This week in third grade:

June poem -  Swimming by Clinton Scollard

Religion - Sacraments, Our Way of Life - Unit Saint - Saint Paul the Apostle - Celebrating the Eucharist - Describe how Jesus instituted the Eucharist at the Last Supper.  Give examples of how the Mass helps us unite as one family.  Discuss our obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  Define epistle and worship.

 E. L. A. - Dog - of- the - Sea - Waves (realistic fiction)  by James Rumford  Big Idea - There are many reasons to take a journey.  Essential Question Why might a writer tell a story about a faraway place? Comprehension: target skill  - Author's Purpose/ Target Strategy Question Grammar- Adverb    Writing - Write to Express/Focus Trait: Using vivid details  Spelling/Phonics -  Prefixes re- and un-    unfold, rejoin, untie, reheat, unfair, unclear, repaid, rewrite, unhurt, recheck, unlucky, unwrap, reuse, unsure, reread, unsafe, unbuckle, unknown Vocabulary Strategies- words from other languages  Target Vocabulary - voyage, lava, rippled, arrival, guided, twisted, aboard, anchor, spotted, bay

 Math –  Perimeter and Area - explore perimeter of polygons by counting units on grid paper,  estimate and measure perimeter of polygons using in. and cm. rulers,  find the unknown length of a side of a polygon when you know its perimeter, explore perimeter and area.

Science -  continue -  Earth's Place in the Solar System - Identify the relative positions of the planets.  Describe similarities and differences between the planets.  Describe the other bodies in the solar system.  The children will make a data table.  They will use numbers from a data table of the planets to list the planets in order by their distance from the sun, from closest to farthest. Next to the planets names, they will the planet distances from the sun. The children will draw conclusions by answering 5 given questions.

Social Studies - We will work on a booklet about the flag this week. 1 - Complete a poem about the flag using given words. 2. Read a short passage about the first flag and color the flag picture appropriately.  3. Do a crossword puzzle about places the flag flies. 4.Review vocabulary words from the Pledge of Allegiance. Then use the words to complete sentences using those words. 5. Read a time line about the American Flag and answer questions. 6. Use a labeled map to answer questions as to when various states joined the Union.