6th Grade ELA
​​See "Useful links" for important 6th grade information:
Monthly Book Due Dates, Book Report Procedures and Written Book Report Guidelines
Website: arbookfind.com - useful to check the reading level of a book a student may want to read.
DEAR Time = Drop Everything and Read

3/24 Diocesan teacher workshops - no school

3/23  Read aloud from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" 
Reading comprehension practice for the NYS ELA test on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. We read the first person story: "Running the Hills" and answered the multiple choice questions.
Then we answered the short essay question. Finish for HW.

3/22 Read aloud 
from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" 
Discussed fable/myth/legends
NYS ELA test practice reading comprehension: read the fable "Why Grandfather Frog Has No Tail" and answered the questions.
Discussed theme and moral of a story and then of this story.

3/21 Read aloud 
from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" 
Corrected reading sequence HW from yesterday.
Returned short essays based on story "Storm Watch" - shared some good answers and some errors the class can avoid.

3/20 Started a new read-aloud book: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl.
Proofreading/editing practice.
NYS ELA practice work on reading comprehension.
Reading skills: Organizing Ideas in Time Sequence - finish for HW.

3/17 Finished up our book/movie contrast papers.
March crossword puzzle. Finish for HW.
DEAR Time, AR tests, signed up new books.
March books must be finished by March 31.

3/16 Discussed contrast sentences and how to structure them.
Looked at several different examples of well written contrast sentences.
Children used their notes from "The BFG" movie to write 5 DIFFERENT style contrast sentences relating the film to the movie. We will finish tomorrow.

3/15 We watched the remainder of the film of "the BFG" while continuing to take notes on the differences between the book and the movie.

3/14 .

3/13 Editing/proofreading practice.
Discussed March cartoons passed around last week.
Returned AR tests on "The BFG"
Proofread short essays written on Friday.
Continued watching film of "The BFG" and taking notes on differences between the book and movie.

3/10 Returned short essays on Glenn Cunningham, "The Greatest Runner of All Time." 
Put some answers on the board to discuss how they could be improved.
Read aloud several exemplary answers (no names.)
Story "Storm Watch" - read it aloud to the class.
They answered the multiple choice questions using the story to search for details.
Then we read and discussed the short essay question.
Finish for HW.

3/9 Lucia presented the oral portion of her book report.
Corrected antonym/vocabulary HW.
Watched the next section of "The BFG" while continuing to take notes on differences between the book and the movie.

3/8 Discussed the difference between compare and contrast and when they might be asked to do this in future classes (HS and college).
Set up loose leaf to take notes on differences between "The BFG" book and movie.
Children took notes as they viewed the film.

3/7 Many children at band.
Vocabulary: Finding antonyms - finish for HW.
February book reports due today.
March books due March 31.

3/6 Editing/proofreading practice.
Discussed simile: March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
Corrected sequencing assignment "Harriet Tubman."
Began printing our biographies on good paper.
Turned in short essays on runner Glenn Cunningham.

3/3 Returned the short essays based on the article "My First Marathon" - read several examples of excellent answers and reviewed things the children could do to make their answers better.
I read the children the article entitled "The Greatest Runner of All Time." They answered multiple choice questions based on what they heard.
We reread the article aloud. Essay question based on the article - finish for HW.

3/2 Field trip to St. John the Baptist HS to see their amazing performance of Cinderella.

3/1 Children took the 3 AR tests on "The BFG"
They used their new Chromebooks for this.
Dear Time
Children signed up their march books.

2/28 Many children were at band.
February book due today.
Corrected vocabulary/antonym HW.
Reading: Organizing ideas in time sequence - Harriet Tubman
Finish for HW.

2/27 Proofreading/editing practice
Finished reading aloud "The BFG" - AR tests Wednesday.
February books must be finished tomorrow.
DEAR Time and signed up books
Collected short essays based on article "MY First Marathon" 

2/20 to 2/24 Winter Vacation

2/17 Worked on writing skills and reading comprehension for the NYS ELA test coming in March.
AIS group worked with Mrs. Sutton.
Article: "My First Marathon" - we read the story silently and then aloud together. Answered the multiple choice questions.
Began the short essay question in class. To be finished for HW.

