7th Grade Religion

***We will sometimes double up on ELA to make up for times during Lent when we doubled up on Religion.

6/15 Hymn: "We Are Many Parts"
Finished work on Images of Church projects.

6/14 No class due to 8th Grade graduation liturgy.

6/13 Hymn: "We Are Many Parts"
Continued work on Images of Church projects.

6/12 Reviewed IMAGEs we have been studying: self-image and images of Church
Hymn: "We are Many Parts"
Continued work on Images of Church projects.

6/9 Returned 2 assignments: "The Story of Peter" about Pentecost and "
Jesus Said" about Ascension Thursday.
Hymn: "We Are Many Parts"
Finished up the packet on Images of Church: The Vine and the Branches and The Leaven. 
Project: pick 4 of the 6 images studied and illustrate each. to be continued.

6/8 Returned Ascension assignment.
Discussed images as used to represent God, faith, grace, Spirit, etc.
Images of Church - discussed and read about Body of Christ, temple, sheepfold.
Read John 1:1-16
Hymn: "We are Many Parts"

6/7 Returned "Pentecost Crossword"
Continued work on  "Images of Myself"
Must be finished for HW.

6/6 Continued work on "Entering the Kingdom of God" - finish for HW.
Self-image - we discussed the different images various people have of us. 
Assignment: "Images of Myself" - to be continued tomorrow.

6/5 Totaled Lent folders and turned in for final grade.
Assignment: "Entering the Kingdom of God"


6/1 Continued work on the Feast of Pentecost
Finished up: "The Spirit Comes"
New assignment: "Peter's Story"

5/31 Discussed 
today's feast: The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
Discussed the Feast of Pentecost (this coming Sunday) - the birthday of the Church.
Looked at artists' interpretations of Pentecost.
Assignments: Pentecost Crossword ( finish for HW) and The Spirit Comes based on the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles and Paul's Letters.

5/30 Double ELA - see above

5/29 No school - Memorial Day

5/26 No school

5/25 No school - Ascension Thursday


"Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
Discussed Ascension Thursday and looked at pictures.
Read Mark 16:19-20 and Luke 24:50-51
Assignments: Jesus' Farewell based on Matthew 28:20 and Jesus Said based on Mark 16:15.
Finish above for HW.

5/23 "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
Finished putting Lent folders in order and cleaning out "extra" papers.
Continued work on vocabulary: Classifying Ideas - finish for HW.

5/22 "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
Returned and reviewed the answers to "Who's Who in Holy Week" and "Mary"
Put Lenten folders in order and turned in to be graded.
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas - see above.

5/19 Computer room: We typed our couplets about our families. See above.

5/18 See ELA as per above.

5/17  "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
Returned and reviewed the answers to "Is This Your Final Answer?" - a quiz on facts about Lent.
Switched to ELA - see above.

5/16 Returned and reviewed "Mary: The Best Image"
Half of class went to band rehearsal for the concert tonight.
Those remaining played "7-Up" or read.

5/15 "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
Returned and reviewed 2 sets of corrected papers.
Looked up 8 sections in the New Testament that relate to the life of Mary.
Read aloud from "Matilda" - see above.

5/12 Class went to Art because I was with the 8th grade at the LI Shakespeare Festival.

5/11 "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
***Poetry lesson. See above. Details in ELA section

5/10 "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
***Poetry lesson. See above. Details in ELA section

5/9 1/3 class at full band rehearsal. Children worked on individual assignments.

5/8 Hymn: "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman" Worked on "The Bible and Mary" Finish for HW.

5/5 Hymn: "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"

5/5 Finished up "Mary: The Best Image" New assignment: "The Bible and Mary"

5/4 May: the month of the Blessed Mother
New hymn: "Hail Mary: Gentle Woman"
May activity: Match events in the life of Mary with the Bible verse where it is recorded.
2nd activity: "Mary: The Best Image" - look up each scripture verse and choose from the word box a characteristic or quality that describes Mary as portrayed in that passage.

5/3 No regular class due to 8th grade Graduation Trip. Children will go to Spanish.

5/2 Played two rounds of Easter Bingo to review all the material we have learned about the Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost Lent folders will be collected Friday to grade the covers.
5/1 Collected CRS world maps. We finished "The First Easter People" Bible search started last week. "Miracles in Bloom" - Looked up the Bible accounts of eight miracles performed by Jesus and used the clues to complete each sentence.

