4th Grade - Mrs.Wiepert

     November is a wonderful time of year as we get ready for Thanksgiving.  The Fourth and Fifth Grade is preparing for the November School Mass.  The theme of the Mass is Giving Thanks to God.  As we thank God for all the blessings He has given us the Fourth and Fifth Grade are giving a donation in the form of a food shopping gift card to the Parish Outreach. In addition to preparing for the Mass, the students are learning about The Beatitudes and how we apply them in our lives.
     The students are beginning a new unit of study in Social Studies. They are learning about the early people of New York, the Algonquain and the Iroquois Native Americans.  The students will be reading Native American poems of thanksgiving, Native American myths and they will be creating and making Native American inspired musical rattles. The students are also learning map skills.  They are working on map skills activities related to the United States Map, a map of the Northeast, and maps of New York State.  In addition, the students have been learning about the New York State flag and the symbols of New York.
     We have begun a new unit of study in Science, Energy Transfer in Ecosystems.  We will be beginning a new novel after Thanksgiving.  Many interesting, fun things are happening in Fourth Grade!
     Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!