8th Grade Religion

Please be here at 6:30 on Thursday.
Wear cap with tassel, gown and medallion.
Do not wear flowers.
Report to the faculty room.

6/14 ...


6/13 Some children were at the Math Regents.
Service period: the girls cleaned desks, packed up books, took down work from the bulletin boards, etc.
8th Grade Liturgy tomorrow at 9:15. Children should be here at their regular time wearing their gowns and medallions - NO CAPS.

6/12 Practiced for graduation liturgy, which is Wednesday at 9:15.

6/9 Practiced for the graduation ceremony. 

6/8 Practiced for the graduation ceremony. 
Finished the cards for our Kindergarten church buddies.
Cleaned out our lockers.

6/7 Hymn: "City of God"
Practiced for graduation liturgy.
Work on Farewell Cards for Kindergarten.

6/6 Hymn: "City of God"

Practiced for graduation ceremony.

6/5 Hymn: "City of God"
Practiced for graduation liturgy.


6/1 Practiced for Graduation Ceremony (Thursday night.)

5/31 Practice for Graduation Mass (Wednesday morning).

5/30 "Me in a Bag" presented by Sade
Practice for Graduation Mass.

5/29 No school - Memorial Day

5/26 No school

5/25 No school

5/24 "Me in a Bag" presented by Maliek.
Played last CHOSEN review game based on Lesson 14. Tie score for the two teams.
Film: "Marty's Call" about a young man preparing for Confirmation. It is produced by the company that created the CHOSEN program.

5/23 Double class due to the closeness of Confirmation.
"Me in a Bag" presented by Giovanni.
We celebrated Alyssa's birthday.
CHOSEN: Highlighted the most important information from the article on St. Paul that we read last week.
Prayer from the letter of Paul to Timothy: read and discussed.
Read the remaining pages of Lesson 14 and had an oral quiz on them. It was "won" by Tables 6 and 8.
We finished our Sponsor thank you cards and put them in the gift bags.

5/22 "Me in a Bag" presented by Helen.
We wrapped the gifts we made to say thank you to our Confirmation sponsors.
Continued to work on the thank you card/letters.

5/19 "Me in a Bag" presented by Gianna
CHOSEN: We read about the life of St. Paul and the message it has for those being Confirmed.

5/18 "Me in a Bag" presented by Kyle.
Discussed the Confirmation ceremony, what to expect.
Children had their Confirmation interviews with Sister Susan.
CHOSEN pp 128-129: "To the Heart with Chris Stefanick" - how even very small actions can have an impact on "generations of people."
Continued work on sponsor thank-yous.

5/17 "Me in a Bag" presented by Patrick.
Started thank you cards for our Confirmation sponsors.

5/16 No class - school Mass and the May crowning.

5/15 No class - Mr. Montella took the class to set up for the "living artist" show.

5/12 No class - 8th grade participated in the LI Shakespeare Festival.

5/11 No class due to Shakespeare rehearsal.

5/10 "Me in a Bag" presented by Emanuel.

5/9 "Me in a Bag" presented by Alyssa.
CHOSEN: Chapter 14 - "Why have I been chosen?"
Prayer from the Confirmation rite page 126
Read "Arise" page 128
Watched DVD Segment 1 about the gifts the Apostles received at pentecost and how they
used them to transform the world. Answered the questions for Segment 1.

5/8 "Me in a Bag" presented by Brianna.
Discussed graduation mass and the readings.
Determined seating order.

5/5 Prayers led by Table 7.
"Me in a Bag" presented by Theresa.
Worked on "Special Mission" projects.

5/4 No class due to Shakespeare rehearsal.

5/2 8th Grade Graduation Trip to NYC.

5/2 "Me in a Bag" presented by Joyce.
Continued work on Special Mission projects.

5/1 Continued work on Special Mission projects.

4/28 "Me in a Bag" presented by Fernando.
Hymn: "When the Saints Go Marching In"
Continued work on Special Mission projects.

4/27 "Me in a Bag" presented by Jordan.
Continued work on Special Mission projects.

