What's happening in First Grade !
February 1
Today concluded our week of fun celebrating Catholic Schools Week. Check our webpage to see the many activities the children participated in and enjoyed. Next week, we will review our story and skills in our Journey book, continue with our unit on the Sun and the Stars. We will also continue to learn the many strategies in subtraction. It will be a busy week including lessons on Black History,Healthy Heart, Valentines Day, Feast Day of SS. Cyril and Methodius, Presidents Week and  Healthy Teeth. Lots to cover in February! In addition to the academics, we are sure to make time for some fun!

February 11
We have a very busy week in store for us! We will begin our Level 4 JOURNEYS book beginning with Lesson 16, "Let's Go to the Moon". We will also begin Chapter 5, "Addition and Subtraction Relationships" in our math book. An assessment will be given on Tuesday on subtraction strategies. We have also moved on in Religion. We began reading stories from The New Testament. In Science, we will now learn about the planets. In Social Studies we are concentrating on Black History Month, Dental Health, Healthy Heart, St. Valentine and SS Cyril & Methodius Feast days. It's so much to accomplish in such a short period of time. We will be making Valentines to take home and make another special treat. Last week, we created treats from wafer cookies, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, sprinkles, icing, and fluff. We had lots of fun creating so many different treats. Look at our website for some of our class pictures.
Our homework will  be varied this month concentrating on unscrambling sentences and reading comprehension. The children have been working hard improving these skills. We are busy as you can see, but in the First Grade we always make time for some fun!