5th Grade - Mrs.Congro

November 2018

🍂Leaves are falling and autumn is calling pumpkin spice and everything nice.🍃  

Always stay HUMBLE and KIND!

In loving memory of
our dear teacher and my dearest friend, Mrs. Cowan:

💜 The Beatitudes💜

Matthew 5:3-11

Blessed are those who are PEACEFUL and try to stop others who fight; God will call them His sons and daughters.

Blessed are those who are KIND and FORGIVING to others; they will be given the same.

Blessed are those who don’t show off, but THINK of others first; They shall be given the Earth.

Blessed are those who RELY on God’s help; HEAVEN is theirs. 

Blessed are people who get into trouble for doing the RIGHT thing;
God’s kingdom belongs to them.

Blesse are those who try to PLEASE God in what they DO and THINK; 
They will be with God.

Blessed are those who want FAIRNESS; 
God will satisty them.

BLessed are those who are SAD and UPSET;
God will comfort them. 



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