This week in third grade:
May 22 - June 2
May poem -  The Flag Goes By  by Henry H. Holcomb

Religion - Sacraments, Our Way of Life  Unit Saint -Saint Paul the Apostle- an example of how our lives are changed when we meet Jesus.  Sacraments of Initiation - outcomes - Describe how we receive the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Initiation.  Tell the story of Philip inviting the court official to follow Jesus.  Define People of God. We will pray a decade of the Rosary daily this month.  This week we will focus on the Luminous Mysteries.

 E. L. A. - Dogzilla  Fantasy review and assess / Life on the Ice Big Idea - Our world is an amazing place!  Essential Question Where are main ideas often found in nonfiction text?Comprehension: target skill - main ideas and Details/ Target Strategy - infer/ predict   Grammar- contractions    Writing - Write to Persuade/Focus Trait: Organization   Spelling/Phonics - compound words: birthday, anyone, sometimes, everything, homework,afternoon, airplane, grandmother, something, without, himself, faraway, sunburned,daylight, someone, cannot, scorekeeper, everybody Vocabulary Strategies- dictionary/glossary   Target Vocabulary - shelter, layer,constant, climate, wilderness, region, unexpected, gliding, overheated, colony

 Math –  Measurement - Time - problem-solving - estimate and measure liquid volume/ estimate and measure mass/ solve problems about liquid volume and mass/ chapter review and assessment/  begin Perimeter and Area - describe plane shapes

Science -  Earth's Place in the Solar System -  What Causes Earth's Seasons?  Understand the effect of different angles of sunlight on Earth.  Identify what causes the seasons. Recognize what causes day and night.  How Do Earth and the Moon Interact?  Recognize the moon's phases.  Identify the movements of the moon. Understand what causes solar and lunar eclipses.

Scholastic News - Beating the Heat - Discover how adaptations help animals survive. videos -Amazing Adaptations and Dive Deep into the history of the Titanic. Close reading questions.
Skills Sheets -Identifying Text Structure CCSS RI.3.8  Domain-Specific Vocabulary  CCSS RI.3.4(simple machines)   Place in the News - China

Science Spin - Smelling Trouble -  Students will learn about specifically trained rats that can sniff out bombs and illegally trafficked endangered species.

 Read aloud -Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Riley Giff
A story of historical fiction about the time of the potato famine in Ireland.