What's happening in First Grade !

January 4, 2019
  Welcome back to school!
As you probably already know, it was difficult for the children to get back into the swing of things. We took a slow approach and on Monday, we will be ready to go once again into the full swing of things!
  Although we began a new story and are learning new skills in our Journey book, we will continue with Lesson 12 reviewing digraphs ch, and tch. Next Friday, the children will be assessed on these words and I will NO longer have them written on the board or share my phonics/spelling chart with them. We will continue to practice writing sentences and using adjectives and proper nouns.
  We will be concluding Lesson 3 in math (Adding 3 Numbers) and an assessment will be given sometime next week. We will then move on to Lesson 4- Subtraction.
  In Science, we will begin our new unit,
"The Sky and Weather". This is always a  unit
the children favor. We will also learn all about penguins and will learn poems and do crafts about them.
  Martin Luther King, Jr. will be our concentration in Social Studies. In Religion we continue to read stories from the Bible, and review the Gospel story from Sunday's Mass using our Promise booklets.
 We began journaling this past week, which is a difficult task for sure. Each week a new subject will be chosen and the children will be required to write 5 complete sentences using inventive spelling. I will correct these sentences on their work copy and the children will then re-write them in their journal and illustrate what they wrote about.
This task can take anywhere from 3-5 days to complete. As the children become more familiar with writing, this process will become easier and take less time.
 Although this week has been very short, we accomplished many of our goals and will continue to work on them next week.
 We did paint this week and learned a new chant.

Make sure you check out our new January photos in our class photo gallery.


Enjoy your weekend.

January 11, 2019
Today we took our first ELA assessment without using the board or chart to find our dictated words. For some, this was a difficult task, and it showed they 
need a little more practice with their words..  The assessment consists of words from the past lessons, rhyming and writing a dictated sentence with proper punctuation.Next week, we will have another assessment using the same format. We will also have another reading assessment as well as a math test on addition strategies.
 We are learning all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Social Studies, and have completed many activities with that theme in mind. Besides hibernation, in science we are learning all about penguins, and we now gather more information about seasons as we read our new story from our Journeys book. We practice writing sentences each day, trying to make a little story/paragraph using 3 or more sentences. This is another difficult task, but with time, it will improve and get easier.
 We have worked very hard this week, in all of our academic areas and practiced each day for our Winter Concert which was terrific. Congratulations to all of the children for a job well done!
 Please continue to practice reading each night as well as practicing the double math facts.
 Thank you again for all of your help. Enjoy your weekend.

January 18, 2019
  We had a very busy week in the First Grade!
We completed our math unit and took an assessment. The assessment was on the difficult side because it dealt with a ten frame. As long as the children can add and use one of the strategies to get their answer, they will be fine. The idea behind this chapter was to show how many ways we can find the answer when we add. Our next chapter on subtraction will be taught in the same manner. It will show the children the many way they can find the answer when they subtract.
  We also took an ELA assessment as well as a Reading Skills Test. These assessments help me know what I have to review and what children need help in specific areas. It also keeps the parent informed as where they can help their child.
   Penguins was our Journal topic this week. The children had to write 5 sentences about penguins. Spelling did not count, but content did as well punctuation. In Science, we are learning about the sun. Next week, we will be making various projects with the sun to help the children remember that the sun is a star and that it gives us heat ad light. The children will also journal on that topic at the end of the week, when they learn just a bit more.