6th Grade Earth Science - Mr.Senatore

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To the parents of 6th grade science class.....

5/23/2019.....We are finishing up our study of Chapter 20, 'Weather Patterns and Severe Storms'.  I will be handing out the Chapter 20 study guide tomorrow, Friday, 5/24 and will be reviewing with the class for the upcoming test on Thursday, June 6th.   

4/17/2019.....I would like to take this moment to wish all my 6th grade Earth science students and their Families a blessed and peaceful Happy Easter!Illustration Of Three Colored Easter Eggs.png 

4/10/2019.....Welcome back parents of 6th grade science class!  Just a reminder that the Chapter 10,'Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity' test is tomorrow, 4/11.  Please review as much as possible with your sixth grader at home.  Next Monday, 4/15, we will begin with our study of atmospheric science which includes clouds and precipitation as well as weather patterns and severe storms.  It will be an exciting end to our Earth science year for 6th grade.  Thank you!

12/11/2018.....On Monday, 12/10, I handed out the Chapter 23 study guide for the students to review with. We have already started reviewing for the Chapter 23 test which will be on Thursday, 12/13. Therefore, please review with your sixth grader as much as possible prior to the upcoming test. Thank you for your time and patience during this Christmas season.

11/15/2018.....We are now presently in our study of the solar system as we have begun Chapter 23-'Touring Our Solar System'. Also, as a reminder, the solar system project that I have assigned two weeks ago will be due on Monday, December 3rd. Thanks!

Today, Wednesday, 10/24, I will be handing out the chapter 24 study guide and vocabulary review worksheet so that we can begin reviewing for the chapter 24 test which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 30th. Please review as much as you can with your sixth grader at home. Thanks!

I am rescheduling the lunar observation for tonight, Thursday, 10/18 at 7:00pm.  Last night's scheduled observation was obscured by clouds, therefore, tonight is supposed to be perfectly clear for the viewing of the first-quarter Moon.  See everyone tonight!  Thanks! 

I will reschedule tonight's lunar observation for tomorrow night, Wednesday, 10/17 due to possible cloud cover tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will let the students know during class that I will change the lunar observation for tomorrow night. Thanks! 

As of today, Monday, 10/15, we will be conducting the lunar observation on Tuesday night, 10/16 at 7:00pm. If it becomes cloudy during the day on Tuesday and looks like the clouds will remain through the evening, then the lunar observation will be rescheduled for Wednesday night, 10/17.  I will be monitoring the weather throughout the day tomorrow and give a final determination by the end of the school day.  On another note, the solar observation will still be scheduled for Wednesday, 10/17, during our afternoon science class.  Thank you so very much for your time and patience.  

As of Monday, 10/1, we began Chapter 24, 'Studying the Sun'.  Our solar observation will be tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 10/18 during our second period class, weather permitting. Also, our lunar observation will be tentatively scheduled for the night of Tuesday, 10/16 at 7:00pm. I will be sending home more details about the aforementioned scheduled activities within a week from now. Thank you!

Just a reminder that the Chapter 1 - 'Introduction to Earth Science' test is this Thursday, September 27th. We have been reviewing in class and kindly ask that you review with your 6th grader at home. Thank you!    

Welcome back to Earth Science Class!  We are presently working on the Introduction to Earth Science chapter.  The Chapter 1 test is scheduled for September 27th.