‚ÄčSecond Grade News
What will we be learning in May?

Math- Students will be able to take a survey and collect data.  They will be able to record data onto a tally chart.  Students will be able to interpret data from a picture graph and bar graph.

ELA- Students will be able to read and identify key details in a story.

Social Studies- Students will be able to identify native Americans as the first people to  live in North America.  They will learn about early explorers who came to America.

Science - Students will be able to understand how their body works.  They will be able to describe the function of the heart and brain.

Religion- First Holy Communion is May 6, 2017 at 11a.m.

May Crowning mass is Tuesday, May 16th at 8:30.  Children should come to school in their communion attire.  If your child did not make his or her communion, they may wear dress up clothes (shirt and tie for boys and if possible a white dress for the girls).  Directly following the mass, we will have a small celebration for the 2nd grade students and their parents only in the classroom.  Students may change into their gym uniform after the mass.

Handwriting-  Students are making wonderful progress learning cursive.  They have learned how to write all lower case letters of the alphabet, and they are beginning to learn the upper case letters.