4/28 Lent folder covers must be finished by Friday, May 5th. Discussed the story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Looked at several famous paintings of the event, as well as some drawings. Read Luke 24:13-35 Assignment: "The First Easter People" - used the Bible to complete the answers.

4/27 Discussed the Easter Season: the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Ascension
Thursday, the most ancient and beautiful of the Church seasons. Read the story of Thomas in the Gospel of John. Assignment: Miracle of Miracles - based on this reading. 4/26 We played 2 rounds of Lenten Bingo to review all the information that we have learned since Ash Wednesday.

4/25 Two Easter/Resurrection assignments: Who's Who in Holy Week? and Is This Your Final Answer? Finish for HW.

4/24 Discussed the Resurrection of Jesus and the appearances to the disciples that followed, starting with yesterday's Gospel. Looked at Resurrection pictures. Assignment: He Is Risen - due tomorrow. Keep working on Lenten folder covers.
4/13 - 4/21 Easter Vacation


 4/12 We journeyed through Holy week by listening to/singing our 4 hymns: Ride On, Jesus for Palm Sunday, The Lord Jesus for Holy Thursday, Behold the Wood for Good Friday and I Am the Bread of Life for Easter.
Finished up Resurrection crosses. If not done, do for HW.
Read Luke 24:46 and completed assignment: It Was Written - finish for HW.
Worked on Triduum Triptych - finish over vacation - HW

4/11 Learned about the work of CRS in Hawaii. Located Hawaii and NY on our maps and marked them.
Hymn: "I Am the Bread of Life"
Finished up Resurrection crosses started yesterday.
Read Luke 24:46 - assignment "It Was Written"
******Triptych and Holy Week Sentence Strip are due tomorrow. No exceptions.

4/10 We watched the last Lent video - Resurrection: celebration of new life.
Assignment: The Easter Story - Look up each part of the Easter story and identify where it is
located in the Gospels. Finish for HW.
Memorized John 6:40
Then assembled a puzzle with this verse written on it. Glued to art paper and decorated with Easter/spring colors and symbols.

4/7 Read John 19:1-3 and 16-20 about Jesus being questioned by Pilate. Looked at picture of Pilate "washing his hands" of Jesus' guilt.
Read John 19:25-27 and Luke 23:32-46 about the crucifixion. Looked at pictures of the crucifixion.
Activities:"Holy Week Activity: Jesus Dies on the Cross" and  "Our Church Celebrates Holy Week" Finish both for HW.

4/6 Reviewed the video from yesterday: The Way of the Cross and the Shroud of Turin.
Discussed martyrs: from long ago and in modern times.
Introduced the children to St. Maximilian Kolbe - the Saint of Auschwitz - read 3 articles about him and showed the class pictures of his life.
Watched the last part of the Lent video for this week about Father Kolbe (a Franciscan priest who died in Auschwitz.)

4/5 Hymn: "Behold the Wood" - discussed the meaning of the verses
Images of Jesus: discussed how people all over the earth have different images of Him.
Lent video: "Stations of the Cross" painted by an American Indian artist. The images are very different from the ones we are used to.
Part 2: The Shroud of Turin - 2 American scientists discuss their analysis of what many believe is the burial cloth of Jesus.

4/4 We learned about the work of CRS among the poor in Ethiopia.
Located, colored and labeled Ethiopia on our maps.
Hymn: "Behold the Wood"
Band - 7 children missing so we worked on back projects that must be completed by Easter vacation.

4/3 Discussed The Agony in the Garden and looked at pictures of the scene.
Assignment: What Happened at the Last Supper
Read Matthew 27:3-5
Assignment: Judas's Betrayal
Read Luke 22:54-62
Assignment: Peter's Denial

3/31 Returned "On the Road to Easter" - children studied all the terms on the paper, then we had an oral quiz.
Hymn: "Ride on, Jesus" about Palm Sunday: the class listened once. Then I gave them questions about the song.
They listened a second time and answered them.
We looked at pictures of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
Counted the money the children have been putting in the CRS Rice Bowl - over $117.94 to date.
HW: finish up "Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter) by Monday.

3/30 Continued reading/discussing "Celebrating Passover"
Watched the Lenten video for the 4th week of Lent: Jesus in the roles of king (Palm Sunday) and servant (Holy Thursday.)
Worked on various Lenten projects that are still undone.

3/29 Shorter period due to administration of the NYS ELA test in 6th grade.
Discussed the Passover meal (Seder) that Jesus was celebrating with his Disciples (Last Supper.)
Looked at pictures of foods/ objects that would appear on a modern Seder table.
Hand-out: "Celebrating Passover" - the customs, prayers, foods, sacred objects associated with the meal.