Read aloud from "The BFG"
Make all corrections to our biographies using our new Chromebooks. Print on special paper.
Vocabulary: Finding Antonyms - finish for HW.

2/15 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Reading comprehension: "Lost" - read the story silently and then aloud. Answered the multiple choice questions. Format based on the NYS ELA test the children will take in late March.
I took pictures of the children with their biography interview subjects to display with the printed biographies.

2/14 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Valentine Crossword puzzle - finish for HW.

2/13 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected HW - writing an original couplet about food.
In class, the children wrote another couplet, this time about water.
Continued work on our simile illustrations started last week.
February books must be finished by Feb.28th.

2/9 and 2/10 Snow days - no school


2/8 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Shared an excellent student book report with the class.
Reviewed HW: correcting run-on sentences using conjunctions.
Introduced Couplets: 2 line rhymes of about the same length.
Reviewed measuring line length by counting syllables.
Read examples of couplets by famous writers.
Working together, the children wrote one original couplet about an animal.
HW: write another couplet about food.

2/7 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Discussed the difference between simple and complex or compound sentences. Examples of each.
Writing more developed sentences: correcting run-ons by using conjunctions and commas. Finish worksheet for HW.

2/6 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Proofread essays comparing the 2 articles that were finished over the weekend (this only applies to non AIS students.)
Corrected simile worksheet from Thursday.
Chose one simile from the assignment and started to illustrate it.

2/3 Returned the short essays based on the article "Living at the Bottom of the World." Reviewed common errors and shared a model answer.
Reread that article and "Home Afloat" from a few weeks ago.
Today's writing task is to compare the two lifestyles, making sure to include details from both articles.
Finish for HW.
January book reports due Monday.

2/2 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Figures of Speech: Similes: Developing Imagery
Jan. book report due Monday.
Feb. book must be finished by Feb.28.
Biographies must be typed by Monday.

2/1 Computer room: we began to type our peer biographies.
Finish for HW by Monday.

1/31 Discussed meaning of genre and various examples, including myth.
Discussed the ways myths were used to explain events in the ancient world.
Listening skills: Read the children the myth "Making Morning" about how Helios (Dawn) and her brother create the new day. Answered questions from memory.
January books due today - some children took their AR tests. 
Book reports for January are due February 6.
Many children were at Full Band.

1/30 Editing/proofreading practice.
Collected the biographies finished over the weekend.
Read aloud from the "BFG"
Proofread the essays based on "Living at the Bottom of the World" from Friday.
Showed the class a video based on the book "The Mitten Tree" which ties into our Catholic Schools week theme of "kindness warms the heart" symbolized by mittens.
January books must be finished tomorrow.

1/27 We read the article "Living at the Bottom of the World" silently and then aloud.
Briefly compared it to the article we read last week "Home Afloat"
Discussed first person articles.
Completed written task: Describe how the author's relaxation on Antarctica is different from and similar to the life of an average person in the United States.
Due Monday.

1/26 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Finished up our partner interviews and worked on writing our peer-biography. These are due on Monday.

1/25 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Children continued their interviewing of partners. Those finished began writing their biographies.

1/24 Gave children a list of possible questions they can use while interviewing their partners in preparation for writing their biographies of each other.
They met in pairs and began the interview process.

1/23 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected packet: compound words and using the context
Listening skills: "Dr. Seuss"
We began a writing project on biography: we paired up and discussed the kinds of questions we will ask each other. Tomorrow we will sit with our partners and interview them i detail. 

1/20 AIS for some students.
NYS ELA practice: "Home Afloat" - we read the article twice (individually and as a class.)
Highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of life on a boat.
Completed the graphic organizer
Began the extended response.
Finish both tasks for HW.

1/19 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Completed the illustrations of our Acrostic poems.
Reading: Inferring from Context
Vocabulary: Building Compound Words
Finish both for HW.

