5th Grade LOTE
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During the month of March students will begin a unit on family and learn the verb tener -to have. TAREA 1. Finish La Familia packet by Tuesday, March 26th ----------------------------------- 1. Test needs to be signed and corrected by Tuesday, March 5th ----------------------------------- 1. Review sheets due on Wednesday, February 6th 2. Test on days of the week, seasons, dates, and holidays on Tuesday, February 12th -----------------------------------

La Estación Poster - Due Tuesday, January 29th

 Choose a season and write it in Spanish on top of your poster.

el invierno, la primavera, el otoño, el verano

 Divide the poster into 3 sections.  In Spanish write the months that belong to each season.  Remember the months start with a lower case letter in Spanish.

 Draw or print pictures from the computer of all the holidays that take place during each month and label the holidays in Spanish.  You may also include holidays that are not in your notebook.

 You will be graded on spelling, neatness, creativity and grammar.


1. Worksheet on days of the week due on Wednesday, November 28th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Test on Numbers 0-1,000 and math problems on Wednesday, November 14th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Review sheets due on Wed., Nov. 6th 2. Finish worksheets due Wed., Nov. 6th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish math worksheet by Tuesday, October 30th ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Finish number worksheets. Due on Tuesday, September 25th. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Quiz on the numbers 0-20 on Wednesday, September 19th. Spelling Counts!!! Worksheets due on Tuesday, September 18th. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hasta Cien worksheet - fill in the numbers 0-29. Spelling counts. Due on Wednesday, September 12th.