This week in third grade

September poem -  Summer's End  by Karla Kuskin

Religion -  The children will discover that all nature is part of God's creation, and it reflects his love.  We will discuss God's presence, his invitation, and our response. vocabulary - apostle, Apostles' Creed, and creed.  word search - to find words from the creed   The children will also write their own message to praise God for something beautiful they have seen in nature.

Math -  Addition and Subtraction within 1,000  - operations and algebraic thinking/numbers and operations in base ten
- solve problems involving addition and subtraction, and identify and explain patterns         
- round to the nearest ten or hundred - use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic
- use rounding to estimate sums
- mental math strategies - count by tens and ones to find sums

ELA -  A Fine, Fine School -  Big Idea -People make a community strong.
Essential Question - What are the parts of a story?  Target Skill - story structure  
Target Strategy - summarize   Spelling (short vowels) - crop, plan, thing, smell, shut, sticky, spent, lunch, pumpkin, clock, gift, class, skip, swing   Grammar - subjects and predicates
Writing - Write to Narrate/ Focus Trait: word choice  Vocabulary Strategies - multiple-meaning words   Target Vocabulary - principal, strolled, proud, worried, soared, announced, fine, certainly

Social Studies - map skills - Look at a map of North America, discuss the countries and waterways.
Complete sentences about the map using a given word box. Color all waterways blue and color each country a different color.

Handwriting -  match manuscript and cursive letters upper and lowercase
                         observe size, alignment and line quality, letter spacing, word spacing, sentence spacing, and paragraph indent
                           practice cursive basic strokes: slant, undercurve and undercurve slant

                                     September 18th - 22nd

Religion - Created to Be Together - Outcomes - Explain that we worship the Trinity when we pray the Sign of the Cross.  Explain that that we bring God's love to life in our world by loving others. Identify practical ways to act on God's invitation in everyday living.  Define Sign of the Cross.
The children will list ways they can show their love for others in our community. They will also draw a scene where two people are being kind to each other. Adding balloons that show words they are saying to each other.

Math - Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000
           mental math strategies to add -counting by tens and ones
           use properties and strategies to add
           use the break apart strategy to add    
           use place value to add
           estimate differences

E. L. A. - assess A Fine, Fine School/ The Trial of Cardigan Jones by Tim Egan   Connect to Social Studies - Readers Theater  -  Jury Duty (short play)
Big Idea - People make a community strong.  Essential Question - What helps you make decisions about a character?  Comprehension - Target Skill - conclusions   Target Strategy - infer/predict
Spelling - spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame,life, rule, these, those,surprise, decide     Grammar - kinds of sentences     Writing - Write to Narrate   Focus Trait:ideas    Vocabulary Strategies - compound words     Target Vocabulary - convinced trial, jury guilty, pointed, honest, murmur, stand

Social Studies - Constitution activities -  text -" Who Needs a Constitution?" - After reading the article, the children will match cause statements with their corresponding effect statements.
text "The Constitution Convention" -Children will identify 5 given sentences as fact or opinion based on the passage.   text - "The Constitution"  List three thing the delegates talked about.

Scholastic News -" Good News for Bears" -  Grizzly bears are off the endangered species list in some areas of the U.S. We will answer 3 close-reading questions based on the article.Explore the principles of cause and effect,to have students identify causes and effects mentioned in the article./Celebrating the Constitution  - Use a skills chart to introduce the students to the three branches of government.

Handwriting - continue basic stroke practice
                     downcurve, downcurve-undercurve, overcurve and overcurve slant
                      match strokes and letters
                      begin lowercase letters i and t

                         September 25th - 30th

Religion -  God is Our Father - Outcomes - Describe the Lord's Prayer as the way Jesus wants us to pray to God.  Practice forgiving others as Jesus forgives us.  Recognize that God is our Father, revealed by Jesus. Define Abba. activity - Praying to God Our Father -Use words from the word bank to complete sentences about praying to God our Father.  The students will write about a time when they forgave someone or someone forgave them.

Math - Mid Chapter Checkpoint (addition and subtraction within 1,000), estimate differences, mental math strategies for subtraction, use place value to subtract, combine place values to subtract

E.L.A. -  Assess -"The Trial of Cardigan Jones"/ begin - "Destiny's Gift"  Comprehension -
Target Skill: Understanding Characters  Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate    Grammar- sentences, 
fragments, and run-ons    Writing- Write to Narrate  Focus Trait: voice   
Spelling - long a and long e spellings: lay, real, trail, sweet, today, dream, seem, tea, treat, afraid, leave, bait, screen, speed, paint, please, yesterday, explain    Vocabulary Strategies- Antonyms
Target vocabulary - raise, spreading, earn, figure, contacted, block, afford, customers

Johnny Appleseed activities - read three books about Johnny and compare and contrast the information the three different authors included in their books. (Aliki, Stephen Kellog and
-  Who's Johnny - After thinking about the stories, the children wrote 4 words to describe what Jonny was like and things he did.
- Friendship Tree - Johnny Appleseed was a good friend and everyone liked him. The children wrote a story which told about someone they liked.  They described what made the person they chose a good friend.  Stories were written in a tree shape.
My Special Place. The children answered 2 questions about Johnny's favorite place and drew a picture of a place where they go that makes them happy.
- True or Tall? - Children identified 12 sentences as true or tall tales.

Science Spin -  Return to the Wild -  We read about a type of antelope called a scimitar-horned oryx that scientists are helping make a comeback in Africa.  Activity -  Back to Nature - Read a chart to find out about four other animals that almost became extinct and how people worked to save them.  Answer questions about the chart and news article.
Use a given graphic organizer to gather more facts from the article by making use of text features.

