8th Grade: American History ASSIGNMENTS
Trimester II Assignments

 We will be busier this second Trimester:
1. Christmas week assignment: You are asked to write a daily log or select a few events from your vacation week and write what you especially enjoyed or perhaps did not like
during the week.
Due : Friday, Jan.4, 2019.
2. February: Black History Month:
. The class will have choices as how to present their Person they want to know more about. They may choose. a 2 page report, a Poster ( standard size oaktag  NO TRIFOLDS ), a Jeopardy style game, or  Who Am I  with a minimum of 5 clues  using construction paper ( 9 x 12 ) or for our artists a poster with their drawings  along with identifying captions ( on standard oaktag ) or a Word Search ( minimum of 15 words or phrases ) that refer to their person this must also be typed & include an answer key.  
Due: Friday, Feb.8,2019.
3. March: Women's History Month; same choices as above,.
Due: Mar. 8, 2019