4/26 Hymn: "When the Saints Go Marching In"
Prayers led by Table 6
Discussed the special missions of our Confirmation saints, as well as the saints we have
been researching the last few weeks, and our own special missions as the saints we are.
Began illustrations of our own special missions.

4/25 Prayers led by Table 5.
Collected HW.
First "Me in a Bag" presented by Anya.
Split period with ELA because the class has Shakespeare workshop during ELA today.
4/24 Prayers led by Table 3
Continued our work on the Saints: Patron Saint Search - finish for HW.


. 4/13 - 4/21 Easter Vacation

4/12 We attended the Holy Week prayer service led by the Kindergarten and then brought them the eggs we prepared for our Church buddies.

4/11 Prayers led by Table 2
Finished up work on Name These Saints

4/10 Learned about the work of CRS in Hawaii.
Located and marked Hawaii on our maps.
Returned and reviewed "Who Is This Saint" assignment from last week.
Prayers led by Table 1.
Gave out Me in a Bag assignments and assigned some due dates.
Continued our work on identifying saints: Name These Saints - identify the saints on the poster from the clues and pictures provided.

4/7 New prayer: Why Were the Saints Saints?
Research activity: Who Is This Saint? Use books and online media to identify each saint from the brief description.

4/6 We learned about the work of CRS in Ethiopia, colored and labeled Ethiopia on our maps.
Computer room: finished up work on our posters of the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit. 
HW: Any not done today must be finished at home by Monday.

4/5 Computer room: we made posters of the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit.

4/4 No Religion lesson due to Shakespeare class with Mrs. Schmidt

4/3 Played the Review Game for Lesson 13 from the CHOSEN DVD.
The girls won for the 6th time in a row.
Divided the class into 5 groups and gave each group a short scenario that illustrates one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The children had to expand it into a skit and they will act it out starting tomorrow. The rest of the glass will try to guess which Gift of the Spirit is being enacted.

3/31 Corrected packet: "Unwrapping the Gifts of the Spirit"
CHOSEN: Hero of the Week: Elizabeth Ann Seton; Wrap-Up page 122; What's that Word? page 123; Conclusion page 124.
HW: Challenge #1 page 121 - due April 10.

3/30 Continued work on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with Mrs. Sutton since I was administering the NYS ELA 6th grade exam. 

3/29 Reviewed the Gifts of the Spirit and the Fruits of the Spirit.
CHOSEN text: pages 118 and 119.
HW: find out where in Scripture do we learn about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at pentecost. (Hint: Acts of the Apostles: chapter 2)
Worksheet: Gifts of the Spirit word search/matching column.

3/28 Reviewed the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
In groups, the children discussed the gift they would most want to have. Then they debated the gift that they think the world most needs.  Each group reported to the class.
Fruits of the Holy Spirit - we talked about hoe the Gifts if the spirit lead to the fruits of the Spirit (joy, peace, love, etc.)
Watched the CHOSEN DVD for Lesson 13, Segment 3.

3/27 Reviewed the 4 Gifts of the Holy Spirit that we covered last Thursday, those gifts that     help us to know God. 
We rewatched Segment 1 of Lesson 13 of CHOSEN to review those Gifts.
Watched Segment 2 which covered the 3 remaining Gifts - those that help us to love God.
Learned about the work of CRS with the poor in Mexico. Found Mexico on our maps and marked it.
We then watched the CRS video about their work in Mexico.

3/24 Diocesan teacher workshops - no school

3/23 CHOSEN: broke the class into groups where they discussed the best gifts they ever received and the most helpful gifts they ever received.
DVD Lesson 13 Segment 1: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit - watched the video and answered the questions in the text.

3/22 Learned more about the work of CRS in El Salvador.
CHOSEN: Lesson 13 - What does the Holy Spirit do for me?
Introduced the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Read page 116: Horvath's violin - ask your children what this story has to do with Confirmation.

3/21 No Rel. lesson due to Shakespeare class with Mrs. Schmidt

3/20 We celebrated Patrick's birthday.
Learned about the work of CRS with the poor in El Salvador. Found El Salvador on our maps and marked it. We watched the CRS video about their work in El Salvador.
Continued work on How Old Did Abraham Live to Be? (See Friday for details.)

