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Ss. Cyril and Methodius School Family Handbook

At Ss. Cyril and Methodius School, we strive to teach as Jesus did in order to treat our children and all members of our school community with respect and compassion.  A caring, dedicated, and fully certified faculty holding masters degrees in a variety of fields provide an excellent academic and religious education. The Ss. Cyril and Methodius faculty abides by Diocesan and New York State standards in all that it does. Student participation in masses, prayer services, and parish events makes us a community where faith, integrity, and the gospel call to service are lived and celebrated each and every day.

Mission Statement

Ss. Cyril and Methodius School leads children to educational, emotional, social and, most importantly, spiritual maturity. Our endeavor focuses on Jesus as the reason for our existence, by reflecting His attitudes in all subject areas, using Diocesan guidelines and New York State standards. We enable all students to reach their maximum potential with respect for racial and cultural diversity by:

  1. Creating an atmosphere of trust in which all can work together toward common goals.
  2. Encouraging each person to discover the spiritual dimension in their life and to provide experiences of worship and service.
  3. Witnessing the Christian faith and the call to befriend the world through a spirit of sharing and self-giving.
  4. Accepting and respecting others in a multi-cultural society whose ideas may differ from our own.
  5. Reconciling conflicts in a way that promotes the value of non-violence.
  6. Encouraging in each person an awareness of potential and self-worth.
  7. Exploring the challenges and consequences of freedom and our mutual responsibility within our diverse community
  8. Stimulating a love for learning, a spirit of inquiry and the creative use of leisure.
  9. Discovering in ourselves sources of wonderment and delight.
  10. Concerning ourselves with the needs of individuals by implementing creative methods of teaching and learning.
  11. Encouraging initiative, decision-making, coping skills and self-evaluation.
  12. Encouraging concern for the ecosystem in which we live and the meaning of membership in a global community.

To help attain our goal to lead our children to maturity in the spiritual, emotional, and educational components of life, Ss. Cyril and Methodius School strives to teach good moral character traits such as respect, responsibility, citizenship, trustworthiness, self discipline, perseverance, and tolerance on every grade level. This, coupled with a strong Religion curriculum, will provide a rich supplement to a caring and nurturing family life for our students. In view of this philosophy we, faculty and student together, give priority to:

At SSCM, we follow the curriculum standards set forth by New York State and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Specific curriculum offerings on each grade level can be found on our school website and in our separate curriculum guide.

Admission to SSCM is based on availability, pre-admission screening, and the willingness of families to support our school philosophy and commitment to faith. Priority is given to members of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Parish. Acceptance is subject to a 90 day probationary period.

Registration is held in February. Open House dates in January give prospective applicants a chance to visit our school and meet our faculty, who are happy to answer questions regarding curriculum, special programs, and specific class requirements. A registration packet is available in the school office which clearly outlines all of the requirements for admission. Applicants who wish to enter our school mid-year are encouraged to call for an appointment to visit our school.

Up-to-date information about tuition and fee amounts is available through the school office. It is the responsibility of all families to pay their tuition and fees in a timely manner. Since we are a family, our entire family suffers when individuals do not pay according to their contracts. The financial well being of our school depends on the cooperation of our families in these matters. SMART Tuition is our tuition management company, and all payment contracts are made through SMART. No payments should be submitted to the school office. Financial aid is available through the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation of the Diocese. Applications for financial aid must be filed before April 1st each year and are available in the school office or online at:

Daily Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Students must arrive by 8:00 a.m., and should enter through the south door or the breezeway. After 8:15, students must enter through the breezeway, accompanied by a parent, who should sign the student in at the front desk.  PRE-K starts at 8:30 AM.

At 2:55, walkers are dismissed to meet their parents at the south entrance. Students are subsequently released to their buses.  If there is a deviation from the usual dismissal plan for your child (e.g. he/she will be picked up and are not to ride the bus), please notify your child’s teacher via written note in the morning. Please do not phone the office with these requests if you can avoid it. The office is a very busy and hectic place and, for the safety of your children, it is better to make arrangements in writing well in advance. If someone else will be picking up your child and you have notified the school of that arrangement, the person will be required to produce identification to our staff. Please help keep our children safe by planning ahead and complying with proper procedures for your child’s dismissal from school.

