Important Dates:
November 12th Veteran's Day School Closed
November 20th Thanksgiving Feast 
November 21st Dress Down Day 12:00 Dismissal
 November 22nd & 23rd Thanksgiving Recess

Math - Students will be able to add and subtract within 20.

ELA -Second graders will be able to inference and draw conclusions about stories they are reading. They will be able to infer the main idea and details of a story. Students will be able to identify and use verbs properly in sentence.

Religion -As we begin to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation students will be able to understand the importance of making good choices. They will realize that Jesus gives us another chance even if we sin. He loves us and always forgives us when we are sorry.

Social Studies - Students will understand the importance of voting in an election. Second graders will be leaning how the Native Americans helped Pilgrims when they first arrived in America. Science- Second graders will learn how their bodies work and how to keep them healthy. They will experiment with lung capacity and exercise. They will discover which foods are healthy and how food is digested. Special Schedule
Monday Art & Music
Tuesday Gym & Library
Wednesday Language Lab
Thursday Spanish & Gym
Friday      Spanish & Library