3/17 Finished up our Confirmation stamps.
Bible Baffler: How Old Did Abraham Live to Be? - answered each numerical question from the Bible with the correct number. Add or subtract when the symbol appears and arrive at the correct answer to the question.

3/16 Worked on our Confirmation stamps.
Caught up on back work from ELA when done.

3/15 Continued work on our Confirmation stamps.
Discussed the work of CRS in Zambia.
Located Zambia on our maps and watched the CRS video about their work there.
Returned corrected assignments: "A Day in the Kingdom"

3/14 .

3/13 No regular class - children went to science to continue their roller coaster projects.
3/10 Reviewed the symbols of the Holy Spirit that we saw on the DVD earlier in the week.
Gave out a list of notes that included other symbols and how they connect to the Holy Spirit.
Discussed that at Confirmation we are STAMPED by the Spirit.
Designed postage stamps commemorating that fact.

3/9 Returned and reviewed "Forgiving Hearts"
Assignment "Getting to Know the Holy Spirit" - looked up five scripture passages from the New Testament letters to see what each had to teach us about the Holy Spirit.

3/8 Reviewed the Sacraments of Initiation
Last period to work on Beatitude posters.

3/7 Learned more about the work of CRS in India. Related that work to the passion of Jesus.
CHOSEN: Lesson 12 "Who is the Holy Spirit?" - 
"Litany of the Holy Spirit" page 105
Watched 3 segments of the DVD and answered the questions in our book: Symbols of the Holy Spirit, Our Guide and Map and The Holy Spirit in Your Life

3/6 Catholic Relief Services - Operation Rice Bowl: we recalled what we learned last year.
Located India on our individual world maps and labeled it/colored it in.
Read about the work of CRS in the farming community of the Singh family.
Watched the CRS video about CRS and the family.
Worked on our Beatitude posters.

3/3 We worked on our Beatitude posters.

3/2 Field trip to St. John the Baptist HS to see their amazing performance of Cinderella.

3/1 Divided the class into 3 groups and gave each group copies of "The Lesson" in which Jesus tells his disciples the Beatitudes and they respond by asking questions like: Do we have to know this? Will there be a test? Can I go to the bathroom? The story ends with Jesus weeping.
Each group reported back to the class about what they thought was going on and if they saw themselves in the story. They did.
Quiz: "The Challenge of Jesus: The Beatitudes" - no studying, just thinking.
Worked on Beatitude posters.

2/28 We visited McDonald's to celebrate Pancake Tuesday/Fat Tuesday and enjoy breakfast together.

2/27 Returned and reviewed "The Beatitudes in Other Words"
Worked on Beatitude illustration posters.

    .              .

2/20 to 2/24 Winter Vacation

2/17 Beatitude Project: choose 6 of the 8 Beatitudes and illustrate each in one of the boxes on the paper provided. They can be drawn, downloaded or written out. They cannot all be the same format.

2/16 "A Day in the Kingdom" - read the class a scenario of an imaginary perfect day. Discuss if this could ever happen. Relate the perfect day to a world where everyone lived by the Beatitudes.
Assignment: complete each sentence with a positive, practical action that will show that the Kingdom has begun. Finish for HW.

2/15 Return Beatitude Review
Test: Saints Cyril & Methodius
Finish up "Forgiving Hearts"

2/14 Feast of Saints Cyril & Methodius - school mass, no regular class.
Test on Cyril & Methodius tomorrow.

2/13 In preparation for the feasts of Saints Cyril and Methodius tomorrow, we looked at notes about their lives and a map of where they lived, died and ministered. We then completed a Venn Diagram comparing the 2 men.
Test on Wednesday on these notes.
Valentine Bible assignment: Forgiving Hearts - match the Bible verses on the right to the person who forgave or was forgiven on the left. Find the hidden message. 