Children who are picked up from school early must be signed out by a parent or guardian. It is the policy of the school to discourage early release from school, as it interferes with the effective learning environment. Of course, emergencies and unexpected events occur, but please make every effort, for your children’s sake, to make sure they are in school on time and remain at school until dismissal. Students are released to legal guardians/parents, except when restricted by a legally binding document. If such circumstances exist, the custodial parent has the responsibility of furnishing certified copies of the appropriate court documents to the Principal.

Visiting During the School Day
We welcome visitors to our school and to school events. Please, all visitors including parents, must enter the school via the main entrance in the breezeway and must register with the receptionist. Parents should not proceed to classrooms without authorization from the main office. If visitors are in the building during a fire drill, they are to follow directions given by school personnel.

After School Activities
In order for a student to participate in the academic program and/or after school activities the student must be in school by the beginning of homeroom. Any exception to this guideline is made with Administration approval.

SSCM has a variety of extra and co-curricular activities to enrich our students’ learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to participate in sports and games, drama, and extra academic classes and tutoring. These activities are an extension of our school day and we expect that students behave in their usual respectful manner during these events. Discipline issues during these activities may be referred to the principal. We would ask that parents be responsible to pick up their children promptly from these activities.

Activities which are sanctioned by the school administration and are supervised by parents may include ice cream socials, bake sales, and dances. Students who attend these activities may do so only with the written permission of their parents, with the full knowledge that these events are supervised by volunteers and not by paid professional staff. Students are expected to afford these volunteers the same respect that they would teachers and school staff. It should be noted that parents who assume responsibility for these activities should do so with great thought to their role and responsibility in supervision.

After School Care Program
SSCM is happy to offer parents an alternative program for their after-school needs. Registration contracts outline the policies of the program; these contracts can be obtained from the school office.

Hot lunch is provided daily – no soda is permitted. Snacks, juice, milk, and water may also be purchased in the cafeteria

Students are expected to observe orderly behavior in the cafeteria. This includes:
a. Obeying all teachers and parents.
b. Remaining seated, unless otherwise directed.
c. Speaking in a low voice.
d. Proper disposal of garbage on their table and floor.
e. Remaining silent when the teacher or parent asks.
f.  Remaining in the cafeteria, unless permission has been given to leave.
All students are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner during lunch and to follow the directions of the teachers and parent volunteers in the cafeteria and during lunch recess  Students who fail to do so may miss recess for that day or may be referred to the principal.

Behavior at recess should include:
a. Staying in the yard, unless directed to re-enter the building by a teacher on duty.
b. Obeying teachers and volunteers.
c. Fighting and aggressive behavior is never permitted.
d. Refraining from bringing items such as: (and this extends to the entire school property) CD players, cell phones, beepers, iPods, hand held electronic games, trading cards, or other items specified by the administration. These items will be confiscated and a parent will be responsible to come up to school and retrieve them.

All students will go outside for recess any time it is not raining and the outside temperature is above 32 degrees. Parents are urged to be sure that their children are dressed appropriately for outdoor recess, particularly in the cold weather.

Emergency Closings
In the event of inclement weather that makes travel conditions unsafe, school closings communicated through SCHOOLREACH and announced on News 12, WBLI, and WALK

In the event of early closings during the school day, SSCM must follow the jurisdiction of the public school districts that provide our transportation. Every effort will be made to contact parents, through SCHOOLREACH at the emergency number given, in the event of early dismissal of St. Cyril’s students by their districts. However, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to be aware of weather and road condition, and to keep abreast of school closures so that they may anticipate such occurrences. It is also the parents/guardians’ responsibility to provide current home, work, and emergency contact numbers.

Text Books
All secular text books and work books are supplied by your local school districts or BOCES. Parents are responsible to the school district for any books which are lost, destroyed, or ruined in any manner.