3/28 No regular class due to administration of the NYS ELA Test to the 6th graders.
7th graders worked on various Rel. projects in the Spanish room.

3/27 Learned about the work of CRS in Mexico. Located Mexico on our CRS world maps, colored it and labeled it.
Watched the film from CRS about their work in Mexico.
Reviewed the meaning of Triduum (3 days)
Took notes on Triduum
Looked at pictures of Holy Thursday, particularly Leonardo da Vinci's famous "Last Supper."
Assignment: "On the Road to Easter" - a Triduum word search
Assignment: "Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter) coloring puzzle. To be finished tomorrow.

3/24 Diocesan teacher workshops - no school

Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Finished up learning about the work of CRS in El Salvador.
Continued work on Reviewing the Events - see 3/21 for details
Watched the video for the fourth week of Lent: the parable of the Lost Sheep retold as a teacher who loses a straying child in a zoo.

3/22 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Watched the film from CRS about their work in El Salvador.
Continued work on Reviewing the Events - see yesterday for details

3/21 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Learned about the work of CRS in El Salvador. Located El Salvador on our CRS world maps, colored it and labeled it.
Reviewing the Events - put the nine pictures of Holy Week events in chronological order. Colored each picture. Cut them apart and taped onto colored sentence strips.

3/20 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Discussed today being the first day of spring - the Vernal Equinox
Assignment: "Vernal Equinox Day" - used the spring symbols to decode the verse from the Gospel of John - 11:25.
Worked on triptychs or Lenten folder covers.

3/17 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Reviewed notes on Easter symbols; oral quiz
Read handout: "Events Leading up to the First Easter" about the happenings of Holy Week
Worked on "Events of the Days" started yesterday during ELA - finish for HW.
Worked on covers.

3/16 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Prayed for the people of Zambia and reflected on the work of CRS in that country.
Read the Gospel of the Transfiguration of Jesus (the Gospel for the second Sunday of Lent).
Lenten video for Week 2: The Transfiguration; butterfly as a symbol of Resurrection/new life; Jesus curing the blind man Josiah; question: What is Love?
Worked on Lent folder covers.

3/15 Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"
Discussed various symbols of new life and resurrection: eggs, butterfly, peacock, lamb, lilies, empty tomb, etc.
Read and discussed 3 pages of notes on Easter symbols.
Second group presented their skit: "The Beginnings of Lent"
We answered the discussion questions based on the skit.
Began designing the covers for our Lenten folders.

3/14 .

3/13 Learned about the work of CRS in Zambia.
Located Zambia on our maps.
Watched CRS video of its work in Zambia.
Returned 2 sets of corrected assignments.
Practiced our skits: "The Beginnings of Lent"
First group performed their skit.
Reviewed Jesus washing the feet of his disciples as an example of service.
Hymn: "The Lord Jesus"

3/9 Reviewed notes on Lent.
Added to those notes.
Practiced our skits: "The Beginnings of Lent"
Totaled our Advent/Christmas folders for final folder grades.

3/8 Looked up catechumen and wrote def. 
Discussed Sacraments of Initiation.
Broke the class into groups and gave out skit: "The Beginnings of Lent"
Children worked on presenting the skits, which will happen later in the week.

3/7 We shared some hot-cross buns, a special Lenten food that we have read about.
Catholic Relief Services - Operation Rice Bowl: learned about their work around the world.
Read about their agriculture program in India and how it helps the Singh family.
We located, colored and labeled India on our world maps.
Watched a CRS video about their work in India.
Notes on Lent as a season of change to our hearts, minds and attitudes.

3/6 Reviewed parables: ancient and modern
Viewed Lenten video: Ash Wednesday and the first week of Lent by Father Tony Scannell, a Franciscan priest, who took us through the season of Advent: a modern day retelling of the Prodigal Son and other related stories and history.

3/3 No class - gymnastics assembly

3/2 Discussed PARABLES, what they are and why Jesus used them.
Read the parable the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32.
What does prodigal mean?
Who sinned in this story?
Read another version of the parable by Bishop Kenneth Untener of Michigan in which the mother comes out and tells all three men where they went wrong.
Assignment: The Prodigal Son - solve the puzzle to find the message from Luke 15:21.
Worked on St. Paul triptychs.

