Pre-K - Mrs.Storms & Mrs.Cottone
​Welcome to the wonderful world of Pre-K!
Teachers: Mrs. R. Storms  Mrs. J. Cottone  Mrs. J. Vierling  Mrs. J. Crandall 

Special Teachers:
Mon. Art- Mr. Montella
Tues. Music- Mrs. Sandkuhl
Wed. Library- Mr. Senatore
Thurs. Gym- Miss Colleen O'Neill (wear sneakers)
Fri. Library - Mr. Senatore
Welcome to our amazing Pre-K!  Our Pre-K door is between the statues of St. Cyril and Methodious. 
Please complete your Reading Log daily for your shared reading.
Please send in supplies:  Chlorox wipes and hand wipes. Thank you.  

Mon. 5/21  Letter Y Week.  After we recite the ABC song, we will review the formation and sounds of Letter Y.  We will work in our Letterbooks in class and will send home their Homework book on Y. Have your child work on the letter Y sheet independently.  Please return homework book Tues. or Wed.  In Art today, we enjoy completing our project. 
Tues. 5/22  We will enjoy our day outside observing Mother Nature.   We will enjoy singing in Music.  We will begin our Y book with a yoyo picture. If you have a Yo yo please bring it in.
Wed. 5/23   In Religion today, our story will be about Jesus and His Friends. We will visit church. We will complete our Religion booklet.  We will read a story with Mr. Senatore in our Primary Library. 
Thurs.   5/24  We will make the cover page for our Y book.  We  will read Peter and the Wolf in our Happily Ever After Reading Series.  Wear your sneakers today for Gym class. 
Fri.   May 25- Field Trip to Children's Museum in Uniondale near Roosevelt Field.  9:45-1   Please return permission slip along with $11.00 per person by this Mon.  Siblings are welcome.  No classes at school today.  We will meet at the museum.  Bring a bag lunch to enjoy together.

Pre-K Graduation- June 11 at 9:30 - 10:30  Refreshments will be served at the Gazebo following ceremony.