Parent-School Communication
At SSCM, we believe that we work in partnership with parents for the education of children. As such, it is critically important that the lines of communication between school and home are open. All school personnel have e-mail addresses which can be found on the school website, and parents are free to call or communicate by written note as well. Parents should expect to receive an answer to their communication within 48 hours.

Parent-teacher conferences are mandatory at the end of the first trimester in December and may be requested at other times. We respectfully request that parents not approach teachers for information at arrival, lunch, dismissal, or at school events. During these times, our teachers are focused on their professional role with the students, and it is unfair to them and to you to attempt to conference about a particular student during those times.

Parent Association and School Board
Ss. Cyril & Methodius Catholic School is fortunate to have an active Parent Association, whose main purpose is to raise funds for school needs. All parents are encouraged to participate in activities run by this organization and to help in the planning and implementation of the scheduled events. Bingo is also a fundraising activity that benefits our school. All parents are expected to support Bingo by working sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings. The responsibility of parents to raise money, in support of our school, is documented in the tuition contract. In addition, the school prohibits students from the door to door solicitation, or selling, of fundraising materials.

The school board of Ss. Cyril & Methodius serves as an advisory board to the Pastor and Principal as they formulate policy. The School Board meets monthly. A paid, permanent employee of Ss. Cyril’s School or Parish cannot serve as president of the Parents Association or as an appointed or elected member of the School Board.

Student Records
St. Cyril’s School respects the rights of parents to inspect their child’s educational records. Please give at least 24 hours written notice to the Principal so that a convenient time may be set aside for a parent to view the records, in the presence of the administrator. Copies of these records will be provided, for a fee, to cover the charge of copying. Parents have the right to challenge the accuracy of these records in written notice to the administrator. Please note that no confidential records may be released without the written consent of parent or legal guardian.

The school records may include the following:
a) Identifying data
b) Academic work completed
c) Level of achievement (grades, standardized test scores, intelligence and aptitude test scores)
d) Attendance
e) Health data
(U.S. Family Educ. Rights and Privacy Act, 1974)

Attendance and Lateness
The Education Department of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has implemented a comprehensive attendance policy for elementary schools, in accordance with Education Law, sec. 3205. It stresses the importance of student attendance during the full school day in order to assure that the education of students be fostered by a calm learning schedule free from disruption. It is so important that all children have the opportunity of beginning and the ending school day with their classmates, allowing them access to all instruction in lessons, assignments, projects, announcements, etc.

Great care should be taken to plan vacations during scheduled school holidays. Such absences will be counted as illegal absences in the register, which is a legal document. Calls should be made to the school office between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. to report the absence of your child. However, this call does not replace the need to send in a signed, written note stating the reason for your child’s absence. Remember, it is in your child’s best interest to be in school every day.

Emergency Cards and Medical Information
It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to properly complete and update information on emergency cards sent home at the beginning of each school year. Information on medical forms and requirements will be sent home by our school nurse. Please be aware that the administration of Ss. Cyril & Methodius School will support the policies set forth by our school health official, who is provided by the Deer Park School District.

Special Education Services
Special education services for SSCM students are provided by the student’s home district, through a reciprocal arrangement with the Deer Park School District. Special education service providers (resource room teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, etc.) are provided to students who have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). All parents have the right to request evaluation of their child if they suspect a learning disability might be present. The school may also initiate such an evaluation. Information on referral and evaluation may be obtained by calling the school principal.

SSCM respects the rights of all children to an appropriate educational environment, as guaranteed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and by state and federal mandates. We are committed to make every reasonable accommodation to enable students with disabilities to have a successful experience in our school.

Academic Intervention Services
Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are provided to students who qualify based on standardized test scores, NYS tests, and/or teacher recommendation.