3/1 We received ashes during a school prayer service.
Returned and reviewed assignment "Paul: The Great Teacher"

2/28 We visited McDonald's to celebrate Pancake Tuesday/Fat Tuesday and enjoy breakfast together.
Gave out notes on Lent which we read and discussed.
2/27 We reviewed the various names for the last day before Lend - see 2/16 for the list.
Set up our Lenten/Easter folders.
Discussed various pre-Lenten traditions: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, international pancake races.
I read the children an article about Lenten foods and customs and they listened for certain words like hot cross buns and checked them off as they heard them.
Then they located them in a word search and the remaining letters spelled out a message found in 1 Peter 3:8-9.
Finish for HW.

2/20 to 2/24 Winter Vacation

2/17 Returned last corrected paper for Advent/Christmas folders. We put the folders in order and turned them in to be graded.
Continued work on our triptychs about the life of St. Paul.

2/16 Discussed Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Butter Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Carnival - all of which are different names for the day before Ash Wednesday.
Returned and reviewed "The Story of John the Baptist"
Continued work on St. Paul triptychs.

2/15 Finished up Valentine Bible assignment.
Continued work on triptychs on the life of St. Paul.

2/14 Feast of Saints Cyril & Methodius
Valentine Bible assignment: Forgiving Hearts - match the Bible verses on the right to the person who forgave or was forgiven on the left. Find the hidden message. 

2/13 Reviewed the meaning, use, parts and history of Religious triptychs.
Started working on our own triptychs of the life of St. Paul.

2/9 and 2/10 Snow days - no school

2/8 Introduced "Triptychs" which are Medieval three part altar pieces containing pictures from the Christian faith. We discussed why they were made and how they were used.
In order to create our own, we searched through our notes to find 12 events from the Life of St. Paul that we can use in our triptychs.
Looked at sample triptychs from museums.
Valentine activity: Looked up examples of Christian love in the scriptures and used the answers to complete a word search. Finish for HW.
finish computer poster of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13 - your assigned line. These are all LATE as they were due yesterday (see 2/6.)

2/7 Prayer service: "We Will Listen to God's Call" led by Katrina and friends.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord" 
Switched to ELA vocab. work because so many were absent, at band or at AIS and we could not start new project.

2/6  Prayer service: "We Will Listen to God's Call" led by Ania and friends.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord" 
Computer room: we finished our posters on 1 Corinthians 13. If not done now, they must be finished for HW.

2/3 No regular class - 8th grade - Staff volleyball game.

2/2 Prayer service: "We Will Listen to God's Call" led by Rino and friends.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord" 
Read from Corinthians 1 13:4-7 and 13
Discussed why this reading is often used at weddings.
Showed a poster of the words.
Assigned each child or pair one line. Went to the computer room to create posters illustrating each line. To be continued.

2/1 Third group acted out their interpretation of the Conversion of Paul.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"  - we examined who the I is in the verses (the Lord) and in the refrain (us or Paul) and highlighted the two kinds of I in two different colors.
Prayer service: "We Will Listen to God's Call" led by Concetta and friends. 

1/31 First two groups acted out their interpretations of the Conversion of Paul.
Hymn: "Here I Am, Lord"

1/30 Last group presented their skit: "Paul the Tentmaker"
Gave out "Confirmed in the Spirit" - a presentation about the Conversion of Paul. Divided the class into groups and they worked out how to present the skit to the class.

1/27 Double ELA to make up for one of several double Religion classes during Advent.

1/26 Last group finally presented their "After Christmas Prayer" dramatic reading.
Second group presented their dramatization of "Paul the Tentmaker"
Continued work on Bible assignment: "Paul: the Great Teacher"
Finish for Monday.

1/25 Today is the Feast of the Conversion of Paul, which we have been studying.
First group did their skit on "Paul the Tentmaker"
Bible assignment: "Paul: the Great Teacher"

1/24 Gave children map of "The Journeys of Paul"
Listened to chapters 27 and 28 of the Acts of the Apostles as we followed along on the maps.
Gave out "Paul the Tentmaker" and the children got into groups of 5 to present this story. 
They will present tomorrow.

1/23 Reviewed our notes on St. Paul and highlighted the important information.
Discussed where in the Bible we can learn more about Paul (Acts of the Apostles and his letters.)
Discussed yesterday's reading at Mass from Paul.
Read aloud Acts: 9:1-9, 22:6-16 and 26 12-18 - all about the Conversion of Paul.
Looked at Michelangelo's famous painting The Conversion of Paul.
Marked Paul's birthplace (Tarsus) and the scene of his Conversion (Damascus) on our maps.
Marked all the Christian communities he started and then wrote his letters to on the map.