Handwriting - Lowercase u and joining ut/ Lowercase w and joining wi

                                October 2nd - 6th

October poem - Geography  by Eleanor Farjeon

religion - We will be saying a decade of the Rosary daily this month.  This week we will focus on the Joyful Mysteries, discussing a single mystery each day. The Church Celebrates Mary - Mary Is Holy - Identify Mary as the Mother of God and the Mother of the church, Describe the Rosary as a way of honoring Mary. Discuss how Mary is blessed by God.  Discuss the prayer the Magnificat.  Define Annunciation, Communion of Saints, Rosary, and Visitation.
Mary was thankful for all God had given her.  The children will make a list of people and things in their life for which they are thankful./ You Are Special Badge - Children will choose a person in their life who loves and cares for them like Mary did for Jesus.  then, they will write a message on a badge, telling why they love and appreciate this person. Decorate and cut out the badge to be given to their special person.

E.L.A. - Assess Destiny's Gift / Read - Pop's Bridge by Eve Bunting Big Idea - People make a community strong.  Essential Question - How can two bridges be alike and different?
Comprehension - Target Skill: Compare and Contrast   Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
Spelling long o -  load, open, yellow, soak, foam, follow glow, sold, window, coach, almost, throat, cold, most, tomorrow, sailboats  Grammar: common and proper nouns  Writing - Write to Narrate- Focus Trait: ideas    Phonics: long o spelled oa, ow   Vocabulary Strategies: Base Words and Endings -s, -es, -ed, -ing     Target Vocabulary:  balancing, tide crew, disappears, foggy, stretch, excitement, cling

Math -  problem-solving: model addition and subtraction, chapter review, chapter assessment,  begin understanding multiplication - counting equal groups, relate addition and multiplication

Prepare the children for our assembly this Friday on The Energized Guy from PSEG Long Island.  Educational Concepts: What energy is
                                            The uses of energy
                                            How energy is wasted
                                            Ways to conserve energy

Columbus activities - word search, ordering values of numbers, following directions, sequencing events

                         October 10th - 13th

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills begin this week.  No preparation is necessary. Get a good night sleep and have a good breakfast each day.

Religion-We will focus on the Sorrowful Mysteries as we say our decade of the Rosary each day.  Our study of Mary continues this week.

E.L.A. -assess "Pop"s Bridge" and read Connect to Science: Bridges
"Roberto Clemente" by Jonah Winter  Big Idea: People make a community strong.
Essential Question: What causes someone to be called a hero?  Comprehension: Target Skill - Cause and Effect / Target Strategy - Visualize   Spelling and Phonics - long i - slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, fight, die, midnight, find, night, silent, frightening   Grammar - Plural Nouns with -s and -es   Vocabulary Strategies- Prefix mis-  / Target Vocabulary - stands, score, fans, league, slammed, pronounced, style, polish

Math -  draw pictures to show equal groups and write related addition and multiplication sentences, skip count on a number line to show equal groups

Handwriting - lowercase b and  words with b, lowercase f and words beginning with f

Scholastic News -  Paw Print - The article shows how some disabled animals have benefitted from body parts made with 3-D printers. ELA/ Social Studies -Reading a Map to discover some state fossils.  Answer questions using the given map.

Social Studies - use i-pads to research the state or states 7 bridges are located in and tell what two places the bridges connect.

                                     October 15, 2017

Iowa testing continues this week.

Religion - continue the Rosary. Our focus this week is the Glorious Mysteries.  Begin Jesus Is With Us - Outcomes- Give examples of how we can trust in God. Pray the nest part of the Apostles Creed.  Do a crossword puzzle about the angel's visit to Joseph.

ELA - continue working on the Roberto Clemente story - vocabulary, spelling and story assessments will be on Wednesday this week.  Connect to Poetry -Baseball Poems - We will read two baseball poems and a short article about the radio days of baseball.  Then we will write baseball poems.

Math -  Mid-Chapter Checkpoint (equal group, relating addition and multiplication, skip count on a number line), problem-solving - model multiplication, model with arrays

Scholastic - Do close reading questions for Paw Prints article, Use a graphic organizer to describe the problem of a pet featured in "Paw Prints" and tell how 3-D printing has helped solve it.

Social Studies - read aloud - "What was Ellis Island?"  by Patricia Brennan Demuth

                               October 23rd - 27th

ELA -Max's Words - humorous fiction by Kate Banks  Big Idea: We communicate in many ways.  E.Q.-What clues in a story help you figure out the sequence of events?
comprehension(target skill) - sequence of events (target strategy)- question    Spelling - short & long vowels- math, toast, easy, socks, Friday, stuff, paid, cheese, June, elbow, program, shiny, piles, sticky, each, both, comb, holiday   grammar - What is a verb?
phonics - VCV pattern   vocabulary strategies - suffixes -er & -or      target vocabulary - collect, scrambled, orders, sorted, ragged, rapidly, continued, darted

religion -  
We will continue to pray a decade of the Rosary daily. This week our focus is on the Luminous Mysteries.

math -  Understand Multiplication -   algebra- Commutative Property of Multiplication,  algebra - multiply  with 0 & 1, review & assess/ Introduce Multiplication Facts and Strategies

Scholastic News - After the Storms- People are working hard to rebuild after two powerful hurricanes. Watch a video about hurricanes   Food Fuel -Your body needs healthy food for fuel. Mexican mole lizard -  Watch a video to learn more about this rare, amazing lizard.

activities - paired texts -After the Storm/Surviving the Storm, close reading questions, word meanings -use a word bank to add descriptive words to foods to create a menu

