7th Grade American History Pt 1

We continue with the establishment of the 13 Colonies and their growing desire for self rule.
The interference in the economic activity is cause for dissatisfaction more taxes imposed without the consent of the "British citizen colonists" seems to push many toward the inevitable decision that the colonies should be self ruled. American Independence is a costly struggle. With the newly
independent nation comes a series of  "Firsts". How will the country establish itself ???
George Washington  wanted nothing more than to retire to Mount Vernon but the "country" had other plans for the popular General. Drawn by his sense of duty, he agreed to serve the new nation, becoming our First President. Not an easy job as he soon finds out. A new Constitution is drawn up, new "factions" or parties  find themselves with very different view as to where & how the country should function....the adventure is just beginning......With the Louisiana Purchase the United States doubles its size. Now Lewis & Clark spend 2 years trying to find an all water route to the Pacific.As the country continues to expand Westward, the Eastern states develop new industries  and methods of transportation.