1/20 Began unit on St. Paul:
Looked at a map of The Roman Empire in Paul's time on the Apple TV.
Children brainstormed what they already knew about Paul.
Reviewed the Liturgy of the Word, especially where the letters of Paul are read.
Colored individual maps of Paul's world.
Gave out a page of notes on his life that we read and discussed.

1/19 Second group presented our "After Christmas Prayer" as a dramatic reading. They set it to music and it was lovely.
Returned and reviewed assignment "Special Message"
Continued work on "After Christmas Poem" illustrations.

1/18 First group presented our "After Christmas Prayer" as a dramatic reading.
The children were each assigned one line of the poem to illustrate.

1/17 Rino shared photos of his cousin, Father Jerry's Precepio (Nativity scene) from St. James Church in Setauket.
Children continued to practice their dramatic readings of our After Christmas Prayer.

1/16 No school - celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King

1/13 Gave the children the Confirmation folders with the forms for their service reports and sponsors. Ignore the dates because the children never got these papers in September when they should have. Just have everything in by June.
Discussed the REAL work of Christmas. Read Matthew 25. Gave out "After Christmas Prayer."
Compared Matthew 25 to the prayer/poem.
Arranged children into groups to prepare the poem as a dramatic reading.
These will be presented next week.

1/12 Finished up the remaining work from the Feast of the Epiphany.
Finished up the Post-Test on Advent/Christmas.

1/11 Played two rounds of Advent Bingo to review all the work we covered this season.

1/10 Continued our celebration of the Octave of the Epiphany:
"Saw the Star" based on Matthew 2:9-10 
"Ideas" based on the journey of the kings
"Post-Test" based on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke - everything we have covered in Advent.

1/9 Returned several sets of papers and filed in our Advent folders.
Discussed eight day feasts called Octaves.
Assignments: "Wise Men Come" based on Matthew 2:11-12 and "Go Search for the Child"
Both due tomorrow.

1/6 Looked up the definitions of Epiphany and epiphany. Ask your child to tell you the difference.
Prayers for the Feast of Epiphany led by Ania.
Hymn: "We Three Kings"
Guided Meditation about the journey of the kings to Bethlehem.
Assignment: "King Herod and the Baby"

1/5 Discussed the Feast of the Epiphany which we will celebrate tomorrow: other names - (Three Kings Day, Little Christmas) and how it is celebrated in other countries and cultures.
Hymn: "We Three Kings" - we reviewed the vocabulary and the meaning of each verse.
Listened to the hymn and sang along.
Worked on various back assignments that are due tomorrow and Monday.

1/4 Mrs. Kennedy was the substitute since I was at a funeral.
Finished watching the movie started earlier in the day.
Worked on Advent/Christmas folder covers.
Finished 2 worksheets started yesterday.
Some children started Special Message - based on Matthew 1:17-25 and Luke 2:7

1/3 Reviewed and returned 2 sets of corrected Advent papers.
Several children left for band practice.
Collected all the various assignments that had to be finished over vacation.
2 Bible assignments: His Kingdom Shall Have No End and Christmas Tree Puzzle.
Finish for HW.


12/21 Prayers for the 4th week of Advent led by Cody, Nick A and Concetta
We colored the fourth candle purple and added some symbol of light - our theme for this week.
Turned candles in to be graded.
Worked on various uncompleted assignments from the past week or two. 
The children were urged many times to get from me anything they were missing so they could do it.

12/20 Prayers for the 4th week of Advent led by Brianna, Nea and Amanda.
We watched a documentary about the Holy Land in the time of Jesus.
12/19 Prayers for the 4th week of Advent led by Brianna, Nea and Amanda.
Looked for the theme of the week - LIGHT - and colored it yellow the 8 times it appeared in the prayers. Also colored the 4 candle flames yellow.
Assignment: "The Birth of Jesus"

12/16 We colored the third candle pink and added symbols of Christmas joy.
Worked on various Bible/Advent activities, depending on what we were up to.

Prayers for the third week of Advent led by Nick A.
Advent video for week 3 - Focuses on 3 symbols associated with Christmas and gives the origins and history of each: the Christmas tree (Germany), Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) and the Nativity scene (St. Francis Assisi.)