                                       October 30th - November 3rd

ELA - No text story or spelling this week,  Comprehension -  main idea(supporting details) and paired texts   grammar - action verbs and linking verbs     writing - writing the main idea sentence for a paragraph and supporting detail sentences 

religion -  All Saints Day and All Souls Day - outcomes - The children will discover that All Saints Day and All Souls Day are celebrations of the Communion of Saints.  Explain that in Christ we are united with the living and the dead.  Discuss how the saints are examples of how we can live out our lives. 

math -  multiplication facts and strategies - multiply with 2 and 4, multiply with 5 and 10,  multiply with 3 and 6, distributive property(break apart arrays)

social studies/science vocabulary - geography, climate, plains, mountains, valleys, canyon, landforms, plateau  

Scholastic News - Bat Rescue - A special hospital in Australia takes care of baby bats.
Mummy Mystery - An ancient tomb has been found in Egypt, and mummies in the tomb need to be studied in order to identify them.  Debate it: Allow Halloween Costumes at School?    Skills Sheets -Prove It! Citing Text Evidence - true/ false

                                     November 6th - 9th

       November poem - "Indian Children" author unknown

E.L.A.- "What Do Illustrators Do?" by Eileen Christelow Big Idea - We communicate in many ways.  Essential Question - How do pictures help tell a story?  Comprehension - Text and Graphic Features  Target Skill - Analyze/Evaluate  Grammar - Verb Tenses
Spelling & Phonics: Three-Letter Clusters - three, scrap, street, spring, thrill, scream, strange, throw, string, scrape, spray, threw, strong, scratch, think, they, straight, scramble
Vocabulary Strategies - Synonyms    Target Vocabulary - tracing, imagine, illustrate, scribbles, sketches, research, textures, tools   Write to Respond   Focus Trait - Organization

Math - Algebra - Distributive Property, Multiply with 7, Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, Algebra -Associative Property of Multiplication

Religion -  Jesus Is With Us - The Salvation promised to us in the Old Testament is fulfilled in Jesus.  Outcomes: Give examples of how we can trust in God. Explain the meanings of Jesus' different names.  Define Scriptures.  The children will write a short prayer thanking God for people who show them how to live a good life.

Social Studies - Make a landform booklet/ review vocabulary from last week on geography and landform words.

                                November 14th - 17th   2017

E.L.A. - continue  " What Do Illustrators Do?" test on vocabulary, story, and spelling Wednesday, November 15th. read aloud - "How Many Days to America?" by Eve Bunting - a modern Thanksgiving story.

Religion - complete Jesus Is With Us and begin  Celebrating Ordinary Time - Outcomes - Define community.  Discuss how we grow in community by being Christ to the world. Ordinary Time - when we are grateful to our church community.

Math - the Associative Property of Multiplication, patterns on the multiplication table, review tables already covered

Scholastic News-  An Army Family - Both parents in a family serve in the military.
Thank You, Veterans! - video     Write About It - Skills sheet: Use prompts to answer questions about "An Army Family"  Also answer close-reading questions about the article.
Ready, Set, Sneeze - A pack of wild dogs in Africa have an unusual way to make group decisions.  Shooting Stars - Watch for a meteor shower on November 17th.  Watch a solar system video.

Science - Forces That Shape the Land   Essential Question -What are Landforms?
Investigate to find out how some mountains are formed. Objectives - Model and describe the formation of folded mountains. Describe the layers of the Earth. Describe some of Earth's major landforms.

Quiz on geography vocabulary  11/14 

                                 November 20th - 23rd

E.L.A. -  How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting  A story set in the Caribbean.
activity -Where Is the Caribbean?Follow steps to color a map of North America, South America, the West Indies, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.
The children will write three things they like about the U.S.  Next, they will choose one to
write a paragraph about one of their choices.
How to Cook a Turkey - The children will write their version of the steps to take to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.

math - multiply by 8 using doubles, a number line, or the Associative property;  lesson 13 in Simple Solutions, turkey multiplication - solve the equations on the turkey parts and color according to the key.

religion - continue working on Ordinary Time - The children will write how they can be more like Christ at home and in school. They will also draw themselves and their family inside the shape of a church and explain the importance of community at Mass.
We will discuss the Liturgical Calendar which shows us the feasts and seasons of the Church year.

Scholastic News - A Pilgrim Discovery - Experts are uncovering new clues about the Pilgrims and their village in Plymouth, MA.  Skills sheet - Plymouth Timeline read the timeline and answer questions about it. 

Parade Timeline - Children will read a timeline about the history of the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade and answer questions about it.

                                       November 27th - December 1st

December poem - Winter by Nikki Giovanni

E.L.A. - The Harvest Birds - by Blanca Lopez de Mariscal  A Traditional Tale
Big Idea - We communicate in many ways.  Essential Question - How can readers figure out the message in a story?  Comprehension - target skill - conclusions: strategy - infer/predict;
grammar - commas in a series; writing - focus trait: word choice; spelling/phonics - silent letters kn, wr  -  itch, wreck, knee, patch, wrap, knot, watch, knife, stretch, write, knew, knock, match, wrong, know, catch, wrinkle, knuckle; vocabulary strategies - multiple meaning words   target vocabulary -harvest, separate, ashamed, borders, advice, borrow, patch, serious

math -  multiply with 9 using the Distributive Property with addition properties or patterns; solve problems by using the strategy make a table; review multiplication facts

religion -  outcomes -Discuss the story of how Mary said yes when asked by God to be Jesus' mother.  Explain how we prepare for Jesus' coming. The children will complete a picture of an Advent wreath and color the wreath and candles.  They will then complete a list of prayer starters and use those sentences to write their own Advent prayer.