2/9 and 2/10 Snow days - no school

2/8 Returned Beatitude quiz.
Hymn: "The Beatitudes"
Finished Beatitude Review assignment started yesterday.
New assignment: "The Beatitudes in Other Words" - finish for HW.
HW: finish Beatitude posters started Tuesday.

2/7 New hymn: "The Beatitudes"
Children memorized the Beatitudes.
Quiz: When they were ready, they got the fill-in-the-blank test to complete.
Assignment: Beatitude Review - matching up the Beatitude with the type of person who needs to follow it and A Maze with a Message.

2/6 Computer room: Black History/Beatitude project - each child chose one Beatitude and created a poster about how Dr. Martin Luther King lived out that Beatitude. See Useful links and forms section of this page for details.
2/3 Hymn: "Blest Are They"
We finished our Beatitude packet: read about Martin Luther King, a Beatitude man; how we can let our light shine in this world.
Read Matthew 5:14-16 about being shining lights in this world.

2/2 Hymn: "Blest Are They"
Beatitude packet - we read about each Beatitude and then answered discussion questions that relate the Beatitude to the lives of people their age.

2/1 No regular lesson. Catholic Schools Week workshops all afternoon. All of the 8th graders will be in the Paper Bag Dramatics group. Watch for pictures in our Photo Gallery and ask your children how it works.

1/31 No regular lesson - we visited our Church buddies in Kindergarten and read to them as part of our Catholic Schools Week service activities. We also shared cookies. See photos.

Showed the class a video based on the book "The Mitten Tree" which ties into our Catholic Schools week theme of "kindness warms the heart" symbolized by mittens.
Discussed "Paying it forward" and "What goes around comes around" and "Do unto others..."
We then broke into groups to retell the story in rhyming couplets.
Here is one group getting ready to go down to the office to "rap" their poem over the PA:
Jessica was our class volunteer to write a welcoming letter to Bishop Barres that will appear in the March issue of Long Island Catholic.
1/27 Cleaned out our desks and lockers for Open House on Sunday.
Hymn: "Blest Are They"
Distributed Beatitude packets. Read the first page and completed the activity: Look in Matthew 5:3-10 and then list the people who will be happy or blest. Memorized the list.

1/26 Review game for CHOSEN Lesson 20. Girls won - but not by much!
Beatitudes: read each one and the challenge it provides for those of us trying to follow it.
Hymn: "Blest Are They"

1/25 CHOSEN: we finished up Lesson 20:
Read about the life of St. Francis Assisi as our "Hero of the Week"
What's That Word? Beatitudes page 193 and Holiness page 194
Closing prayer, page 191

1/24 Graduation retakes - so we had a shortened class.
Each group presented and explained the poster they made yesterday about the discussion questions for Lesson 20, segment 3 of CHOSEN: 
Question 1: What is the difference between being a BIG DEAL in the world and being truly great?
Question 2: What can you do to focus more on the things that will matter forever?
Read "To the Heart" pages 188-189. Discussed which Beatitudes the people in the article were living out.

1/23 CHOSEN Lesson 20, Segment 2 of DVD - discussion questions: children discussed them on Friday and took group notes. We shared those answers with the class.
Viewed Segment 3: Living the Beatitudes and answered the questions for that segment.
Discussion questions in groups. Reported back to class.

1/20 Reviewed the Sermon on the Mount and what the Beatitudes are (a recipe for happy living)
Returned to groups to review what was discussed yesterday and report back to the entire class.
Added two more questions to the discussion, including, "What does being holy have to do with being happy?"
Watched DVD segment 2: The Beatitudes in Action and answered questions in the text.
In groups, discussed the next 3 discussion questions. Children in each group took notes on the answers and will report back to the class on Monday.

1/19 Presentation of dramatic reading of "I Am a Man: Ode to Dr. Martin Luther King" by group three.
CHOSEN: Lesson 20 - "What would Jesus do?" 
Opening prayer: The Beatitudes
Discussed the Sermon on the Mount
Read page 186: The 8 Steps to Happiness - a modern version of the Beatitudes.
Watched DVD segment 1.
In groups we discussed what Beatitude we think is the most important and which we most need to work on.