1/18 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Finished up work on poem "Philbert Phlurk" - reviewed the vocabulary, read it aloud in various ways, marked the rhyme scheme using highlighters to color rhyming sets of words.

1/17 Editing/proofreading practice.
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Looked at pictures of the Rock of Gibraltar on Apple TV.
Two children answered questions on the oral portions of their book reports.
Continued work on the nonsense poem "Philbert Phlurk" - reviewed the vocabulary we looked up the other day.
Filled in the missing rhymes in the poem. The clue was that every other line rhymed.

1/16 No school - celebration of the birthday of 
Dr. Martin Luther King

1/13 AIS for some students.
Listening skills "Plant Art" about creating topiary
Vocabulary: Winter Crossword Puzzle - finish for HW
DEAR Time, AR tests, book report work
January books must be finished by Jan. 31

1/12 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected old HW: Inferring from Context
Corrected the vocabulary words looked up for the nonsense poem "Philbert Phlurk"
Discussed people's strange personality quirks, as related to the character in the poem.
Quiet reading books need tomorrow (and every day.)

1/11 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Finished up using our rhyme wheels: tried to find 23 words that rhymed with the sound OT.
Rhyme papers were collected to be graded. They should have 14 rhyming sets in total.
Continued working on illustrating out Acrostic poems.

1/10 January books must be finished by January 31.
We illustrated our Acrostic Poems about ourselves.

1/9 Ten children were out sick, in the nurse or had gone home.
So, we corrected some past work and had quiet reading.
December book reports due tomorrow.

1/6 AIS with mrs. Sutton for some students.
Listening Skills: "Champion for Freedom" - the story of Harriet Tubman.
Reading skills: Inferring from Context
DEAR Time, AR tests and book report work
***December book reports due Tuesday, January 10th.

1/5 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Reviewed some similes found in the comics.
Rhyme wheels: found at least 8 words that rhymed with the sound OOL.
Vocabulary: looked up three words we will need for a poem next week and found a definition that fit in the poem.
HW: Finish the 2 worksheets done yesterday with Mrs. Kennedy - creating an outline and vocabulary (antonyms.)

1/4 Mrs. Kennedy was the substitute since I was at a funeral.
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Learning correct outline format - creating a sample outline using various words provided.
Vocabulary: Finding Antonyms - finish for HW.

1/3 Editing/proofreading practice.
Many children were at band rehearsal for the concert.
Children took their AR tests for their Jan. books which were to be finished by today.
Book reports are due by January 10th.
Read aloud from "The BFG"


12/21 Read the class a Christmas story written in verse: The Year Santa Forgot He Was He.
The children called out the rhyming words as I paused at each one.
Used our rhyme wheels to make words that rhyme with the sounds OAT and OLD.

12/20 Read the class a story "Petunia's Christmas"
Corrected vocabulary HW
Used our rhyme wheels to make rhyming words for the sounds IME and ING
Dec. book must be finished by Jan. 3.

12/19 Computer room: We continued to type our Acrostic Poems using our names.
Vocabulary assignment: Developing Precise Vocabulary.
Finish for HW.

12/16 Computer room: We typed our Acrostic Poems using our names. Finish for HW.

12/15 Computer room: The children took the STAR Reading achievement test to determine their reading ranges for the 2nd trimester.
They began typing their acrostic name poems.

12/14 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Made up to about 15 words that rhyme with IGHT.
Showed the class posters illustrating similes.
Reviewed sentences/fragments.
Assignment: Identifying Sentences and Sentence Fragments

12/13 Read aloud "Ramona and the Three Wise Persons" by Beverly Cleary
Corrected simile HW from last week.
Passed around similes cut from the comics. Children can earn extra credit by finding others and bringing them in.

