4th Grade Computer Lab

Welcome to Computer Lab!

4th Grade

     Basic Operations and Concepts

        Use spell check to edit

        Develop layout and design skills

        Save and retrieve images and sound

        Understand and create a simple spreadsheet

        Use technology to publish individual work

        Learn about and create a simple slide show presentation

        Use tool and task bars in creation of projects

     Social, Ethical, Human Issues

        Show responsible use of technology and equipment

        Follow lab rules

        Understand and respect copyright laws

     Technology Tools

        Navigate teacher-chosen web sites

        Use age-appropriate software

        Use the Internet to research for report on core subject

        Demonstrate how to use a search engine

        Use technology to communicate with others

        Use technology resources like calculators and educational software for problem solving

        Determine when technology is useful and select appropriate tools

        Evaluate electronic resources for accuracy and bias