Scholastic News - A Secret Code - Seventy-five years ago, a group of American Indians created a secret code using their native language and helped the Americans win a war.
Skills sheet - close-reading questions on the article

                                           December 4th - 8th

December poems - Winter  by Nikki Giovanni  and St. Nicholas ( a choral echo narrative)

religion - Discuss the Advent wreath and have a short Advent prayer service in our classroom to help prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Advent is a time for preparing, praying and remembering.  The children will make a special Advent candle for their families.

E.L.A. -  Kamishibai Man by Allen Say   Big Idea - We communicate in many ways.
Essential Question - How can a new invention cause people's lives to change?
Comprehension -target skill: cause & effect   strategy:monitor/clarify   grammar - simple subjects & simple predicates  spelling & phonics - diphthongs - ow & ou     clown, round, bow, cloud, power, crown, thousand, crowd, sound, count, powder blouse, frown, pound, house, found, mountain, coward   writing- focus trait: organization    vocabulary strategies -dictionary/glossary entry    target vocabulary  - familiar, jerky, vacant, rickety, blurry, rude, blasted, applause

We will be writing letters to Santa Claus for the Make -A -Wish Foundation. 

math - review and assess multiplication facts and strategies / Use Multiplication Facts - identify and describe a number pattern, use an array or multiplication table to find an unknown factor

Scholastic News - We will do close-reading questions on the secret code article.

                                       December 11th -  15th

religion - Saint Scholastica and Saint Benedict - a brother and sister that each started a religious community. Jesus Good News - outcomes - Explain why Jesus told parables.  Describe ways that we can serve God's kingdom.  Discuss how Saints Benedict and Scholastica served the Kingdom of God.   Define monastery.
Students will write something they can do to make someone feel welcome in God's Kingdom.  They will also write ideas for their own parables by finishing given sentences.

Video Conference - The Christmas Tree ship Series - A Story Hour  
Focus Question- How do we learn about our past?  
The children will identify a cargo schooner and the product it once carried on the Great Lakes, explain what a schooner is, and make a storytelling ornament.

E.L.A. - continue working on Kamishibai Man by Allen Say

math -  continue finding unknown factors and problem-solving, mid-chapter review, 
problem-solving using the Distributive Property, multiplication strategies with multiples of 10, model and record multiplication with multiples of 10

                                          December 18th - 22nd

Read The Story of the Wright Brothers   by Bruce LaFontaine
Do activities related to the first flight on December 17th, 1903.

Fabulous Flying Machine - Color cloud shapes containing complete sentences about the brothers.  . Complete sentences that are not complete. Last, cut out the clouds, and use them to make a poster about the Wright brothers.

 First Flight December 17, 1903 - math - word problems with no renaming. Orville and Wilbur Wright tested the first airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. the children will solve problems about that important day.

The Wright Stuff - reading comprehension: detail - Read a short passage about the brothers and answer questions on the details of the story.

Winging It - We've come a long way since the Wright brothers' first airplane!  Cut out squares with dates and information. Glue them in order, first to last on a paper jet.

Color a picture of the first plane. 

Christmas around the world projects will be presented this week.

Christmas Liturgy and party are both on Tuesday.   I will take care of this party.

                            January 2nd, 3rd, 8th - 12th

Happy New Year!
January poem - Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

Writing activity - Goodbye 2017    Hello 2018
Children will recall in writing a favorite activity of last year and choose something they hope to do this new year.

religion - Feast of the Epiphany - We celebrate Jesus' revelation to the whole world, represented by the Magi. The children will imagine they are traveling with the Wise Men. Next, they will draw a picture of a gift they would bring to Jesus.  They will also write the announcement of Jesus' birth on a given parchment.

E.L.A.-  Young Thomas Edison by Michael Dooling   (biography)  Big Idea - We communicate in many ways.  Essential Question: Why are details important in a biography?
comprehension - target skill: main idea and details/strategy: summarize     
grammar-pronouns    writing- focus trait: sentence fluency    spelling/ phonics: words with au, aw, al, o -  talk, cross, awful, law, cloth, cost, crawl, chalk, also, raw, salt, wall, lawn, always, soft, small, often, strawberry    vocabulary- strategies: categorize & classify
target vocabulary - signal, genius, gadget, invention, laboratory, experiment, occasional, electric
dictionary skills - practicing alphabetical order

math - problem-solving- use the distributive property to perform multi-digit arithmetic,
chapter review and assessment,   Represent and interpret data - problem-solving - organize data

Scholastic News -(science) Spying on Polar Bears - The icy home of polar bears is slowly disappearing. Scientists have a new high tech way to study the problem. We will watch a video about polar bears and another about drones. 
Children will do close reading questions on the article.  They will also analyze a summary of the cover story and write their own summary.

                                            January 16th - 19th

religion -  Following Jesus - outcomes - Discuss how God calls us to follow the  Ten Commandments.  Discuss how being generous with ourselves helps us follow Jesus.  Identify ways to show our love for God and our neighbor. Define conversion.
The children will share a recent choice that they made that brought them closer to God.

E.L.A. -  Big Idea - Facing a challenge helps us grow.  Essential Question - How can you tell what an author thinks about a topic?  Comprehension - target skill: fact & opinion/ target strategy: question         grammar: more plural nouns       writing- write to narrate/ focus trait: word choice      phonics & spelling - diphthongs oi & oy - joy, point, voice, join, oil, coin, noise, spoil, toy, joint, boy, soil, choice, boil, come, are,  poison, destroy
vocabulary - championship, power, professional.athlete. rooting, court, competitor, entire

math - make picture graphs -draw a scaled picture graph to show data in a table, mid-chapter checkpoint, use bar graphs - read and interpret data in a scaled bar graph, make bar graphs - read and interpret data in a scaled bar graph

Scholastic News -  Remembering a Leader Martin Luther King, Jr - close reading questions, main idea and key details of the paragraphs in the article as well as the main idea of the whole article, Analyzing Primary Sources -read passages of Dr. King's famous speech and answer questions related to the speech.

