Important Classroom information

An open line of communication between the teacher and parent/guardian is extremely important and welcomed.  The best way for communication is to view your child's homework folder and homework book every night.  Please feel free to email me ( or write a note (please place in your child's RED folder) and I will contact you within 24 hours.  

  • Student's Special schedule is as follows: Mondays- Computer and Gym, Tuesdays- Music and Spanish, Wednesdays- Library and Spanish, Thursdays- double period of art and Fridays- Gym and Library.
  • Morning prayers and the pledge will begin at 8:15 and all students need to be unpacked and ready to go over homework by this time.   Please make sure your child arrives on time. Also, please provide a dismissal note if your child's regular dismissal routine will change for a particular day.  Also, parents/guardians can NO longer call after 1:30 if their child's dismissal routine will need to change.  Walkers are dismissed on the Half Hollow Road side of the school building. 
  • Snack is needed every day.  Lunch is from 12:00-12:45  The 5th grade will eat first and then will have recess.  Each month, a new monthly lunch order form will be sent home. 
  • If your child has an allergy, please inform me IMMEDIATELY so I know what to do in the classroom and when birthdays are celebrated to make the student safe.  Safety of all students is my number one priority. There are several allergies in our class- peanuts, eggs and dairy.  Please be mindful of this when sending in snack or birthday treats.  
  • If your child is absent, please send in a note. If I do not receive a note, the absent will be marked illegal. 
  • No school- 5/25 Holy Day- Ascension Thursday/Confirmation. 
  • No school- 5/26 and 5/29- Memorial Day weekend. 
  • June 2nd- Field day.  Studnets will be given their team color tshirts to wear along with their gym shorts and sneakers. Students were informed by me of their team color.  No student can ask or switch their team.  Students must bring a snack and a beach towel to sit on.  A reuseable water bottle is required- no plastic throwaway bottles are allowed. PTA is sponsored lunch and ice cream for the studnets.  If your child doesn't like the lunch choice, please have them being a bag lunch. 
  • Last day of school is Friday, June 23rd.