4th, 5th & 6th Grade Math - Mrs. Hintz

math ruler

Mrs. Hintz

Welcome to Math Class!

Math Requirements:
1. You must always come to math with both math books, a math notebook and a pencil. Pens may not be used for math.  You may not go back to your classroom during math class.
2. Homework will be given Monday-Thursday.  Please sign
all homework each night.
3. Tests will be announced 2 days in advance. A study guide will be given which shows what will be on the test.  Study guides will be assigned as a homework assignment.  Notes and text book pages should also be studied.  
4.  Tests will be corrected and given back the next day.  All tests must be signed by a parent. If a student gets a 1, they must return the test signed, and then a retest will be given.  I will count only the higher of the 2 grades.