This week in third grade
                                  September 17th - 21st

religion -  complete - Created to be Happy/ begin Created to be Together - outcomes-  Explain that we worship the Trinity when we pray the Sign of the Cross. Explain that we bring God's love to life inner world by loving others. Identify practical ways to acton God's invitation in everyday life.  Define Sign of the cross.  activity - Children will complete a "love bug"to list ways they can show their love for others in their community.

ELA - review and assess " A Fine, Fine School"/ begin new story " The Trial of Cardigan Jones" by
Tim Egan  EQ - What helps you make decisions about a character?   comprehension -conclusions:
infer/predict    spelling/phonics - long vowels with V-C-e spellings : spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, invite, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame, life, rule, these, those, surprise, decide
grammar: kinds of sentences  Write to narrate: ideas    vocabulary; strategies - compound words
target words - convinced, trial, jury, guilty pointed, honest, murmur, stand

math - division as sharing, division as repeated subtraction, using appropriate tools to problem solve, vocabulary and chapter review, assess topic 1

                                  September 10th - 14th

            Poem of the month - "September" by Helen Hunt Jackson

religion - Unit 1 God, Our Creator and Father: Unit Saint - Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a man with a deep appreciation nature and it's role in helping people find God in all things.
Created to Be Happy - outcomes : Explain that all nature is part of God's creation, and it reflects his love.  Discuss God's presence, his invitation and our response. Define Apostles' Creed, and creed.  activities - find words from the Apostles' Creed in a puzzle; write a message to praise God for something beautiful they saw this week; think of three people, animals or parts of nature they love, and write them on given lines, then illustrate in heart shapes.

ELA - " A Fine, Fine School" by Sharon Creech  Big Idea - People make a community strong. Essential Question - What are the parts of a story?  Comprehension - Target: story structure; Strategy: summarize/  Grammar - subjects and predicates/ Writing: write to narrate (word choice)/ Phonics and Spelling - short vowels:
crop, plan, thing, smell, shut, sticky, spent, lunch, pumpkin, clock, gift, class, skip, swing, next, hug, hospital, fantastic/ Vocabulary- strategies: multiple meaning words   target words - principal, strolled, proud, worried, soared, announced, fine, certainly
Connect to Technology: One-Room Schoolhouses

close reading - introduce using ReadWorks article: Snooze Alarm

math - Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers: multiplication as repeated addition, on the number line, arrays and multiplication, the Commutative Property, division as sharing

social studies - the geography handbook: using maps, using globes, absolute location, relative location, physical geography, human geography

                                              September 4th -7th

      Welcome to third grade for the school year 2018 - 2019! It was an unseasonably warm start for our first week of school, but we all survived.

      Special classes we went to our first week: music, library, Spanish, physical education, and
art.  Music was a treat because the children met our new teacher Ms. Burtoff.  Good, new sounds were emerging from the music room.

      I welcomed familiar faces from second grade and one new student.  School supplies were organized and put in their proper places.

      Everyone introduced themselves and shared vacation stories.  Some of us stayed on Long Island, others traveled to other states, and there was some international travel as well. Everyone seems well rested and ready for our new year.

      ELA - stories we listened to:  "My Dad, John McCain" by Meghan McCain
                                                "The Principal's New Clothes"  by Stephanie Calmenson
                                                "...If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island" 
                                                 by Ellen Levine
                activities: "Tools of the Trade" - identifying action verbs
                               "Dreaming of a Day Job" - alphabetizing short lists of jobs to the second 
                              "What Did You Do this Summer?" - complete the sentence starter : This
                                summer, I ( 10 different endings)
                               "I had a Tee-riffic Summer" - illustrate and label a favorite summer memory
                                on a t-shirt shaped paper
                                Write and illustrate a journal entry entitled, My Family
                                 "A Bushel of Fun" - back to school student interest inventory

      math - begin "Simple Solutions"- a workbook we use to practice skills learned in previous
                 grades to keep a positive math "attitude."
                 "Off to School"- missing addends
                 "Extra, Extra" - place value, modeling numbers