Supplies needed:  Silent reading book.
  • There is reading homework Monday through Thursday.
  • Students must have a silent reading book with them everyday.  Quiet reading will take place after lunch every day. This is also when students can take an A/R test. 
  • Students are to read every night Monday- Friday.  Students received a new reading log for April.  This is due May 2nd. The guidelines are for the students to read at home every night for 20 minutes.  Reading log must be signed by a parent/guardian before handing it in.  If the student has read on each day indicated on the log, he/she will be given a "reward pass," which counts as one point on an assessment in my classes only. 
  • There is no AIS English this year where students are pulled from the classroom. All students are receiving extra help in reading three times a week.  Mrs, Cowan and I are team teaching "Close Reading" where students have been taught how to anazlyze a passage, look for new vocabulary words and highlight important information.  
  • Students just took another STAR reading assessment in computer class and will again in June.  The STAR is a wonderful way to know the student's reading level and the areas of weaknesses if there are any.  If there are areas of weaknesses, a student will attend AIS English twice a week. Your child's IOWAS scores when given in the fall will also be taken into a count if a student needs more reading support than just what is provided in the classroom.  Students will also have the change twice a week to take quizzes on books they read during silent reading time.  If a student scores 80% or higher, the student will receive a "reward pass." Results were sent home. Please sign and return. Students are now aware of the correct novels to read in their reading range, which is located in the back cover of their ELA notebook. 
  • We have begun our new book club novel.  The book choice is Wonder by RJ Palacio.  Each student received a school copy of the novel to read. This is a wonderful novel that reminds us that kindness can spread from one person to another very easily and it's better to choose kindness over being right. 
  • Each month, the students will be assigned a book report "theme" and a fun project to do. Once the students are aware of their reading level, finding a book will be easy. I need to approve all books before the students began reading. A new book report will be assigned after Easter break.