What's happening in First Grade
May 4, 2018
  Can you believe it's May? We have a few more goals in First Grade before we head on to Second Grade!
  We are practicing how to write a book report. It is something the children will be doing quite often next year. We are practicing in class and in the library using the same format. When you begin to write your six sentences, begin with ...This book is about....Please do not copy any sentences from the book. Make sure your six or more sentences are in your child's own words. Punctuation is very important, as well as one sentence following another in order to make it look like a paragraph. As time goes on, I'm sure this format will become much easier for them to do.
 At this time, I am hoping you have looked over the information your child has gathered for their Bird Research Project. Please follow those directions, and make sure the finished product is on a poster board or large piece of oaktag. (Not a book report!) Different headings with the information, pictures and words underneath. 
  Next week we move forward in Math to Chapter 9: Measurement. This is a chapter the children always enjoy. We continue to do our timed math each morning.In our Journeys book, our new story in about butterflies, which is a non-fiction selection. Please practice the story, the new sight and spelling words as well as review the old words from previous stories.  Our Science lessons for next week will be on living things that are resources. In Religion, we will be discussing the Gospel reading from Sunday which theme is: Jesus' followers love one another. We will also continue to read stories from the "Dear God" series. In Social Studies our focus remains on Caring for Our Earth. We are also learning about Cinco de Mayo. This  week, we worked with the 5th Grade and watch a video about recycling and then assorted clean trash that we collected into categories. It was a fun activity! Talking about fun, this week  when Mrs. Ryan visited us we made cookie sombreros in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.
  Once again the First Grade was very busy but as always we found time t have some fun!  
Remember Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 8, and school is CLOSED ON MAY 10th. (Ascension Thursday)

May 18, 2018
 Our bird research projects are in and they are wonderful. They are proudly being displayed in the hallway outside our classroom. Some of the posters were randomly picked and posted on FB!
 I will post all of them on our class web page ASAP. I hope you have checked out our photo gallery! The pictures of your children are adorable. Mrs. Ryan visited us on Monday and once again we made a special edible project. This week it was a yummy ladybug.
Next week we will begin Telling Time in Math and will be studying  pollution in Science. We have completed our Promise booklets in Religion, but we continue to read our Dear God books and continue to say and discuss The Rosary. We have also completed Book 5 in our Journeys book and on Monday we will begin our final book, which is Book 6.
As you can see, we completing our books, but we are far from completing our goals to be learned in First Grade. As I have said before, Grade 1 is a very difficult grade because of the subject areas and what is expected of them to accomplish. It is also the best grade of all, because you can definitely see tremendous progress and growth that has occurred since September!
Your children are all so precious and doing a great job!