12/12 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Returned 3 book reports and the children orally answered the questions they wrote for the book reports.
Passed around similes cut from the comics. Children can earn extra credit by finding others and bringing them in.
Rhyme Wheel: Made up to 12 words that rhyme with ICE

12/9 Several children attend AIS with Mrs. Sutton.
Listening Skills: "An Amusing Story"
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas - finish for HW
AR Tests, Book report work
Dec. book is due January 3rd.

12/8 No school - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Read aloud from "The BFG"
Used rhyme wheels to make words that rhyme with EEL and EDGE.
Read aloud our Acrostic Poems about ourselves.
Corrected Simile Review worksheet from last Thursday.
Finish bottom of paper for HW - due Monday.

12/6 I read the class a story "The Mole Family Christmas"
Introduced the idea of reading connections. We discovered connections between this story and the one I read them last week about Mickey and Goofy. Ask your child.
Continued work on acrostic Poems. Finish for HW.

12/5 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Used our rhyme wheels to make words for the sound ANK (20 possible) 
Proofreading/editing practice
Reviewed definition of Acrostic Poetry - we will continue this tomorrow.

12/2 Listening skills: What's in a name?
Most children left to shop at the book fair. Those who remained had quiet reading time.

12/1 Read a Christmas story: "Herkimer: the Magic Christmas Bird" and figured out the moral of the story. Ask your child.
Rhyme Wheels: found 12 words that rhyme with AME.
Similes: Do up to #6 on Simile Review. Finish for HW to 6 only.

11/29 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected compound word crossword puzzle from last week.
Corrected "Penguins Are Funny Birds" - went over the answers and where we located them in the article.
Constructed rhyme wheels that we will use to amass lists of rhyming words as part of our rhyme unit.

11/28 Editing/proofreading practice
Read aloud from "The BFG"
Close reading: "Penguins Are Funny Birds" - we read the article silently, then aloud. Answered the multiple choice questions and then underlined the answers in the article.
Finish for HW.

1/24-11/25 Thanksgiving break


Read aloud from "The BFG"
Finished Thanksgiving crossword.
Compound word vocabulary worksheet.
Finish for HW.

11/22 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Editing/proofreading practice
Corrected Writing Original Similes HW from yesterday.
Thanksgiving Crossword puzzle. 

11/21 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Editing/proofreading practice
Reviewed the meanings of the 2 similes we discussed on Friday: clean as a whistle and dead as a doornail.
Worked on writing ORIGINAL similes for the words provided. Finish for HW.

11/18 No School - Teachers" Professional Day Conference

11/17 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Corrected sentence/fragment HW: "The Rodeo"
Similes: "Figuratively Speaking" assignment 

11/16 Read aloud from "The BFG"
Proofread our personal essays on "A Wonderful Day"
Sentence/fragment assignment "The Rodeo" - finish for HW.

11/15 Began new read-aloud book "The BFG" by Roald Dahl
Corrected vocabulary crossword: Classifying Ideas
Started copying our essays on a wonderful day in our writers' notebooks.
Finish for HW

11/14 Finished reading "The Twits"
Took 3 AR Tests on the book: reading, vocabulary and literacy skills

11/10 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Peer-edited essays.
Vocabulary crossword: Classifying Ideas
Finish for HW.

Read aloud from "The Twits"
Read essays on our wonderful day aloud to the class.
Reviewed sentence and sentence fragment. Introduced subject and verb.
Assignment: "Grammar Practice" - finish for HW.

11/8 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Continued brainstorming about "a wonderful day" we have had. Began to write a personal essay on this topic. Finish for HW.

11/7 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Corrected vocabulary assignment: "Classifying Ideas"
Creative writing: Began brainstorming for this week's topic: "A Wonderful Day"
We will write the first draft tomorrow.

11/4 AIS for some students
Listening Skills: "Teamwork Is Key"
Reading skills: Visualization
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas
Finish above for HW.
Signed up books, quiet reading, book report work.
October book report is due Nov. 7th.

11/3 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Reviewed sentences/sentence fragments.
Corrected worksheet on sentences and fragments from yesterday.
Figures of Speech - reviewed the definition.
Introduced similes: definition and examples. Showed a poster of common similes about animals like wise as an owl and stubborn as a mule. Children had to look at the pictures and finish the simile.

