8th Grade: American History ASSIGNMENTS
Trimester I Assignments

Our first assignment was given out it will be due the week of Nov. 13. 2018. The class will have choices as how to present their Person they want to know more about. They may select from Chapters 14-17 in the text book.  A bibliography must be included  on a separate page ( typed please ) a minimum of 3 sources: the text book may be used as one source plus 2 other outside sources. A 2 page report, a Poster ( standard size oaktag  NO TRIFOLDS ), a Jeopardy style game, or  Who Am I  with a minimum of 5 clues  using construction paper ( 9 x 12 ) or for our artists a poster with their drawings  along with identifying captions ( on standard oaktag ) or a Word Search ( minimum of 15 words or phrases ) that refer to their person this must also be typed & include an answer key.  If you have any questions PLEASE ask.