What's happening in First Grade !
Week of March 4
Many exciting things are happening this week! We are beginning Lesson 18 in our Journeys book, and learning where different food comes from! We are beginning a new chapter I science and we will be focusing on the seasons. In math, we will continue with Chapter 5 and learn how to correct subtraction problems. In religion, we will focus on Lent and in particular, Ash Wednesday. Each day we will color in a shape on our Lenten Cross in hope of fulfilling a good deed for the day. We will be reading about famous women in history and also learning about maps and globes. This past week, we made delicious Lorax trees using cotton candy.. The children loved making them and eating them as well! We also made The Cat and the Hat Pictures which will be posted on our webpage. Please make sure to check out our First Grade Photo Album.
This week, although difficult to get back into the swing of things, the children did a great job and tried their best to concentrate while we were taking our Cogats. Next week we will continue this test and it will be completed on Friday...in time for a Friday celebration!
Enjoy your weekend. 

March 11
We had a very busy week in the First Grade.
Cogats are all finished and shipped off to be graded. As soon as I get the results back, I will  forward them to you with an explanation provided by the testing company.
In ELA, we will continue to study contractions, Days of the Week, Months of the Year as well as the long sound of o. (oa, ow) We will conclude with Chapter 5 this week and an assessment will be given on the missing addend. The on to Chapter 6: Number and Operations in Base 10.
Lent is our concentration in Religion. Each morning we think of our own Lenten task and hope to fulfill the task during the day. We then fill in a shape on our cross and when forty days of Lent are completed, we will have a mosaic cross to keep. We also learn about the  Sunday gospel story and do many activities revolving around the lesson in our Promise booklets.
We did several St. Patrick's projects which included making a delicious rainbow. (See our photo gallery)
We changed seats again. and making new friends and working with new partners.
We are celebrating Women's History Month and this week we learned about Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and Rosa Parks.
Time is going so fast this year! We have learned so much and still have more wonderful things to explore.
Enjoy your weekend.