What's happening in First GradeZ

October 4, 2018

 Many new challenges faced us this week as we learned alphabetical order, verbs, adjectives, sound of short o, and reviewed nouns, sound of short a and i as well as capitalization and rhyming matches. We are also working very hard on reading comprehension. Each day we read a story together and then answer the questions with a complete sentence. Although this is a difficult task, the children will continue to improve with daily practice. Next week, we will begin to work with the short e sound, but will continue to review previous sounds and words introduced in Lessons 1, 2, and 3.
We will also begin to write our very own sentences keeping in mind how a sentence begins and ends and what parts of speech must be included in the sentence.
Next week, we will have an assessment in addition and move on to our next unit on subtraction.
   In science, we will begin our unit on animals. Mammals will be the first group we will explore.
This week we made apple cupcakes. We took a vanilla cupcake, iced it with red frosting, red crystal sprinkles, green M&M's for leaves and a tootsie roll for the stem. Check our photo gallery for the photos!
 Our All About Me projects are completed and hanging with pride in our classroom. This week we also began getting into the Halloween mode and began to eagerly decorate our classroom with many fun projects we made.
 We had a busy week...filled with academics but fun as well!
 Enjoy your weekend and your day off!

 October 12

We concluded many topics this week and look forward to next week when we embrace new topics. In ELA, we will study the short sound of u, although we will continue to review and rhyme words with short a, e, i, o and u. We will continue to review nouns, verbs, and adjectives, but we will be learning all about antonyms. Our homework next week will consist of writing sentences which include adjectives, nouns and verbs.
We took an assessment in Math today on Lesson 1 and on Monday we will begin Chapter 2- Subtraction. We are almost finished our Fire Prevention booklets and can't wait to display them. We have  read many books on this topic and we also made delicious fire trucks which we gobbled up earlier this week. Our Pumpkin Patch paintings are almost completed as well as our candy corn people.. On Monday we will cut out shapes and make skeleton.
 Next week we will begin to use our science text book and begin our unit on animals. This is a unit that all children are interested in and really enjoy.
 We will continue to read a bible story from the Old Testament each day and do our daily activity from our Promise booklet which is a review of the Sunday Gospel. 
 All assessments will be returned this week. I realize the concept of rhyming is a difficult one and I will continue to work with the children every day until they get the hang of it. (Not to worry)
 Each day we also do a reading comprehension story. Together we read the story and answer the questions with complete sentences. Homework sentences must be written the same way.
 I thank you for helping me help your child to do  the best he or she is capable of doing.
 Enjoy your weekend!