What's happening in First Grade
June 1, 2018
  Well, this was some crazy week! Monday was Memorial Day and school was closed. Friday was Field Day and pretty much another holiday! So, that left us with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to complete our first grade goals. (And we did!)
 We are moving along in all of our major subject areas. We are just about finished with Chapter 10  (Represent Data) in our math books. As soon as testing is completed on that chapter we move onto Chapter 11( Three Dimensional Geometry). Once again we have already covered the elements of this chapter when we did Math Problems of the Day earlier on in the year. I don't think this chapter will present a problem at all!
We are beginning a new lesson in our Journeys Book, (Lesson 29)- The Kite. This is a fun story taken from the book, "Days With Frog and Toad". Adjectives will be our concentration in Grammar. Long i will be in each of our new spelling words with different spelling patterns.
We will continue to read two stories each day, chant new and old poems and songs, read from Dear God books, exercise, journal and take a timed math quiz each day. We will work hard, but also enjoy our last days in First Grade as well.
Don't forget to check out our new pictures that have been posted in our June album!
Enjoy your weekend!

June 8, 2018
  Our first grade end of the year celebration will take place on Monday, June 18 in our classroom. We will be making ice cream sundaes. All are welcome to attend. After our ice cream treat we will go outside to play and blow bubbles!
  Tuesday, June 12 will be a dress down day.
Donation: $1.00

 This week we had some fun making sunshine cupcakes. Mrs. Ryan always makes cooking so much fun! We also began our Father's Day gifts which should be all ready to take home on Wednesday. 
  Next week we will begin Lesson 29 in our Journeys book. This lesson concentrates on syllables and adjectives that compare. We will be reading, "Winners Never Quit", which is a narrative non-fiction.
  In math we will begin Chapter 11, Geometry, which the children should have no problem understanding this concept. We were introduced to this topic many times in our Math Problem of the Day, which we do every morning.
  In Religion, we continue to read our Dear God Books, and we are also completing our Promise booklets.
  In Science we are learning about matter and its many properties.
  In Social Studies the children were taught to identify the flag of the United States and other symbols of our country.
  The children continue to enjoy their story time both in the morning and afternoon as well as chanting,singing, dancing and exercising.
  Grade 1 wouldn't be Grade 1 unless we were busy working hard but having some fun as well.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to check out our June photo gallery!

June 15, 2018
 This was our last full week and it was quite a busy one. We have met our academic goals in the First Grade. The children have worked hard and have grown both academically, physically, and spiritually. They are truly ready for the Second Grade.
 As you probably have noticed, workbooks, journals, notebooks, placemats, and paint sets have been sent home. On Monday, smocks will also be sent home, along with anything else that I don't think we will need to complete the school year.
 On Wednesday, a Summer School packet will be sent home with your child to work on over the summer. (Math computation, word problems, and 2 book reports) These packets will be collected the first week when your child returns to school in September. Directions are enclosed in the packet!
 Don't forget our end of the year party takes place in our classroom on Monday at 
1:15 pm. After we enjoy our ice cream sundaes, we will go outside to blow bubbles and play. We are all looking forward to having a good time.
  Remember Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are full days of school.
  Thursday we have a 12:00 pm dismissal.
Aftercare is available!
  Friday dismissal is at 10:30 am.
Aftercare is available!
Enjoy your weekend!