1/18 Presentation of dramatic reading of "I Am a Man: Ode to Dr. Martin Luther King" by group two.
Work on yearbook and Catholic Schools Week project.

1/17 "Carol of the Brown King" by Langston Hughes - examined the poem for mood, rhyme scheme (ABCB), repetition, reversals, person/point of view. 
Compared this poem to the one we did last week: "A Christmas Carol"
Found about 10 things they have in common.

1/16 No school - celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King

1/13 Prayers led by Maliek.
MLK dramatic reading postponed because of absence.
Yearbook work.
Worked on Catholic Schools Week project.

1/12 Prayers led by Josie.
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
Final practice for MLK dramatic readings which will be presented tomorrow and Tuesday.

1/11 Yearbook work
Practiced out MLK dramatic readings.
Went over Confirmation forms and requirements.

1/10 Yearbook work

1/9 Discussed the Octave of the Epiphany - an 8 day celebration.
Worked on Confirmation name plates. These are due Friday, Jan. 13.

1/6 Prayers led by Theresa
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
Discussed today's feast: The Epiphany and the meaning of the word.
Yearbook - began work. Assigned various pages to volunteers.

1/5 Computer room: We finished typing our personification essays, adding art work and proofreading each other's work.
Finish for HW.

1/4 Rehearsal all afternoon for the Christmas concert. No regular class.

1/3 Concert practice was canceled last minute.
Children worked on their Confirmation name plates.
Those who finished worked on ELA assignments from this morning.



12/21 - We visited our Church buddies in Kindergarten to take them some Christmas treats and the cards we made for them. We helped them make Christmas crafts.
***See photo gallery.

12/20 Computer Room - we typed our
Absolutely Amazing Advent Alphabets.


12/19 Prayers "A Community Prayer to the Holy Spirit" led by Joyce.
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
Joyce shared a YouTube video of the song she had written about for her last CHOSEN Challenge. It was called "Wanna Be Happy?"

12/16 Prayers "I Have Called You by Name" led by Jordyn.
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
We "celebrated" Josie's Baptism.
We made Christmas cards for our Church Buddies, which we will deliver next week with candy canes.

12/15 We visited the Nursery Class to help them assemble their Christmas projects.
Later in the day, we attended the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

12/14 We celebrated Theresa's birthday.
Prayers "I Have Called You by Name" led by Alyssa.
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
We "celebrated" the baptisms of Sade, Anya, Jessica, Jordyn and Alyssa.
Returned and reviewed Sacraments of Initiation.
Reviewed the procedure for the Sacrament of Reconciliation tomorrow.
Worked on Confirmation name plates.

12/13 We "celebrated" Shannon's Baptism.
All remaining baptism papers are due tomorrow.
Returned and reviewed the answers to A Genealogy of Faith.
Prayers "I Have Called You by Name" led by Jessica.
Hymn: "Be Not Afraid"
We compared the reading from Isaiah to the words of the hymn.
Began designing name plates of our Confirmation names.

12/12 All Baptism papers are due on Wednesday.
CHOSEN Challenge p. 41 due Dec. 15th.
Returned Figuring Out Baptism and went over the correct answers.
Assigned group to be in charge of prayers for tomorrow.


12/9 We "celebrated" the baptisms of Brianna, Emanuel and Fernando.
Went to the computer room to edit and finish typing our poems: "I Am a Shepherd and I Was There"

12/8 No school - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

12/6 CHOSEN: DVD review game for Lesson 5 - the girls won!
Continued work on poems started in ELA: "I Am a Shepherd and I Was There"

12/5 Finished up all work on Lesson 5 of CHOSEN: Who Is Jesus? - 
To the Heart pages 38-39
Find It page 39
Wrap-Up page 42
Did You Know? page 41
Memory Verse page 43
Jesus Christ page 44
Any Questions? page 44
Closing Prayer page 41
Challenge - due December 15th
Review Game tomorrow

Last group presented their Dialog of Faith.
Reviewed yesterday's discussion of "Who is Jesus?"
Watched all 3 segments of the DVD, Lesson 5, and answered the question for each segment.
Children listed the roles Jesus plays in each of their lives. Answers included helper, listener, adviser, friend, etc.
Small group discussion: Who would you be willing to die for and why? Each group then reported back to the entire class.