Prayers for the third week of Advent led by Katrina and Ania.
Continued our Advent theme of Journey.
Read the class a story "The Mysterious Star" about a little boy on a journey to find the Christmas star. Ask your child where it is found.
Two journey assignments: Shepherds in the Fields and Angels Sing, both about the journey of the shepherds to the manger.
12/13 Prayers for the third week of Advent led by Katrina and Ania.
Read aloud to class Luke 2:1-14. As they listened, they checked off the words they heard from a list provided and ended up with one word which was not read.
Looked for all the words in a word search.

12/12 Prayers for the third week of Advent led by Rino and friends.
Reviewed the 5 Advent journeys we added to our notes on Friday.
Read "The Night of Las Posadas" by Tomie dePaola.
Worked on coloring the second candle on our Advent wreath picture with some "journey" theme.


12/9 Prayers for week 2 led by Rino.
Hymn: "Locusts and Wild Honey"
Advent video - week 2, Journeys:
The journeys of the slaves to freedom in the North, the shepherds to the manger, Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, Los Posadas in Spanish speaking countries and cities, the orphan Alfredo to a home.

12/8 No school - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

12/7 Prayers for Week 2 led by Concetta.
Hymn: "Locusts and Wild Honey"
Worked on Bible assignments related to what we have been doing in class:
Peace on Earth, Advent Messenger and Secret Message

12/6 Discussed John the Baptist, his life, what kind of person he was, his diet, time in the desert.
Looked at drawings of what he may have looked like.
Prayers for Week 2 led by Concetta.
Colored the wreath on the top of the Week 2 prayer paper.
Hymn: "Locusts and Wild Honey" about John.
Continued work on "Peace on Earth" bible activity.

12/5 We put our Fall Religion folders in order, stapled the pages, totaled them up and then had a peer check the total score.

"Peace on Earth" Bible assignment based on last week's work when we studies Luke 2:14 and Longfellow's poem "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

12/2 Prayers led by Katrina and Ania
Reviewed the words to the poem studied yesterday: "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"
Listened to the CD of the song version.
Read Luke 2:14 which includes the words, "Peace on Earth, good will to all."
Looked at Christmas cards and other images that contain those words.
Watched the Franciscan video for the first week of Advent which covers many of the themes we talked about this past week.

12/1 Prayers for the First Week of Advent led by Nick E.
Reviewed our Advent notes.
Oral quiz led by Olivia and Concetta.
Read Isaiah 11:6 - "The lion shall lie down with the lamb..."
Looked and Christmas cards and other images containing that quote.
Finished up Bible activity "To Be Taxed" based on Luke 2:1-15 and Matthew 1:18-25.

11/30 Prayers for the first week of Advent led by Amanda and Brianna.
We took more notes on the different times in our lives that we encounter Jesus and about how Advent is a time of waiting.
Read Luke 1:29-33 and completed activity Call His Name Jesus.
Read Luke 2:1-15 and Matthew 1:18-25 and began activity To Be Taxed.

11/29 Prayers for the first week of Advent led by Olivia.
Oral quiz on yesterday's notes
Reviewed the words in Isaiah 2:4 and showed the class cartoons and news clips where those words appeared, as well as a wall outside the UN in NYC.
Looked at prayer service for 2 themes: light and waiting
Colored the wreath and candles at the top of the paper.

11/28 First week of Advent
Discussed collecting money each day during prayers to contribute to Parish Outreach.
Gave out new folders and set up for Advent.
Notes: Advent's meaning, the significance of the circle, evergreens, candles, pink and purple colors.
Reviewed the role of the Old Testament prophets.
Read Isaiah 2:4 and discussed the meaning of "turning swords into plows."
Showed the class pictures of the wall at the UN where the words of Isaiah 2:4 are inscribed.
Gave out prayer service for the first week of Advent - children will lead us in prayer tomorrow.

1/24-11/25 Thanksgiving break

11/23 Short class due to early dismissal.
We watched the next segment of the Confirmation DVD: "Altaration"

11/22 Prayers: "Native American Earth Prayer" led by Ania
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Worked on letters to spell out THANKS for our presentation at the school Thanksgiving feast later today.

11/21 Prayer: "Celebrating Creation" led by Concetta.
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
We celebrated Zachary's birthday.
We watched a DVD from the Confirmation program we use called CHOSEN. The section we watched today deals with the importance of attending Mass.

11/18 No School - Teachers" Professional Day Conference
11/17 "Native American Earth Prayer" led by Rino.
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Continued work on "The Story of Ruth" due on Monday.
Finish for HW.