Assessment is, very simply, a means of evaluating exactly what a student has learned. It should be viewed as neither a reward nor a punishment, since our goal is that all students will learn to the very best of their ability. There are varied forms of assessment: projects, essays, tests, quizzes, journals, oral presentations. All of these things are then used as criteria to judge whether or not students have met certain standards, as set by New York State and the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Teachers assess student progress daily, but they report that progress to parents periodically through several methods:
1) Progress Reports
2) Report Cards
3) Phone calls, e-mails, and notes
4) Conferences

Consequences for Cheating:
• The student automatically fails the assignment or the test with a grade of 0.
• The teacher involved reports the offense to the Principal.
• The teacher involved telephones the student’s parents/guardians immediately to inform them of the infraction.
• The teacher speaks to the student about the more serious consequences regarding future infractions.

Plagiarism is another form of cheating:  Plagiarism is defined as the use of another’s words, ideas and creations without clear acknowledgement of the source, this includes paraphrasing as well as direct quotes. Unless appropriate documentation accompanies the use, it is considered plagiarism. Some work, such as group projects, may be shared with SPECIFIC AUTHORIZATION from the teacher.

Consequences for Plagiarism:
• The student automatically fails the assignment or test.
• The teacher involved telephones the student’s parents immediately to inform them of the infraction.
• The teacher speaks to the student about the more serious consequences regarding future infractions.

Promotion and Retention
Promotion at the end of the school year is based on the assessment of whether or not students have met appropriate academic standards. The most important issue is what is best for the student academically, socially, and psychologically. A decision to retain a student would be made by the principal, in consultation with the teacher and parents. Students who fail one or two subjects may be promoted on the condition that they attend summer school or receive tutoring at home, by a NYS certified teacher, for 20 hours.

Uniforms and Dress Code
The goal of the school uniform is conformity and consistency. The students of Ss. Cyril & Methodius School are required to be in complete uniforms each day. Uniforms identify students and reflect our goal, which is to focus on the person, rather than what the person wears, or can afford to wear. The uniform is to be clean and neat at all times. The lengths of skirts and pants should be adjusted with growth, and skirt lengths should be appropriate.
A uniform Swap Shop is provided by our Parent Association.

Please make note of the following:


JUMPER – Powder blue plaid

BLOUSE – Round Collar – Powder blue

TIE – Plaid

SWEATER – Navy Cardigan

Summer Uniform: White polo shirt and navy shorts (optional)

SKIRT – Powder blue plaid

BLOUSE – Pointed Collar - Powder blue

VEST – Navy

Summer Uniform: White polo shirt and navy skirt (optional)

BOYS 1 - 8
SLACK – Navy
SHIRT – Powder blue broadcloth

TIE – (BOYS 1 – 5) Plaid

TIE – (BOYS 6 – 8) Navy/White Stripe

SWEATER – Navy Cardigan

Summer Uniform – White polo shirt and navy shorts (optional)

Our uniforms may be purchased from Flynn O'Hara Uniforms which is our official supplier. Their store is located in Plainview. Representatives of Flynn OHara's are present in the school one day during the spring. You will receive notification prior to their visit. At that time, you may have your child measured for a uniform and the uniform will be sent to your home. Uniforms may also be purchased directly from

Complete uniforms require items described on the uniform order sheet. Uniform shoes are available from Flynn O'Hara’s or you may purchase black tie shoes, with backs, in the same style and heel height at other stores. The following are not allowed as part of the school uniform code: large, obtrusive jewelry, head coverings of any type, unnatural hair color, body piercing, make-up, boys’ hairstyles which are considered too long, or hairstyles of both boys and girls which are considered too extreme. All of these are subject to determination by the Principal. 

On occasion, students may be given the opportunity to come to school dressed in their own clothes. The following are the dress code guidelines for those days:

Dress Down Guidelines
Students should wear neat, clean, casual clothes. Jeans are acceptable as long as they are neat, not ripped and not too baggy or tight. In warmer weather, capris and longer shorts are OK. Students may not wear: tank tops, belly shirts, short shorts, very short skirts, shirts with any offensive pictures or sayings, or pants with anything written across the rear.

Dress Up Guidelines
Students should dress as if they were going to church or to a special family dinner out. Dress pants or neat khakis and sweaters are fine. Jeans and T-shirts are not acceptable, nor are denim skirts. In warmer weather, capris and LONG shorts (to the knee or longer) are acceptable if worn with a dress shirt or blouse.