12/1 Second group presented their Dialog of Faith.
Theresa presented her Baptism project.
CHOSEN: Lesson 5 - Who Is Jesus? 
Opening prayer page 36.
Dive In page 38.
Some children went to the book fair so the class was shortened.

11/30 Returned and reviewed New Testament Crossword
First group presented their Dialog of Faith. They were excellent. See pictures in Photo Gallery.
Giovanni shared his Baptism project with us. These are due by 12/14.
Assignment: Genealogy of Faith.

11/29 We went to browse at the book fair for 15 minutes. It will be open until Friday for purchases.
CHOSEN Challenge page 31 due today. We shared some of our experiences interviewing family members over Thanksgiving break.
Dialogs of Faith: a conversation between Jesus and his followers using the words of the Gospels. Class was divided into 3 groups to practice. First group will present tomorrow.

11/28 CHOSEN DVD Review game for lesson 4: 
Continued with our work on the Sacraments of Initiation, specifically Baptism.
Assignment: "Figuring Out Baptism"
CHOSEN Challenge page 31 due tomorrow.
Baptism assignment The Story of My Baptism due December 14th.

1/24-11/25 Thanksgiving break


11/23 No class due to 123:00 dismissal
We did some Religion work during ELA.

11/22 No class - 8:30 school Mass

11/21 Reviewed "initiation" and the Sacraments of Initiation.
Discussed Baptism by immersion; looked at a picture.
Assignment: Sacraments of Initiation - finish for HW.

11/18 No School - Teachers" Professional Day Conference

11/17 Continued with 
CHOSEN Lesson 4: "How do I know God is real?"
P. 18 "To the Heart"
Closing prayer p. 31
Challenge p.31 due November 29th. Use the questions I gave out to interview a family member. Write about it in the CHOSEN book.
Finish up work on Bible Verse Puzzle - finish for HW.

11/16 Continued with CHOSEN Lesson 4: "How do I know God is real?"
Reviewed yesterday's material.
Watched Segments 2 and 3 for the Lesson: Scripture and Tradition and Our Response to God.
Answered the questions in the text and met in small groups for the discussion questions: "Do you know anyone who does not believe in God? Why do you think this is so? Did you ever find it hard to trust God or to remember that God loves you no matter what?

11/15 CHOSEN Lesson 4: "How do I know God is real?"
Opening prayer p. 25
"Dive In"  p.26 "A God who wants to be known"
Watched DVD segment 1: "Evidence for God"
Answer the questions in the book for the segment.
Discussion questions in small groups: Can you think of a time God revealed Himself to you?
Pretend you are talking to a nonbeliever. What "proofs" can you offer about God's existence?

11/14 Hymn: "Day by Day"
Finished work on ABC Thanks poems.
Bible verse puzzle

"Day by Day"

11/10 Hymn: "Day by Day"
Reviewed worksheet: "Sign of the Spirit" - how each word connects to the sacrament of Confirmation.
Continued work on ABC Thanks poems.

11/9 Hymn: "Day by Day"
Confirmation worksheet: "Sign of the Spirit"
Continued work on ABC Thanks poems.

11/8 Hymn: "Day by Day"
Began poems: "I Am Thankful for..."
Finish for HW.

Finished up work on Confirmation word search and finding out the connection of each word to Confirmation. Must be finished for HW.

11/4 Watched the video of "Day by Day" from the movie Godspell.
Confirmation word search - located each word and found out the connection of that word to the sacrament of Confirmation if not already known.

11/3 CHOSEN: Finished Lesson 3 - p. 22 Wrap-Up, p. 23 What's That Word? (mystery and sin.)
Played the DVD Review Game - girls won again.
Memory Verse: John 3:16 - many children were able to memorize it.
Prayer by St. Richard of Wyche and the musical version "Day by Day" from the Broadway musical Godspell.

