7th Grade Religion

11/19 Returned and reviewed Thanksgiving Puzzle assignment.
Prayers by Table 8: Danielle, Emily & Ava
Played a video of a musical version with pictures of the famous words Ruth said to Naomi in the Old Testament: "Wherever you go, I will go..."
Some children recited the poem "THANKS" from memory.
Showed a film about the first Thanksgiving.

11/16 We watched a Youtube movie on the story of Ruth and Naomi.
Assignment: Fill in the genealogy chart starting with Naomi down to her indirect descendant Jesus.
HW: Finish assignment "Ruth: A Love Story"

11/15 "Borrowed" some time for one Lit. Circles presentation.
Returned and reviewed Thanksgiving Crossword based on Ephesians 5:20.
Continued work on "Ruth: A Love Story"

11/14 "Borrowed" some time for one Lit. Circles presentation.
Read aloud a summary of the story or Ruth and Naomi from the Old Testament Book of Ruth.
Bible assignment - "Ruth: A Love Story"
To be finished tomorrow.

11/13 Half of the class was at band and came in very late.
While waiting, children worked on various projects that are due: "Words Like Magic" due in ELA tomorrow.
Lit. Circles projects due in ELA today.
Quiet reading/AR tests.

11/12 No school - Veterans' Day

11/9 Prayers led by Table 6: Kenny, Rameel and Kris.
"Native American Earth Prayer" - we discussed the relationship of the Native Americans with the Earth.
Also discussed the connection to St. Francis Assisi and his relationship to the Earth.
Completed the THANKSGIVING puzzles we started yesterday.
HW if still not done.

11/8 Prayers led by Table 1 - Adrian, Andrea and Andrew - "Celebrating Creation"
Finished up Thanksgiving Crossword started yesterday.
New work: Thanksgiving Puzzles based on Paul's letter to the Colossians 3:15 and Psalm 100:4
We will finish these tomorrow.

11/7 Prayers led by Table 2 - Myles and Nick A.
2 Thanks assignments: The story of Jesus curing the lepers, but only one leper out of 10 came back to thank him. Fill in the missing information in the story using the Bibles.
Thanksgiving crossword based on Paul's letter to the Ephesians 5:20. 

11/6 No class - school song practice for the next school liturgy.

11/5 Continued work on Bible search: "Statements of Thanksgiving"
Finish for HW if not done.

11/2 Prayers: "Give Thanks" led by Table 7.
Discussed the Pilgrims and Native Americans in relation to the first Thanksgiving.
Read aloud "Brother Moon, Sister Sky" by Susan Jeffers:
Began work on Bible search: "Statements of Thanksgiving"

11/1 No school: Feast of All Saints

10/31 Prayers led by Thalia and Layla.
Finished up work on "Sibling Search" about Moses and his sister Miriam. HW if still not done.
"A Pilgrimage" - children used their Bibles to "make their way along the path" and identify each symbol along the way. Finish for HW.
Collected St. Francis triptychs which were due today.

10/30 Prayers led by table 1.
Continued work on the story of Moses and his sister Miriam.

10/29 Prayers led by Table 8.
Bible activity: "Sibling Search" about Moses and his sister Miriam.
Reminder: St. Francis triptych due Wednesday.


10/26 No school - Diocesan Teachers' Conference Day for staff

10/25 Prayers led by Naomi and Leyla J.
Finished work on "Search the New Testament" - the section on the Gospel of Luke.
Continued work on our St. Francis of Assisi triptychs. Last day to work on this in class.
HW: They must be finished at home by October 31.

10/24 Continued work on "Search the New Testament" - the section on the Gospel of Luke.
Continued work on our St. Francis of Assisi triptychs.

10/23 Returned and reviewed "The Two Sisters"
Continued work on "Search the New Testament" - the section on the Gospel of Mark.
Continued work on our St. Francis of Assisi triptychs.

10/22 Prayers led by Kenny
"Search the New Testament" - do the section based on the Gospel of Matthew.
Continue work on St. Francis of Assisi triptych.

10/19 I was at a meeting. 
Children continued working on their St. Francis Assisi triptychs.

10/18 Returned graded assignment "He Talked to the Animals"
Looked at pictures of Francis and medieval triptychs.
Continued to work on our triptychs on the life of St. Francis Assisi.

10/17 No class - IOWA Tests
10/16 No class - Science trip to Adventureland

10/15 No class - IOWA Tests

10/12 Prayers led by Benito, Michael and Alex.
Hymn: "The Canticle of the Sun"
Triptychs: 3 part Religious art used in Medieval Churches - we studied the use and history and looked at samples.
Then we began to design our own triptychs on the life of St. Francis Assisi.