11/16 "Native American Earth Prayer" led by Darlene and friends.
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Worked on Thanksgiving Bible Puzzles and Thanksgiving Bible Crossword.
"The Story of Ruth: A Love Story" Bible search activity.
HW: finish Thanksgiving Crossword 

11/15 Prayer service: "Celebrating Creation" led by Katrina
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Worked on: covers for saint reports and 3 Thanksgiving/Bible activities, a continuation of yesterday's work.
HW: finish Thanksgiving Bible Baffler

11/14 Prayer service: "Celebrating Creation" led by Nick A and Joseph
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Worked on: covers for saint reports and 3 Thanksgiving/Bible activities.

11/10  Prayer service: "Celebrating Creation" led by Brianna and friends
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Remaining 6 Confirmation saint reports were finished being typed.
Children worked on the covers for their reports.
Continued work on  Bible Baffler: "Statements of Thanksgiving"
Children done worked on Thanksgiving Crossword based on Ephesians 5:20.

11/9 Prayer service: "Give Thanks" led by Katrina and friends
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Returned and reviewed assignment from last week: "The Two Sisters" about Martha, Mary and Lazarus.
Assignment: Bible Baffler: "Statements of Thanksgiving" - match the statements about giving thanks with the Bible verses where they are found.

11/8 Giving Thanks:
Prayer service: "Give Thanks" led by Ania and friends
Hymn: "Thank You, Lord"
Read class "Brother Eagle, Sister Sky" by Chief Seattle about the respect the Native Americans had for the Earth and how we need to be grateful for and protective of the world God gave us.
11/7 Giving Thanks:
Prayer service: "Give Thanks" led by Olivia and friends
Assignment: "Thanksgiving" about the 10 lepers cured by Jesus and only one returned to give thanks.
Worked on Saint Report covers.

11/4 Computer Room - Continued typing our Confirmation saint reports if the first draft is finished. Began work on the covers when done typing.

11/3 Computer Room - Began typing our Confirmation saint reports if the first draft is finished.

11/2 All Souls Day - we prayed for the family and friends we have lost.
Worked on the Confirmation saint reports using the notes we have accumulated.
Children who finished the reports started designing the covers for the reports.

11/1 No school - Feast of All Saints

10/31 Confirmation saint reports: the children used the notes we took last week to write the first draft of their saint reports.

10/28 No class due to 8th grade field trip.

Class went to Sci. instead.
10/27 Continued to take notes on our Confirmation saints.
HW: These must be finished at home by Monday, Oct. 31st.

10/26 Finished up all work on Bible "Sibling Search"
Began taking notes for our Confirmation saint reports using the iPads and reference books.

10/25 Returned Bible assignment "The Twelve" and went over the correct answers.
Worked on "Sibling Search" started yesterday.
Finish for HW.

10/24 Continued our Bible exploration: "Sibling Search" - the Old Testament story of Moses and his sister Miriam. The children used the Bibles and located the missing information in their story.

10/21 Bible search activity: "The Two Sisters" - find the missing information in the story of Martha and Mary and their brother, Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead.
Worked on coloring personality wheels.

10/20 No class - IOWA Tests

10/19 Catch up day: We finished up work on Bible search "The Twelve," our personality wheels and Religion folder covers.

10/18 The children did such a wonderful job on the class Mass today: their singing, reading, the posters they made, altar serving, bringing up there gifts, EVERYTHING. They were so very professional in their behavior and attitude.

10/17 Practiced the hymns for our mass tomorrow.
Finished up the posters for mass.
Began work on "The Twelve" - a Bible search activity asking that the children identify each Apostle from his words describing himself and the scriptural references.

10/14 We went into church to practice for our mass next Tuesday.
Please join us.

10/13 Returned "A Bible Search for the Prophets" and reviewed correct answers.
Worked on coloring Personality Wheels.
Practiced hymns and readings for our mass on Tuesday.

10/12 Mass practice in church for the Oct.18th mass
Worked on posters for the mass

10/11 Mass practice for the Oct.18th mass
Worked on posters for the mass

10/10 No school - national holiday

10/7 We went into church to practice for the class mass on Oct. 18th.

10/6 Practiced the hymns for our class mass (Oct. 18th)
Worked on the posters for the mass.

10/5 Prayers led by Brianna
New hymn: "Blest Are They" which we will use for our class mass on Oct. 18th.
Began working on posters of the life of Francis that we will use for our mass.
Collected homework.