Animal Winter Hideouts - read about the winter homes of several woodland animals. Cut out animal shapes and attach to a woodland scene in the corresponding shape and habitat of each given animal.

Polar Bears - Drawing Conclusions - A Place for Polar Bears - Read 4 separate paragraphs and identify a sentence that is supported by each group of sentences.

                                      January 22nd - January 26th

religion - continue Following Jesus/ 

E.L.A.- Review and Assess Jump/ begin read aloud Snowflake Bently by Jacqueline B. Martin
Snowflake Symmetry- match halves of snowflakes and make a winter scene.

math -  solve problems using data - solve one and two-step compare problems using data represented in scaled bar graphs, use and make line plots - read and interpret data in a line plot and use data to make a line plot, review and assess represent and interpret data/ begin  Division Facts and Strategies - model division - solve problems using the strategy act it out

science - weather - make a paper thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius, we will make a mercury strip to enable us to compare temperatures.  

 Science Spin - Ecosystems - life science: Ocean Giants-Whales

                                Catholic Schools Week  January 28th - February 3rd
                                       Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed
                                        Looking for Opportunities.

Monday: Book -   What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada
Sister Susan will be reading this to groups of classes on Monday morning.  This week the children will be discovering how different problems can be turned into opportunities and discussing what are some of the positive outcomes that result from seeing problems as opportunities.

Tuesday: Reading Together / Pajama Day
We will be having a special guest reader 6th period. Mrs. Aufiero from the diocesan office will read Cay and Adlee Find Their Voice by Cali and Russ Quaglia

Wednesday: Prayer Service/ Game Day/ Second Annual Knock Hockey Tournament

Thursday: Environmentally Friendly Hat Day - Children will wear "fun" hats that they
created from recycled materials or other items. Free snack from Sister Susan. 
Looking for Opportunities Scavenger Hunt.  Children locating the cardboard trees hidden throughout the school will receive a prize.

Friday: Annual Volleyball Challenge - Faculty/ staff vs. Students.
Admission to the game, a nonperishable item to be donated Parish Outreach. Students may wear their favorite sports jersey with school gym pants.
Mystery Person of the Day - clues will be given throughout the day.

religion-  Faith Focus: Jesus calls us to be closer to God and to show our love for others.
Outcomes - Review that God gave us the Ten Commandments to help us live peacefully together. Discuss ways to show our love of God and neighbor.

math - Understand Division - size of equal groups: use models to explore the meaning of partitive (sharing) in division, number of equal groups: use models to explore the meaning of quotative (measurement) division, model with bar models: model division by using equal groups and bar models, relate subtraction and division.

E.L.A. - continue Snowflake Bentley (read aloud)
Write Valentine messages to soldiers and veterans through the 10th Annual - Operation Valentine.
Dictionary skills - guide words - Where Are The Weather Words?

Science - The Water Cycle - Water is important to all living things in many different ways.
vocabulary - freshwater, groundwater, glacier, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, water cycle, atmosphere, oxygen, weather, temperature, anemometer
Make a weather wheel.
Snowflake Science - Procedural Text                                 

                                      February 5th - 9th

E.L.A. - The Science Fair - by Susan Wojciechowski  (realistic fiction)    Facing a challenge helps us grow. How do characters affect the plot of the story?
Comprehension- story structure: visualize    Spelling/Phonics - homophones   hole, whole, its, it's, hear, here, won, one, our, hour, their, there, fur, fir, road, rode, peace, piece
Grammar - more proper nouns - names for people, animals, and places
Writing - word choice   Vocabulary Strategies- idioms   Vocabulary -report, presentation, erupt, creative, educational, certificate, impressive, charts

math - use repeated subtraction and a number line to relate subtraction to division, mid-chapter checkpoint, model division using arrays, use bar models and arrays to relate multiplication and division as inverse operations, write related multiplication and division facts

religion-  Jesus Gathers Disciples -outcomes -  Tell the story of how Jesus chose Peter to follow him. Explore why Jesus needed apostles and disciples to help him. Discuss reasons why we need to work together to serve the kingdom. Define Gospel and mission.

science - Water Cycle (continue)
Science Spin - Earth Science - Climate & Weather: Name That Cloud - Students will learn about a meteorologist who helped to name new types of clouds.  They will answer questions about the article and a diagram of the water cycle.

Scholastic News - Going For the Gold - Athletes from around the world are getting ready to face off in the 2018 Winter Olympics - close reading questions on the passage.

                                                February 12th - 15th

religion - Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent a time of preparation for the season of Easter.  Outcomes - discuss how Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to the desert where he was tempted by Satan.  Explain that during Lent all Christians are called to fast, pray, and share their belongings.  Explain that God gives us the strength to keep our Lenten promises.

E.L.A. - continue working on The Science Fair - vocabulary and story assessment Thursday.
more practice with homophones and proper nouns.

math - divide using rules for 1 and 0; review and assess/ Division Facts and Strategies -

Science - clouds and weather- vocabulary and water cycle test

                            February 26 - March 3rd 

Our class Mass is this Tuesday at 8:30.

religion - Jesus Dies and Rises - Discuss Jesus' passage from Death to Resurrection.  Describe what St. Paul wrote about the Paschal Mystery in his letters. Explain that we show our love for others through our actions. Define Paschal Mystery.

