5,6,7, and 8 Computer Science Class

5th Grade
The 5th grade is working on a lesson called, The Gang of Fifteen. The students will "travel" around the world on the trail on the Gang of Fifteen.  The objectives of this lesson are that the students will be able to: demonstrate the ability to research information utilizing a variety of resources, calculate currency exchange rates, plot a specific route on a world map, deduct a specific global location from a clue. 
6th Grade
The students are learning the usefulness of binary language for computer science. The students will learn how binary is used in computers. They will be challenged to decode a sentence in binary and to encode a sentence.
7th grade
The 7th grade students are working on Robotics in Computer class.  They are researching the uses of robots in our life. They will be building and programing their robots in the near future.
​8th Grade
Students are working on advanced programing using Code.org.