11/2 Read aloud from "The Twits"
Reviewed sentences/sentence fragments.
Assignment: Identifying sentences and fragments; correcting fragments. Finish for HW.
Children took the AR tests for their October books because the Halloween festivities kept some of them from getting it done on Monday.

11/1 No school - All Saints Day

10/31 Proofreading/editing practice
Review vocabulary from last week: minstrel, decreed, page, peddler
Read aloud poem "The Rhyming King" - the children supplied the missing rhymes each time I stopped reading.
Started new read-aloud book "The Twits" by Roald Dahl.
October book test had to be taken by today. Book report is due November 7th.

10/28 No class due to 8th grade field trip.
Class went to SS instead.

10/27 Finished reading "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Took the 2 AR tests on the book.
Vocabulary: "Sub Power" - finish for HW
October book must be finished by Monday.

10/26 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Corrected NYS ELA practice exercise "Songs of the Sea"
Vocabulary words: minstrel, page, peddler, decreed - from the poem "The Rhyming King"
Read aloud poem "The Rhyming King" and left out the rhymes at the end of the lines. The children called them out.
The poem also teaches the rule that there is no word to rhyme with ORANGE in English. The children had to figure this out from listening to the poem.

10/25 Vocabulary: Halloween Crossword
Worksheet: Visualization  Skills
Finish both for HW if not done.

10/24 Editing/proofreading practice.
Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Corrected vocabulary work from Friday.
NYS ELA Test practice: "Songs of the Sea" reading comprehension. Answered all questions and underlined the answers to #6, 7 and 11 in the article. 
Finish for HW.

10/21 Listening Skills: "Special Eyes"
Vocabulary: Inferring from Context (Identity of the Speaker)
Inferring from Context (Location of the Speaker)
Finish both papers for HW.
*****October book must be finished by Oct. 31.

10/20 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Editing/proofreading practice.
Returned writer's notebooks with graded stories.
Review written book report guidelines.
Corrected vocabulary crossword from 10/18.
Quiet reading books for October must be finished by Oct. 31st.

10/19 No class - IOWA Tests

10/18 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Editing/proofreading practice.
Signed up books and children took AR tests on their Oct. books.
Vocabulary: Classifying Ideas - finish for HW

10/17 No class - IOWA Tests

10/14 No class - IOWA Tests

10/13 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Proofreading/editing practice
Proofread writer's notebooks: "All About Me"
Introduced Figures of Speech/Figurative Language - gave the children a page of notes and they also copied a few notes from the board.

 10/12 No class - IOWA Tests

10/11 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Copied personal essays in our writer's notebooks.
Finish for HW.

10/10 No school - national holiday

10/7 AIS (Mrs. Sutton)
Listening Skills: "Antlers"
Vocabulary: Developing Precise vocabulary
Quiet reading, AR tests, book report work

Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Peer-edited each other's personal essays, "All About Me"
"Rhyming Rainbow" crossword puzzle 
10/5 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Set up partners for the rest of the year using the face of a clock. Each child has a different partner for each hour on the clock face. We will start using them tomorrow for peer editing. I will announce, "Meet with your 3 o'clock partner and peer-edit each other's paper."

10/4 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Returned and reviewed corrected assignments based on the website ARbookfind.com
Children shared their personal essays "All About Me" with the class.
10/3 Read aloud from "George's Marvelous Medicine"
Editing/proofreading practice
Corrected vocabulary work from Friday.
Sept. book reports due Friday.
Oct. books due by Oct.31.
Writing: personal essays - "All About Me" - must be at least 3 paragraphs. Due tomorrow.

9/30 September books must be finished by today. The book reports are due next Friday, October7th.
AIS with Mrs. Sutton for some children.
Listening skills: "Deep Sleep"
Vocabulary: Object/Function and Location words - finish for HW
9/29 Started a new read-aloud book: "George's Marvelous Medicine" by Roald Dahl.
Corrected sentence/fragment work from earlier in the week.
Reminder: September books must be finished by tomorrow.
Continued our work with rhyming words: Rhyming Crossword puzzle - finish for HW if not done.