ELA - Yonder Mountain - A Cherokee Legend by Robert Bushyhead
Facing a challenge helps us grow.  How might people change after facing a challenge?
comprehension - compare/contrast  and analyze/evaluate; spelling and phonics - contractions with n't, 'd, 've - I'd, he's, haven't, doesn't, let's, there's, wouldn't, what's, she's, aren't, hasn't, couldn't, he'd, they're, can't, isn't, we're, weren't ; grammar- subject-verb agreement; write to narrate - organization; vocabulary strategies - homophones/ homographs; target vocabulary - peak, rugged, examined, pausing, fondly, mist, steep, pleaded

math -  Division Facts and Strategies - use models to divide by 2; use repeated subtraction, a number line or multiplication table to divide by 10; count up by 5's, count back on a number line, or use 10s facts and doubles to divide by 5; use equal groups, a number line, or a related multiplication fact, to divide by 3; use an array, equal groups, factors, or a  related multiplication fact to divide by 4

social studies -  People on the Move - Building New Communities -  Explain why people moved west to build new communities in the 1800s.  Describe how Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and Sacagawea contributed to the expansion of communities in our country. 
vocabulary - century, frontier, pioneer, transcontinental

                           March 5th - 9th

Poem of the month - Spring by William Blake

ELA - connect to social studies - The Trail of Tears/ review and assess Yonder Mountain
Aero and Officer Mike by Joan Plummer Russell - Why do authors write different kinds of texts?
Comprehension- author's purpose/summarize; grammar - pronouns and verbs; Write to narrate/ideas; Spelling and Phonics - vowel + r sounds - horse, mark, storm, market, acorn, artist, March, north, barking, stork, thorn, forest, chore, restore, dark, story, partner, fortune
vocabulary strategies - prefixes -in, -im ; target vocabulary - lying, loyal, partners, shift, quiver, patrol, ability, snap

Writing - On St. Patrick's Day many people wear green.  The color makes them think of Ireland, the Emerald Isle.  Children will choose one of the colors of the rainbow and write a paragraph about it.  They will use a graphic organizer to help them get their thoughts together. "This color makes me think of ..."

math - Mid-Chapter Checkpoint; use equal groups, a related multiplication fact, or factors to divide by 6; use an array, a related multiplication fact, or equal groups to divide by 7; use repeated subtraction, a related multiplication fact, or a multiplication table to divide by 8

religion - St. Paul the Apostle - Discuss St. Paul's role in continuing Jesus' work.  Explain that Jesus died to share God's message with us.  The children will imagine they are St. Paul.  They will write one idea that they would want the people of Corinth to know about Jesus.

                                     March 12th  - 16th

ELA - continue working on Aero and Officer Mike - spelling, vocabulary and story test Wednesday.
Complete Who Was Walt Disney? read aloud - as we have been reading the story, the children have been pointing out similarities between Disney and other men in history that we have read biographies about.

math - use equal groups, factors, or a related multiplication fact to divide by 9; solve two-step problems by using the strategy act it out; perform operations in order when there are no parenthesis; Math with Calendars - use a March calendar to answer a series of questions.

religion - Unit saint - Katharine Drexel - a woman who gave her fortune and life to help African Americans and Native Americans.

social studies - read aloud - " Look What Came From Ireland" by Miles Harvey - Children will hear about many thing that originally came from Ireland -holidays, food, sports, musical instruments, and fashion.  We will read about six holidays celebrated in Ireland. They will put pictures with captions of those holidays in order.

Close reading - Benjamin Franklin - informational article

St. Patrick's Day activities - What Is It ? - use a code to find answers which are related to Ireland;
St. Patrick's Syllable Sprouts - read words on potato shapes. Draw one sprout for each syllable on the potato.; reading comprehension on St. Patrick; ABC sort with words related to the day; Choose the correct set of guide words for given words; Read and answer questions about famous Irish Americans.

                               March 19th - March 23rd

religion - Holy Week - outcomes -Discuss the suffering of Jesus.  Explain how we can be like Jesus.  Pray the Stations of the Cross.  The children will make a Stations of the Cross booklet.

E.L.A. -  The Extra- Good Sunday  by Beverly Cleary  What clues in a story help you understand its characters ?   Comprehension - understanding characters: infer/ predict; Grammar - forming the past tense;  Writing - write to narrate: voice; Spelling  & Phonics : vowel + /r/ sounds in nurse (er, ir, ur, or)  nurse, work, shirt, hurt, first word, serve, curly, dirt, third, worry, turn, stir, firm, her, girl,perfect, hamburger; Vocabulary: strategy - using a thesaurus/ target words:
anxiously, degrees, tense, ingredients, recommended, remarked, festive, cross

math - review and assess division facts and strategies/ Understand Fractions - explore and identify equal parts of a whole, divide models to make equal parts of a whole

social studies -Moving to a New Home -Identify why people move to new communities, including the need for security and material well being. Describe how immigrants changed communities over time. vocabulary - immigrant, database
read aloud - What Was Ellis Island?

Scholastic News - A Titanic Treasure - In 1912, a famous ship called  the Titanic sank.  A letter written on board the ship recently sold for a lot of money.

                                    April 9th - 13th

Poem of the month - " The Rainbow"  by David McCord

E.L.A. - Our world is an amazing place. Why do some authors write funny stories ?
A Mr. Rubbish Mood from Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald
Comprehension - author's purpose: monitor/clarify   Grammar - What is an adjective?
Write to persuade - ideas   Phonics and Spelling - vowel +/r/ sounds in air and fear -   air, wear, chair, stairs, bare, bear, hair, care, pear, pair, share, near, ear, beard, nice, place, excited, gigantic
vocabulary strategies - context clues  target vocabulary - recycle, project, dripping, carton, complicated, global, rubbish, hardly, shade, pollution

math - unit fractions of a whole, fractions of a whole, mid-chapter checkpoint, fractions on a number line, relate fractions and whole numbers

religion - Celebrating Easter -outcomes - Discuss how Easter is a time to reflect on God's merciful love.  Discuss the joy of Christ's Resurrection.  Define Lamb of God and mercy.  The children will write a short paragraph to describe what the Lamb of God means to them.