10/4 Feast of St. Francis
Prayers led by Rino
Hymn: "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace"
Film on the life of Francis, especially his love of animals.
Looked at pictures of the blessing of the animals at churches in NYC.
Assignment: "He Talked to the Animals"

10/3 Prayers led by Rino and friends.
Showed the children pictures and ceramics of St. Francis.
Reviewed the film we watched on Friday.
Gave out "Prayer of St. Francis" and reviewed the meaning.
Gave out the hymn of the same name and we sang along with the music.

9/30 Watched a film about the life of St. Francis Assisi
Prayers led by Ania and Katrina
Hymn: "Canticle of the Sun"

9/29 Prayer of St. Francis: "Canticle of Creation"
Hymn: "Canticle of the Sun"
Go over the common themes discovered yesterday.
Discuss Francis's friend Clare and the Religious Order she started. Looked at pictures of Clare and her group.
Discussed how Francis was the first one to ever re-enact the birth of Jesus with animals and a real manger in a cave. 
Worked on Religion folder covers.

9/28 Finished reading the class the life of St. Francis Assisi.
Gave them the words to his famous prayer "Canticle of Creation." We discussed the meaning of some words and then prayed it as a class.
Gave out the words to the hymn based on this prayer: "Canticle of Creation"
We sang the hymn. 
The children then compared the song and the hymn, looking for common themes.

9/27 Reviewed what we learned about the life of St. Francis in yesterday's reading.Read the class part 2 of the life of St. Francis and showed the accompanying pictures.
Also discussed lepers, the Franciscan order and their work today (St. Anthony's HS.)


 9/26 Began our study of the life of St. Francis Assisi which will culminate in our 7th grade class mass.
Read aloud part 1 of a 3 part history of his life written for children.
Worked on folder covers.

9/22 Finished up all work on "A Bible Search for Prophets"
Continued work designing the covers for our Religion folders.

9/21 Discussed our class mass which will take place on October 11th. The children volunteered to be readers, altar servers, cantors, gift "bringers."
Please join us at 8:30 on that day.
Continued work on Prophets Bible search.
Worked on covers of Religion folders.

9/20 Continued our Bible exploration: "A Bible Search for Prophets" - using the clues provided, find out the missing information about each of the four prophets.

9/19 Returned and reviewed 2 assignments from last week and filed them in our Religion folders.
Copied the answers for our personality wheels onto the wheels.
I took pictures of each of the children for the center of the wheel.
Began designing a cover for the Religion folder.

9/16 Two more activities to help us become familiarized with the Bible:
"Where Did It Happen" about events in the life of Jesus that took place around the Sea of Galilee. We determined that it is not really a sea at all, but a lake. Located it on a map of the Holy Land.
"Love in Action" - locating the person mentioned in each scriptural verse.
The children are becoming very proficient at finding books, chapters and verses in both the Old and New Testaments. They will get faster and faster as the year progresses.

9/15 HW - finish art from last week if it is not done yet.
Read aloud Genesis 3:1-13 and then completed assignment "Fall of Man"
Bible activity: "Choice of Twelve" - about how Jesus called the first Apostles.
Finish for HW.

9/14 The children completed their lists of questions about the Bible facts we learned yesterday.
Then they used their lists to quiz the class. Correct answers earned extra credit points.
Completed our first Bible search activity: "Where Did It Happen?" Must be finished for HW.
I explained to the children about all the on-line Bibles available on their computers that they can access to finish the HW if they don't have a Bible available at home.

9/13 We learned all about the Bible: Old and New Testaments (Hebrew and Christian Scriptures; the books of the Old Testament (including Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms; the Prophets); the books of the New Testament (the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, letters of Paul and others,  ending with Revelation.)
The children wrote questions to ask each other tomorrow as a review of all this material.

9/12 We set up the Religion folders that we will use for all our work during Trimester 1.
Began work on our Personality Wheels by answering questions about ourselves. Finish for HW.
Continued work on our illustrations from last week.

9/9 No class due to 12:00 dismissal.

9/8 We continued to work on our illustrations of the ways in which we serve God: praying, singing, sharing, helping, smiling.

9/7 We discussed kindness/unkindness, particularly in how we treat each other in this class. We talked about all the opportunities we have each day to choose kindness or unkindness in our dealings with one another.
Talked about different ways to serve God: praying, sharing, singing, smiling, helping. Each child chose one of these and began an illustration of that behavior.

9/6 We discussed what the children will need for Religion class - basically I will provide everything they need. We discussed the curriculum for the year and how the class periods will be set up.