slip signed by Monday, September 12th.