This week in third grade:

September poem -  Summer's End  by Karla Kuskin

Religion -  The children will discover that all nature is part of God's creation, and it reflects his love.  We will discuss God's presence, his invitation, and our response. vocabulary - apostle, Apostles' Creed, and creed.  word search - to find words from the creed   The children will also write their own message to praise God for something beautiful they have seen in nature.

Math -  Addition and Subtraction within 1,000  - operations and algebraic thinking/numbers and operations in base ten
- solve problems involving addition and subtraction, and identify and explain patterns
- round to the nearest ten or hundred - use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic
- use rounding to estimate sums
- mental math strategies - count by tens and ones to find sums

ELA -  A Fine, Fine School -  Big Idea -People make a community strong.
Essential Question - What are the parts of a story?  Target Skill - story structure  
Target Strategy - summarize   Spelling (short vowels) - crop, plan, thing, smell, shut, sticky, spent, lunch, pumpkin, clock, gift, class, skip, swing   Grammar - subjects and predicates
Writing - Write to Narrate/ Focus Trait: word choice  Vocabulary Strategies - multiple-meaning words   Target Vocabulary - principal, strolled, proud, worried, soared, announced, fine, certainly

Social Studies - map skills - Look at a map of North America, discuss the countries and waterways.
Complete sentences about the map using a given word box. Color all waterways blue and color each country a different color.
Scholastic News - Bears

Handwriting -  match manuscript and cursive letters upper and lowercase
                         observe size, alignment and line quality, letter spacing, word spacing, sentence spacing, and paragraph indent
                           practice cursive basic strokes: slant, undercurve and undercurve slant

                                     September 18th - 22nd

Religion - Created to Be Together - Outcomes - Explain that we worship the Trinity when we pray the Sign of the Cross.  Explain that that we bring God's love to life in our world by loving others. Identify practical ways to act on God's invitation in everyday living.  Define Sign of the Cross.
The children will list ways they can show their love for others in our community. They will also draw a scene where two people are being kind to each other. Adding balloons that show words they are saying to each other.

Math - Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000
           mental math strategies to add -counting by tens and ones
           use properties and strategies to add
           use the break apart strategy to add    
           use place value to add
           estimate differences

E. L. A. - assess A Fine, Fine School/ The Trial of Cardigan Jones by Tim Egan   Connect to Social Studies - Readers Theater  -  Jury Duty (short play)
Big Idea - People make a community strong.  Essential Question - What helps you make decisions about a character?  Comprehension - Target Skill - conclusions   Target Strategy - infer/predict
Spelling - spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame,life, rule, these, those,surprise, decide     Grammar - kinds of sentences     Writing - Write to Narrate   Focus Trait:ideas    Vocabulary Strategies - compound words     Target Vocabulary - convinced trial, jury guilty, pointed, honest, murmur, stand

Social Studies - Constitution activities -
Scholastic News -

Handwriting - continue basic stroke practice
                     downcurve, downcurve-undercurve, overcurve and overcurve slant
                      match strokes and letters
                      begin lowercase letters i and t