Social Studies - Cities Grow and Change -  Describe how the events of the Civil War changed communities.  Identify reasons African  Americans move to new communities in the North. Summarize ways the Civil Rights movement influenced communities around the country.
vocabulary - migration, Great Migration, Civil War

Close reading with Mrs. Cowan - A New Home (ReadWorks)

                        April 16th - 20th

ELA - The Albertosaurus Mystery - How can you figure out ideas the author doesn't state directly?  Comprehension - conclusions/visualize   Spelling and Phonics - words with/j/ &/s/
 age, space, change, jawbone, jacket, giant, pencil, circle, once, large, dance, jeans, bounce, huge, nice, place, excited, gigantic   Grammar - adjectives and articles   Write to persuade/voice
vocabulary - suffix -ly          clues, remains, evidence, prove, fossils, skeletons, uncovering, buried, fierce, location

religion - Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit -  Children discover that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help the disciples carry out his mission.  The Holy Spirit helps us today by teaching us to be witnesses to Jesus.
video - The Acts of the Apostles - the story of Pentecost
Children will share their ideas about how they can continue Jesus' mission their life.  

math - relate fractions and whole numbers, fractions of a group, find part of a group using unit fractions, problem solving - find the whole group using unit fractions, review understanding fractions/ continue practicing the times tables and taking quizzes to help remember facts

social studies -  continue  - How Communities Grow and Change - use a timeline to answer questions, immigrants of the early 1900's, using intermediate directions, how do individuals hel
communities grow and change chapter review and assessment

science - Conserving Resources - Living things use Earth's resources to meet their needs. Some of these resources can be recycled or reused.
What Are Some Types of Resources?  Understand that some resources are mined.  Identify common resources.  Recognize the difference between renewable, reusable, and nonrenewable resources.

Scholastic News - Piles of Plastic - answer two questions about the problem.  Then explain two solutions mentioned in the article. Next, analyze a bar graph about garbage in countries around the world.  Places in the news -  In January, Peru created a new park that protects 2 million acres of the forest. Rainforest video.

                                      April 23rd - 27th

ELA - The Albertosaurus Mystery - spelling, vocabulary and story assessment.
Read Works - Earth Day articles - Save the World - recycling informational text and comprehension questions; Clean Energy - Power From the Sun and Wind - friendly energy informational text and comprehension questions  (use close reading strategy)
Watch informational videos and the story "The Grouchy Ladybug" with the kindergarten to see what the insect does to help nature. Together K and 3 will make a ladybug. third grade will write a paragraph about what makes them grouchy. 
grammar - adjectives that compare  Study skills - alphabetical order to the second, third and fourth letters, and guide words

religion - continue Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit - Make  a mobile of a fruit of the Holy Spirit
Complete the sentence  I can be a witness to Jesus Christ when I ...  Then on a dove shape, children will write about a time in their life when they needed the Holy Spirit.

math - Assess understanding fractions. Introduce comparing fractions,  solve comparison word problems by using the strategy Act it Out, Simple Solutions - mixed practice

science - continue  Conserving Resources

social studies - review and assess  " How Communities Grow and Change"

Scholastic News - An Island of Sloths - Rare sloths live on an island in Central America.  Scientists are working to learn more about them.  video - Hanging With Sloths

                                   April 30th - May 4th

    May poem- “The Flag Goes By”- Henry H. Bennet

ELA - A Tree Is Growing  by Arthur Dorros  informational text  How can pictures and labels give you more information?  Comprehension - text and graphic features/question
Spelling and Phonics: /k/ and /kw/ sounds - shark, check, queen, circus, flake, crack, second, squeeze, quart, squeak, quick, coldest, Africa, Mexico, black, thank, correct, question
Grammar - using the verb be and helping verbs    Writing - write to persuade/word choice
Vocabulary strategies - categorize and classify  target - pollen, store, clumps passages, absorb, throughout, coverings, spines, tropical, dissolve

math - compare fractions with the same denominator, compare fractions with the same numerator, mid-chapter checkpoint

religion - The Catholic Church - outcomes - Identify Peter as Jesus' appointed leader of the Church.  Identify the Marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.  Define apostolic, Marks of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, one, pastor, and Vicar of Christ.
The children will answer : Who Am I ? The answers are helpers that guide us as we grow in faith and love as Christians.

                            May 7th - 11th

E.L.A. - Life on the Ice by Susan E. Goodman  Where are main ideas often found in nonfiction text?   Comprehension- main ideas and details: infer/predict   Spelling & Phonics -compound words : birthday, anyone, sometimes, everything, homework, afternoon, airplane, grandmother, something, without, himself, faraway, sunburned, daylight, someone, cannot, scorekeeper, everybody  Grammar - contractions   Vocabulary Strategies: dictionary/glossary  Target:
shelter, layer, constant, climate, wilderness, region, unexpected, gliding, overheated, colony

Math - compare fractions using models, compare and order fractions, model equivalent fractions,
generate equivalent fractions using models

Religion - We began saying a decade of the rosary daily for the month of May. This week we will focus on the Glorious Mysteries.
The Church Prays - outcomes - Describe how Jesus is present in the Mass and in the sacraments.  Identify sacraments as signs that help us grow in faith.  Tell the story of Jesus healing the Roman soldier's servant.  Define blessing and sacramental.  The children will write and draw pictures about ways Jesus present at Mass.  They will also describe sacramentals that they have at home.

