3rd Grade Computer Lab

Welcome to Computer Lab!

3rd Grade Objectives:

     Basic Operations and Concepts

        Navigate teacher-chosen web sites

        Use the Internet to research

        Demonstrate use of search engines

        Save and retrieve files

        Evaluate web sites for appropriateness

        Use age-appropriate

        Increase recognition and use of tool and task bars

        Understand and use word wrap

        Demonstrate appropriate use of printer

        Copy and paste graphics into a document

     Social, Ethical, Human Issues

        Show responsible use of technology and equipment

        Follow lab rules

Understand and respect copyright laws

Computer Class News...

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Hello, Parents and Students!

  For the next few weeks, 3rd grade will work at becoming reacquainted with our Computer Lab. We will be signing in to code.org and typing.com to begin improving our programming and keyboarding skills.  We will also be using the computer lab for research and writing reports. 

All students will take their first STAR Reading assessment on Wednesday, September 9th.  Students will receive a reading zone from which to choose Accelerated Reader books.  They are to read these books everyday at school and every night at home.  When finished, students will take an assessment on that particular book.