11/2 Continued with CHOSEN Lesson 3: "What's your story, God?" 
Read and summarized the life of St. Francis de Sales pp. 20-21
Wrap Up p. 22, we started to summarize. Will finish tomorrow.

11/1 No school - All Saints Day

10/31 No class - Halloween parade/party

10/28 Field Trip to Sunken Meadow

10/27 Continued with CHOSEN Lesson 3: "What's your story, God?"
Reviewed Segments 1 and 2 of the DVD.
Viewed Segment 3 and answered the questions in our books.
Compared Segment 3 with the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Read pp 18 and 19 "To the Heart" about getting to know God.
We had a race to see who could identify the chapter in Isaiah that talks about the "Suffering Servant" first. (Answer: Chapter 53)

10/26 CHOSEN Lesson 3: "What's your story, God?"
Opening prayers, p. 15
Read the children "A Confusing Story" while they listened.
We then read the rest of p. 16.
DVD We watched Segment 1: "Creation and the Fall"
Answered the questions in the text.
Watched Segment 2: Jesus's Divine Rescue Mission
In groups, children came up with a list of similarities and differences between the story of Eve and the story of Mary.

10/25 Children shared their Challenge assignment from p. 11 in CHOSEN. Anya played the song "The Prayer" and explained why she chose it.
Children copied their answers to "My hands are God's hands when they..." on the paper hands they chose.
Worked on New Testament crossword.

10/24 Worked on New Testament Crossword

10/21 We took the FINAL IOWA Test - math computation.
Worked on: "My hands are God's hands when they..."
New Testament Crossword

10/20 We played the review game from Lesson 2 of CHOSEN. The girls won.
Returned "Paul: The Great Teacher" and reviewed the correct answers.
Returned "The Activity of the Spirit" and filed in Rel. folders.
Completed this statement with 3 very specific answers: "My hands are God's hands when they..."
Began New Testament Crossword Puzzle.

10/19 CHOSEN: We finished up Lesson 2: The Wrap Up, What's the Word, and Memory Verse.
Tomorrow we will play the Review Game: boys versus girls.

10/18 School Mass - no regular class

10/17 No lesson due to practice for 7th grade mass tomorrow. 
8th Grade went to computer for the period.

10/14 CHOSEN: we read page 10 on the life of St. Anthony the Great. We connected him to the question of the week (What makes me happy?) and compared his life to St. Francis Assisi and St. John the Baptist.
Assigned the Challenge p.11 to be completed by October 24th.
Closing prayer.

10/13  CHOSEN: read pages 8-9 "To the Heart," the follow up to the DVD segments on why we're here and what makes us happy.
Challenge HW page 4 - several children shared their experiences of saying thank you to someone they are especially grateful to.

10/12 Reminded children that their "Challenge" HW is due tomorrow.
CHOSEN: reviewed yesterday's message and our questions for the week.
Watched Segment 3 of Lesson 2: "Are We on Our Own?" and answered the questions in the book.
Broke into groups for the 2 discussion questions for the segment.

10/11 CHOSEN: reviewed our discussion from last week on why we are here and what we are looking for.
Question of Lesson 2: What makes me Happy?
Opening prayer from John 1.
Read p. 6 "The Price of Fame" about superstars who died young.
Watched DVD segment 1 "The Goal of Life" and 2 "Is There Something More?"
Met in groups to discuss the related questions for each segment and then each group reported to the class about what they discussed.
Quote from Mother Teresa about our hunger for love.

10/10 No school - national holiday

10/7 Group 2 group did their dramatic presentation of "One Solitary Life"
Group 3 practiced for Tuesday.
Finished typing cinquains about the life of St. Paul.

10/6 First group did their dramatic presentation of "One Solitary Life" - they were excellent.
CHOSEN: We shared the 5 personal goals for our lives that we wrote yesterday.
DVD: Watched Lesson 1, segment 2 (Why Am I Here?) and then broke into groups to discuss what we saw. Each group reported back to the class about its discussion.
Challenge p. 4: due October 13th.