9/28 We took the 3 AR tests on the book we just finished listening to: Reading Practice, Vocabulary and Literacy Skills. These will be sent home next week.

9/27 Finished reading aloud "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl. We will take the 3 Accelerated Reader tests on the book tomorrow.
Reviewed the guidelines for written book reports.
Grammar: Continued our workmen distinguishing sentences from fragments and correcting fragments. Finish worksheet for HW.

9/26 Editing/proofreading practice
Computer room: using the website arbookfind.com we looked up 10 books to determine the authors, reading levels, interest levels and the points awarded for scoring well on the Accelerated Reader tests for each book. The children can quickly refer to this site in the future to determine if a book they want to read is in their reading range (ZPD.)
Finish for HW.

9/22 We reread the book report guidelines to stress their importance.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Introduce complete sentences and sentence fragments. Memorized the definitions.
Written assignment to reinforce the material.
Finish for HW.

9/21 Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Gave out Written Book Report Guidelines and carefully reviewed each one. There is a copy of these on the "Useful links and forms" section of this website. They are to be followed EXACTLY for each written book report.
Corrected vocabulary work from last week: Classifying Ideas
Finished correcting "Senseless Sentences" #10 - 12.

9/20 Gave out Book Report Procedures and reviewed. There is a copy on the "Useful links and forms" section of this website.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox."
Corrected "Senseless Sentences" HW.
Worked on the last three sentences to be unscrambled.  Finish for HW.

9/19 Proofreading/editing practice
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Corrected vocabulary work from Friday: Example and Class
Taught the class about PUNDLES (word puzzles) and showed them several examples. They tried to solve them. These will be available to solve for extra credit each week.
Continued working on unscrambling Senseless Sentences. Finish up to # 9 for HW.

9/16 Collected writers' notebooks which were due today.
Listening skills: "A New Home"
Vocabulary: Example and Class - finish for HW
DEAR Time, AR tests, book report work

9/15 Gave the children their STAR Reading test results. These must be signed and the TEAR OFF only returned tomorrow.
Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox."
Grammar: writing sentences - arranging groups of words into correct sentences that make sense.

9/14 Computer Room where the class took the STAR reading placement tests to determine their current reading levels and ranges to choose books from. This information will be sent home this week.
Vocabulary crossword puzzle: Classifying Ideas - finish for HW.

9/13 Read aloud from "Fantastic Mr. Fox."
Distributed summer reading test grades. These are to be signed and returned tomorrow.
Introduced RHYME - elicited various definitions which we tested using pairs of rhyming words.
Arrived at the fact that two words can rhyme even if they do not have even one letter in common. Ex: flew and through

9/12 Began our first read-aloud book, "Fantastic Mr. Fox" by Roald Dahl.
Set up Reading folders - filed summer reading AR tests, monthly book due dates, list of Newbery authors, extra credit AR tests.
Quiet reading - signed up books for September book reports.

9/9 Writers' notebooks must be covered and turned by next Friday, Sept. 16th.
Books for Sept. book reports must be in school every day starting Monday, Sept. 12th. The book must be by a Newbery author (I gave the children a list today) or from "The Series of Unfortunate Events."
Worked on listening skills today - I read the children a short story, "Summer Camp," and then quizzed them orally.

9/8 No class due to half day schedule.
9/7 We went to the computer room to take the AR quizzes on the 3 summer reading books.
HW: Continue to work on covering your writers' notebooks with pictures, especially family members.
See below for more suggestions.

9/6 WELCOME TO 6th Grade.
We reviewed class procedures, book report dates, the AR Reading program, collected supplies.
Quiet reading books must be in school every day.
Children must cover their marble notebooks with pictures of things that are important to them: family, friends, pets, travels, teams, favorite foods, etc. Then I will cover them with clear laminate. We will use them as our writers' notebooks.