Scholastic News - Would You Eat This For Breakfast ? Some popular breakfast foods have as much sugar as candy!  video - Sugar Secrets / Skills sheets - Close Reading Questions
What's in Your Bowl ? - analyze a nutrition label. Then use it to answer questions.
Analyze a Food Diary - Read a diary that shows a student's breakfast for five days. Answer question about the diary.

Science Spin - Saving Sea Turtles - Students will learn about a tracking device designed by scientists to catch people who poach sea turtles. We will visit a site to learn more about endangered sea turtles.

                                May 14th - 18th

E.L.A. - review and assess "Life on the Ice"  / Readers Theater - Connect to Traditional Tales - The Raven - An Inuit Myth retold by Peter Case
After reading, the children will tell in their own words what the myth explains.  they will give evidence from the text that describes how this natural thing came to be. We will continue working on contractions and writing to persuade.

religion - In saying the rosary this week, we will complete the Glorious Mysteries and begin the Sorrowful Mysteries.
Pentecost - Outcomes - Identify Pentecost as the feast on which we remember when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples.  Identify the diversity of the gifts given by the Holy spirit.  Explain how the Holy Spirit guides the Church's mission.

math - review and assess comparing fractions/ begin Time - ,read, write and tell time to the nearest minute

Scholastic News - The Journey West - Long ago, people traveled the Oregon Trail to settle the western part of our country. video - Kids on the Oregon Trail: see what a day was like in the life of a pioneer child.

Science - Life Cycle of a Ladybug

                       May 21st - 25th 

religion - Saint Paul the Apostle - Children will learn about the missionary St. Paul, his travels, and letters he wrote.
Sacraments of Initiation - outcomes - Describe how we receive the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Initiation. Tell the story of Philip inviting the court official to follow Jesus. Define People of God.
Identify the sacrament that uses given sacramentals. Complete a puzzle of important terms.

E.L.A. -  There are many reasons to take a journey.  What might the problem be in a story about ants. " Two Bad Ants"  by Chris Van Allsburg (fantasy)  Comprehension: story structure - monitor/clarify    Spelling and Phonics : -ed and -ing endings: coming, swimming, dropping, tapping, taping, invited, saving, stared, planned, changing, joking, loved, gripped, tasted, making, stopped, freezing, scared    Grammar: possessive nouns and possessive pronouns
Vocabulary strategies: base words and Prefix non- ; target vocabulary - scout, narrow, surrounded, underground, puzzling, glassy, violently, liquid, soggy, unaware    Writing - focus trait - ideas

math - when to use a.m. and p.m. when telling time to the nearest minute, use a number line or analog clock to measure time intervals in minutes, problem solving time intervals.

Scholastic News - The Journey West- Close Reading Questions/ Skills Sheet - read an actual trail diary - answer questions and contrast the diary entry with the cover story. children will then write their own diary entry. 

Science - Life Cycle of a Goose

                            May 29th - June 1st/ June 4th - 8th

                     poem - "Swimming" by William Scollard

Field Day is this Friday, June 1st.

ELA - continue working on "Two Bad Ants"  The children will write a paragraph about items in the story the ants are wrong about. (The think the house is a mountain.) They will tell why they think the author chose to write the story from the ants' point of view.
Poems  About Bugs - text focus -alliteration - the repeating of beginning sounds of words, that make poems fun to read.  Write a bug poem.
Research about ants on their iPads.  Find out where they live, what they eat, and other details about their lives.
The Journey - Stories of Migration by Cynthia Rylant - informational text - How are different animals' lives alike and different?  Comprehension - compare and contrast/visualize 

religion - Celebrating the Eucharist - outcomes - Describe how Jesus instituted the Eucharist at the last Supper.  Give examples off how the Mass helps us unite as one family.  Discuss our obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation. Define epistle and worship.
We continue to say a decade of the rosary daily. We are completing the Luminous Mysteries.

math - problem solving -time intervals, mid-chapter checkpoint, measuring length the the nearest 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch, measure length (to the nearest 1/2 or 1/4 inch), estimate and measure liquid volume, estimate and measure mass, solve problems about liquid mass and volume,
review measurement

                                  June 11, 2018

Tuesday, June 12th - We will be going on our field trip to the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium.

ELA - assess " The Journey : Migration Stories "
"Dog of the Sea Waves"  by James Rutherford  realistic fiction    There are many reasons to take a journey.  Why might a writer tell a story about a faraway Place ?
comprehension - author's purpose/ question  spelling/phonics - prefixes re- and un-
unfold, rejoin, untie, reheat, unfair, unclear, repaid, rewrite, unhurt, recheck, unlucky, unwrap, reuse, unsure, reread, unsafe, unbuckle, unknown   grammar - What is an adverb ?
writing: write to express/ideas    vocabulary - strategies: words from other languages
target - guided, rippled, arrival, voyage, twisted aboard, anchor, spotted, bay, lava
We will be working on inference maps.

religion - Christian Living - outcomes - Describe ways we can share our gifts with others through our vocations.  Discuss the Sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony.  Explain that we all receive different gifts from the Holy Spirit.  Define Holy Orders, Matrimony, and vocation.

math -  assess measurement - Perimeter and Area - explore perimeter of polygons by counting units on grid paper, estimate and measure perimeter of polygons using inch and centimeter units, find unknown side lengths, explore perimeter and area as attributes of polygons

Science Spin -physical science - Surf's Up - Ocean Waves - Students will learn about an engineer who followed the engineering-design process to create a machine that makes artificial waves for surfing. 

Scholastic News - Lizards on the Loose - Find out how tegu lizards are causing trouble in Florida
Skills Sheet - Cause/Effect  Volcano Zone - Mount Mayon, a volcano the Philippines, has been erupting on and off for months. Skills Sheet - Inside a Volcano - reading a diagram