10/5 Reviewed the vocabulary words from "One Solitary Life"
Gave out our Confirmation preparation books for this year: CHOSEN
Discussed the meaning of the title.
Played an ice-breaker game from Lesson 1. Discussed the question for Lesson 1: "Why Am I Here?"
Watched the DVD for Lesson 1, segment 1.
Activity: List my 5 most important life goals. Finish for HW.

10/4 Finished work on Confirmation assignment: "The Activity of the Spirit" begun last week.
Finished up imaginary letter to student from Jesus.
Class divided into 3 groups to begin working on a dramatic choral reading of the famous poem "One Solitary Life:"

10/3 We corrected and typed our St. Paul cinquains.
Continued work on Confirmation assignment: "The Activity of the Spirit" begun last week.
New assignment: Letter from Jesus to each student explaining the work of the spirit in their lives: fill in the missing information using the Bible.

9/30 Prayers led by Sydnee and friends.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"
Using our notes on St. Paul, we wrote cinquains (5 line rhymes following a certain pattern) about St. Paul's life.
Confirmation/Bible activity: "The Activity of the Spirit" 

9/29 Visit from students and staff from St. John the Baptist HS to discuss their school, program and answer questions.

9/28 We continued to work on our posters based on Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13 and they came out wonderful.

9/27 Read and discussed Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13 - his definition of LOVE.
Asked the children if they had ever heard it before (at weddings.)
Discussed its meaning to us, to brides and grooms, to anyone.
Each child was assigned one line from the reading and then had to create a computer "poster" to illustrate it.

9/26 Prayer service led by Sydnee and group.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"
Finished up all work on Bible assignment: "Paul: The Great Teacher"
Finish for HW if not done.

9/22 Prayer service led by Shannon and group: "We Will Listen to God's Call"
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"
Read Acts of the Apostles 9:19-25 about Paul's escape from Damascus in a basket from men trying to kill him.
Bible assignment: "Paul: The Great Teacher"

9/21 Next group presented their skit on the Conversion of St. Paul.
Prayer service led by Shannon and group: "We Will Listen to God's Call"
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"
"Paul, the Tentmaker" - gave out story and showed class the illustration.
Broke into groups and assigned parts to present the story.
First group did their presentation.

9/20 No class - school mass

9/19 Next group presented their skit on the Conversion of St. Paul.
Assigned group to conduct prayer service: "We Will Listen to God's Call" - See photo gallery.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord" - gave out the words, listened to the music. Examined who the "I" is in different parts of the hymn: the Lord in the verses and us in the refrain.

9/16 Read aloud Acts of the Apostles chapter 28 about Paul's arrival in Rome and his time under house-arrest.
Worked on group skits of Paul's conversion.
The first group did their presentation.
The other 2 groups will perform next week.

9/15 Gave out maps of Paul's journeys; compared these maps to the maps we received the other day. Followed the journey of prisoner Paul to Rome on the map as I read aloud Chapter 27 of the Acts of the Apostles, describing the dangers and hazards of the trip.
Broke the class into groups and gave out skits: "Confirmed in the Spirit." This is the story of Paul's conversion. Each group will present their skit when ready.

9/14 Continued our study of the life of Paul: reviewed the notes we read yesterday and made up questions to ask each other. 
Reviewed the parts of the Bible we learned last year.
Compared our maps of "Paul's World" to the maps in our geography books to see the similarities and differences.
Read 3 different stories of Paul's conversion in the Acts of the Apostles.

9/13 Began our study of the life of St. Paul
We colored maps of the part of the world Paul lived in, marked his places of birth (Tarsus), death (Rome) and the vision where he became a Christian (Damascus.) We marked all the cities that Paul wrote his famous letters to.
Gave out notes about the life of Paul which we read and discussed.

9/12 Continued to work on designing Religion folders for the year.

9/9 Continued to work on designing Religion folders for the year.

9/8 No class due to half day schedule.

9/7 No class due to half day schedule.

9/6 See ELA for today's announcements and information.
We began designing our Religion folders with our names and Religion/church symbols. We will use these all year as our "notebooks."