Birthday Celebrations
The celebration of birthdays and other occasions is an important part of children’s social development, and is encouraged at Ss. Cyril & Methodius School. However, out of respect for each child, we request that you refrain from bringing gifts for individual children to school, including balloons and flowers. If you wish to provide a birthday snack for your child’s class, please give the teacher at least one week’s notice. Please keep these simple: cupcakes, brownies, or other small snacks are appropriate. Healthy treats are especially encouraged! Pizza or other luncheon parties will no longer be allowed.

Party invitations may not be given out at school, unless everyone in the class is included.

At Ss. Cyril & Methodius School, homework is seen as an opportunity for students to reinforce newly acquired skills and concepts, and to gain a better understanding of the subject matter. Homework acquaints parents with the concepts that their children are learning in school and improves the organization and self-discipline of the student. The responsibilities of the students include:
1. To understand what the assignments are and when they are due.
2. To ask questions when instructions, assignments, or deadlines are not clear.
3. To write their assignments in their assignment notebook.
4. To complete assignments to the best of their ability.
5. To obtain assignments for homework and projects when absent from class or the school day.

Parents are responsible:
1. To ask their children to see the written assignment each night, as written in their assignment notebook or folder.
2. To provide an environment that is conducive to uninterrupted study and work time.
3. To support, motivate, clarify, but to allow students to actually do their own homework.
4. To check that assignments and projects are well done and neat, or requiring students to re-do poorly done work.
5. To supervise study and homework times to make sure that actual work is taking place.

Teachers are responsible:
1. To assign homework that is meaningful and a reinforcement of what is being done in the classroom.
2. To provide clear instructions as to what is expected of the student and the date that work is due.
3. To evaluate homework in a timely manner and to provide feedback concerning homework to students.

In keeping with SSCM’s mission statement, the school is committed to promoting moral integrity, fidelity to principle and reverence for one another, thus re-affirming the belief that honesty, respect, fairness and trust must permeate all that is done as a school community. This belief exists in the school academic integrity policy.

Integrity involves qualities of sincerity and honesty. It implies each individual is trustworthy and refrains from lying stealing and cheating. At SSCM stealing refers to the taking of such items as textbooks, notes and any personal belongings of another person. Cheating is the inappropriate transfer of information – both in and out of the classroom.

*Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the following items: Giving or receiving aid on a test or attempting to do so. *Procuring test answers in advance.
*Copying homework.
*Misusing calculators or other devices including programming information that is not explicitly permitted.

The faculty and staff work to educate students in an environment of mutual respect and reverence. The students are supported, encouraged and challenged to do their best in all academic areas. Each student is personally responsible for fulfilling all class assignments.

Any behavior compromising the integrity of a student’s work or a teacher’s assessment of that work constitutes cheating. Students who misrepresent themselves and their work face serious academic consequences. At the beginning of each academic year, individual classroom teachers will explain policies regarding academic honesty relevant to their grade level.

Student Behavior and Discipline
It is the policy of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Catholic School to promote good behavior by instilling in our students the philosophy of Jesus and His attitudes toward others. Christian compassion and the identification of our school community as a family, where love and respect are demonstrated, demand the proper treatment of fellow students, teachers, staff, administration, parents, and our school property.

General assemblies are planned within the school day and are planned for the purpose of enriching the curriculum. They are formal occasions, which broaden students’ horizons, expose students to new and different experiences and provide opportunities for group presentations to others.

Courtesy to quests implies appropriate behavior. At assemblies, students will:
• Move in a silent, orderly and respectful manner through the halls and into the auditorium;
• Sit with their class in assigned areas;
• Remain courteous, attentive and respectful;
• Follow all instructions given for dismissal.

Classroom Behavior
Students are expected to cooperate with teachers at all times. Disruptive students will be dealt with by the individual teacher first; repeated offenders may be referred to the Principal.

Corridor Behavior
Students should speak quietly when walking through the corridors. Running and shouting are inappropriate and unacceptable.

