The Fourth Grade New York State ELA Test will be given Wednesday, April 11, 2018 and Thursday, April 12, 2018.                        

                       4th Grade News!

     The students have been busy in Fourth Grade.  As part of Catholic Schools Week they read the book What Do You Do With A Problem  by Kobi Yamada.  Following the reading of the book the students discussed the idea that within every problem there are opportunities.  They also were read the book Cay and Adlee Find Their Voice.  Following the reading of this book the students discussed what kinds of voices they have and what they can use their voices for.  During this season of Lent the students are focusing on how they can be more faithful followers of Jesus and how they can share the love of Jesus with others.
     The students enjoyed and completed the reading of the novel Key To The Treasure by Peggy Parish and are beginning the reading of The Clue In The Woods. They have read various nonfiction reading selections about Magnetism and Magnets, and Electricity and Energy which connects to what they are studying in Science.  In addition, they continue to strengthen their Close Reading Skills which increases comprehension of the selections they are reading.  
     As a part of Science the students have enjoyed various labs.  They participated in a Circuit Lab where they determined if different objects were conductors or insulators.  They worked with magnets during the Magnet Lab where they saw what items were and were not attracted to a magnet.  During the Potential and Kinetic Energy Lab the students built tracks and used toy cars on the tracks to better understand potential and kinetic energy.
     Following all three labs mentioned above the students wrote paragraphs summarizing what they did and learned during the labs.  The students will be writing a four paragraph essay where they will be comparing and contrasting the adventures of the two main characters in two selections they will be reading, Stormalong by Mary Pope Osborne and Holderi and the Fisherman  by Kate McGovern.
     There is always something interesting going on in Fourth Grade!

     December has been an exciting and busy time for Fourth Grade.  As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Jesus' birth at Christmas the students are reflecting on what it means to make choices to live as God wants us to live.  The students read the book The Light at Tern Rock by Julia L. Sauer.  This book spoke about the peace of Christmas and how Christmas is something you feel in your heart. The students attended the Christmas Tree Ship Videoconference which was based on the book The Christmas Tree Ship by Carol Crane.  As part of the video conference the students created beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments.  The students have enjoyed creating stuffed paper bag Santa Bears and paper bag mailboxes where they will put there Christmas cards for each other.
     The students have been writing Compare and Contrast essays.  They have been using a Venn Diagram to help them organize their writing.  Two of the essay topics they wrote about were comparing and contrasting the Algonquian and the Iroquois Native Americans as part of their Social Studies unit and comparing and contrasting snow skiing and water skiing.  All final drafts of the student's essays were completed on the IPad. 
     The students continue to work on their Close Reading Skills.  Reading selections are read more than once, the students circle key words, hilight important details, annotate and use evidence from the passage to answer questions.  In addition, the students are strengthening their dictionary skills focusing on parts of speech, word definitions and how a word is used in a sentence.  
     The class has completed the Algonquian and Iroquois Native American unit.  As part of this unit the class created beautiful Native American inspired musical rattles.  We will be beginning our unit of study about the Dutch and English Colonies.  The students have completed their study of energy transfer in ecosystems.  They will be beginning their study of how living things get energy.  They will be learning about habitats, food chains and food webs.
     There is always something interesting and fun happening in Fourth Grade!