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This year we will be expanding our understanding of the Who, What, Why, Where & How of History. Realizing that we experience History in the making every day in the actions and decisions made by People, whether they are politicians and world leaders, scientists, doctors, artists, philosophers or our very neighbors, we will come to appreciate how we have arrived at TODAY!

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6th Grade World History:  "In the Beginning"

 We begin our story with ancient Mankind. The historians used various methods to "unearth" the first settlements. How man had to adapt to his environment, make weapons for defense against wild creatures and others who wanted to take what others had. The Neolithic age and the first communities change  from the cave dwellers who roamed from place to place following their food source.The Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia  establishes a political structure  and security that allows for advances in technology  
and the arts & sciences.
Our study continues with Ancient Greece and the lasting influences it has had upon all the world's civilization: from forms of Government to the arts including architecture, theater,literature and poetry and of course the Olympics. We have studied Israel and India and now China, we go onto Rome and the beginning of Christianity.

7th Grade: American History Part 1

The first "Americans" came form Asia across the land bridge that connected Russia to Alaska thousands of years ago.  As the migration into warmer climates progressed, the people spread out east and south. Evidence of the Olmec people in the eastern portions of the U.S. and the Navajos in the South west are just two examples within our borders. The Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations in Mexico and South America provide stunning examples of the art and architecture of these amazing peoples.

With the encounter of the European explorers and the awareness of the natural resources that these lands provided and the desire to claim these areas, conflicts develop not only with the native people but with rival European powers.
We continue with the establishment of the 13 Colonies and their growing desire for self rule.
The interference in the economic activity is cause for dissatisfaction more taxes imposed without the consent of the "British citizen colonists" seems to push many toward the inevitable decision that the colonies should be self ruled. American Independence is a costly struggle. With the newly independent nation comes a series of "Firsts".
How will the country establish itself ???
George Washington wanted nothing more than to retire to Mount Vernon but the "country" had other plans for the popular General. Drawn by his sense of duty, he agreed to serve the new nation, becoming our First President. Not an easy job as he soon finds out. A new Constitution is drawn up, new "factions" or parties  find themselves with very different view as to where & how the country should function... the adventure is just beginning......With the Louisiana Purchase the United States doubles its size. Now Lewis & Clark spend 2 years trying to find an all water route to the Pacific.  As the country continues to expand Westward, the Eastern states develop new industries  and methods of transportation.

8th Grade American History Part 2

With the expansion westward, the land and resources acquired, the technology developing and the population growing the new nation finds itself with "Growing Pains".
Society starts to recognize some of the problems that result from this growth... people's ideas about working conditions and political freedoms (women's rights & slavery issues),
the economy stir a movement for reform. While economic & political tensions continue to divide the nation that will soon lead to the Civil War.

We face the division of our nation, The Civil War causes destruction on every level. The physical damages, the financial impact and the loss of life were horrific. The after math,
Reconstruction, tries to unify the country, but eventually fails in its intended purpose. Laws are passed in the Southern States that prevent the healing intended by the Federal Government.  With the technological advances comes prosperity but with a cost to human dignity. Conditions in the factories, living quarters in the cities all demand reform.

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