The Importance of Homework

     The word “homework” is a word that is disliked by most students, but it's an integral part of the educational process.  It serves several purposes such as provides opportunities to reinforce newly acquired skills, prepares students for class participation and helps develop time management and organization skills. 

     Homework is important because it's an exercise for the students to develop responsibility and good study habits.  These are skills that are essential to students being successful in school.  Homework is about learning to make choices about when to do homework, where to do homework and when homework is due. 

   To help your child begin good organizational skills, I have provided him/her with a red folder to bring home daily and will include homework and notices.  Your child also has a homework notebook to use to record homework assignments and projects.  I encourage you to check your chid’s red folder and homework book nightly.  Parents support of homework is an extremely important factor towards building positive attitudes towards school and learning successful study habits.  

       I feel that your child’s homework book and red folder will help keep your child organized and help homework time run smoothly.