10/11 "The Prayer of St. Francis"  led by Kenny.
New Hymn: "The Prayer of St. Francis" 
Video: "St. Francis Assisi"
Discussed the annual blessing of the animals on the Feast of St. Francis on Oct. 4th.
Looked at newspaper pictures of the Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, including elephants, snakes, monkeys, llamas, horses, dogs, parrots, etc.
Assignment: "He Talked to the Animals"

10/10 Prayer "The Canticle of Creation" led by Emily and Table 8.
Hymn: "The Canticle of the Sun"
Read a short bio of St. Francis to review what we have learned.
Gave out "The Prayer of St. Francis" and went over the meaning of each line.
Returned and reviewed Bible search "The Twelve"

10/9 Hymn: "The Canticle of the Sun" 
Told the story of St. Francis and the first Nativity acted out in 1223.
Showed pictures.
Discussed St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio and showed plaque from Assisi.
Film: "Francis: The Knight of Assisi"

10/8 No School

10/5 Hymn: "The Canticle of the Sun" 
Gave out the prayer Francis wrote "Canticle of Creation"
Compared the song and prayer looking for words, thoughts and themes in common.

Finished reading last part of the life of St. Francis Assisi.
Read his prayer "Sun Song" 
Gave out words to "The Canticle of the Sun" - a hymn based on the prayer Francis wrote.
We all sang the hymn together and your children sounded like angels.
Continued work on designing a border for our picture wheels.

10/3 Continued reading Part 3 of the life of St. Francis Assisi.
Continued work on designing a border for our picture wheels.

10/2 Continued reading the life of St. Francis Assisi.
Continued work on designing a border for our picture wheels.
Several children left for Band.

10/1 Returned 3 sets of corrected papers and reviewed.

Began unit on St. Francis Assisi whose feast day is October 4th.
Read the first third of his biography and showed the children the beautiful pictures from Tomie De Paola's "Francis, the Poor Man of Assisi"

9/28 Finished up "Love in Action"
Finished up "The Twelve"
New assignment: "Two Sisters" - the story of when Jesus visited Mary and Martha.

9/27 Finished Bible search: "Love in Action"
Started Bible search: "The Twelve"
Finish for HW.

9/26 Continued work on our personality wheels.
Finished up "A Bible Search for Prophets"
Began "Love in Action" - matching up each Bible verse with the person who performed a service for others.

9/25 Continued work on "A Bible Search for Prophets"

9/24 Took pictures of the children for their "personality wheels."
Collected HW assignments.
Discussed the Old Testament prophets.
Assignment: "A Bible Search for Prophets"

9/21 Copied the "personality" answers onto the "wheels"
Caught up on "old" work - folders, work sheets, drawings. All past due work must be in by Monday, including below.
HW: Finish "At the Lake" and "Choice of Twelve"

9/20 Continued our Bible exploration:
"At the Lake" - match events from the life of Jesus that happened around the Sea of Galilee with the actual scripture reference describing it.
"Choice of Twelve" - crossword identifying the 12 Apostles

9/19 2 assignments to learn to quickly navigate the Bible:
"Fall of Man" - finish for HW.
"Where Did It Happen?" - will finish tomorrow

9/18 Reviewed the Bible notes from yesterday. Children quizzed each other.
Continued our discussion with the Letters, particularly those of Paul and Revelation.
Personality questions assignment - finish for HW if you did not do it the other day.

9/17 Parts of the Bible: Old and New Testaments (Hebrew and Christian Scriptures); 
Books, chapters, verses
Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Prophets
New Testament: everything after Jesus
Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Acts of the Apostles (Luke)

9/14 Finished final poster.
Continued work on the "ways to show our faith" illustrations started yesterday.
Worked on folder covers.
Personality questions paper.

9/13 All the posters are now done except one.
Continued work on the "ways to show our faith" illustrations started yesterday.

9/12 Discussed various ways we show our faith in a typical day: sharing, praying, smiling, singing, helping.
Each child chose one of these and illustrated it.
Some children continued to work on their posters.

9/11 Band Assembly - no regular class.

9/10 Computer room: each group took the poem/prayer/paragraph they created on Friday and turned it into a poster on the computer. To be finished tomorrow.


9/7 Assigned each group a picture with a Religious theme. They had to write a poem, a prayer or a paragraph about the picture they chose. Next week, we will create posters out of the work produced.
Continued working on Religion folders

9/6 Continued working on Religion folders.

9/5 We continued to design/color our Religion folders that we will use for the year.

9/4 We began to design the Religion folders we will use for the coming year.