What's happening in First Grade !

DECEMBER 3, 2018
Welcome December!
So much to accomplish in such a short period of time. The children as you can imagine have caught the Christmas spirit..They are filled with boundless energy, excitement, and joyful restlessness, that would put a smile on anyone's face! Although, my class is usually on a fast track, we will slow down a bit in order to enjoy all of the fun,  and activities, both in school and at home, that December has to offer.
This week we will begin another Journeys book, level 3. We will read "Sea Animals", and focus on the digraph th. The Journeys story and our new study on fish in science goes hand in hand and it also a topic the children will enjoy. In Math, we are reviewing different strategies we learned in order to add. When we complete these lessons the children will be able to choose which one they want to use when solving a problem. In Religion, we will continue with our Bible stories but will focus on Advent and the coming of Jesus. Social studies takes us to see how Christmas is celebrated in other  families and countries. We will also be busy decorating for Christmas and making special 
gifts. Practicing for our Christmas Liturgy takes place every afternoon with the second grade. The children are doing such a great job! Thank you all for helping me with this liturgy. I will be sending home a note about the Christmas Mass and if you have any questions after reading it, please get in touch with me. Report cards will be sent home on Thursday and if you have any questions after reviewing them you can see me on Friday from 3-7pm.
 Don't forget to check out our class photos!

December 10
  We will review the same story and words in our Journeys book from last week. We will also concentrate on writing a paragragh consisting of 3-4 sentences (that make sense), with correct punctuation. In math, we will continue with our ten frame addition strategy. In January we will move on to subtraction. We are winding up with our unit on animal groups in Science. We certainly learned so much about each of these animals and their lives. We continue to read our bible stories in religion as well as continue our study of Advent and the Sunday Gospel stories. It goes without saying that we practice everyday for our CHRISTMAS liturgy. Our Christmas Liturgy is on Tuesday, December, December 18 at 8:30 am in the church. Costumes will be sent home later on this week. Remember to come to school dressed in your costume!  Our class Christmas Party will also be held on that day!
  On Wednesday, December 20, we will celebrate Polar Express Day. Children will come to school dressed in their pajamas and if you want robes. Please no slippers..
More information about this special event will be forthcoming..So much excitement..enjoy!!