Fighting in unacceptable behavior. Students who engage in any violent verbal or physical behavior may be dismissed.

Theft or the destruction of property belonging to the school, staff or other students is a very serious offence. A student caught stealing is suspended until her parents/guardians comes in for a conference. Appropriate disciplinary action including probation and possible dismissal will result.

Violence of any kind, including language, will not be tolerated. Students may be dismissed.

Vulgar and offensive language is unacceptable. Verbal abuse and/or harassment are offensive and will never be tolerated. Students may be dismissed.

The response to minor disciplinary offenses may include: discussions with the child and the teacher or Principal; a conference with parents; service activities to develop the child’s knowledge of self within a community; loss of recess or privileges, etc. More serious or habitual offenses may warrant more serious consequences or referral to outside social service agencies.

Students should be treated with Christ-like compassion. However, the laws of the local, state, and federal government, and the policies of the Diocese of Rockville Centre dictate certain disciplinary actions. In addition, any student accused of behavior violating a law, whether in or outside of school, may be suspended, pending investigation. Such behavior may result in disciplinary actions by both school and civil authorities. Such behavior may include, but is not limited to:
a) Stealing
b) Reckless endangerment of self or others
c) Vandalism
d) False fire alarms
e) Destruction of school property
f)  Possession of drugs, weapons, or firearms
g) Assault or battery.

In addition to the listed rules and regulations, other action deemed harmful, unsafe, or illegal by the administrator, may be subject to disciplinary action, according to the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Lockers, desks, closets, and similar areas may be searched at any time, when the property or safety of the individual or school community may be compromised, as deemed necessary by the administration.

The following may also result in probation, suspension, expulsion, mandatory counseling, or rehabilitation, according to the seriousness of the offense. The compassion of Christ demands attention to the needs of the specific student, and consideration that each student be treated in as confidential manner as possible. The consequences of improper behavior may or may not be shared with the school community, as directed by the Diocese of Rockville Centre and/or legal counsel:

• Possession of Alcohol, Drugs, or Other Illegal Substances: will be dealt with in accordance with the law, and according to the policies of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.
• Smoking: is a health and fire hazard. The consequence may be suspension or expulsion.
• Threats of Violence: Students may not make any threats of violence against any person, groups of persons, or to school property, either orally, in writing, or via e-mail. All such threats must be taken seriously, and may result in suspension or expulsion.
• Guns or Weapons Possession: The Gun-Free Schools Act is a federal law requiring schools to suspend students who bring weapons to school (guns, knives, box cutters, x-acto knives, pieces of scissors, etc.) This is to be determined in conjunction with the Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, on a case-by-case basis.
• Engaging in Verbal or Physical Fighting: is not allowed and may lead to serious consequences including probation, suspension, or expulsion.
• Defacement of School Property: Any action which defaces school property is prohibited. Reimbursement for such must be made by parents, who are held responsible for the actions of their children. Consequences may include suspension or expulsion.
• Sexual Harassment: Pertains to actions, drawings, written or non verbal communication, as defined by NYS and US laws, and may lead to serious consequences such as probation, loss of privileges, suspension or expulsion.

Telephone Calls/Beepers/Cell Phones
The use of any electronic or paging device during the school day is prohibited. Telephone calls will be accepted in the office from a parent/guardian for a student under emergency conditions. Cell phones are to be turned off and kept in bookbags. Cell phones that are visible in hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, school yard or cafeteria will be taken away from the student and returned only when a parent or guardian comes to pick it up. Repeat offenders will have their cell phones taken and held by Administration and returned to the student in June.

Use of Technology
Each student and parent must sign the technology contract before being allowed to have access to the computers in our school. Ss. Cyril and Methodius School employs a filtering system which keeps students from obtaining objectionable material. However, at times, this filter may be turned off in order for students to obtain appropriate, unobjectionable material not available within the confines of the filtered system.

Student Technology Use and Behavior Policy

SSCM has established a technology network with access to the Internet for its students. This network has been established for limited educational purposes only. By agreeing to this policy the student(s) and the parents and/or guardians of the student(s) fully agree to the following:

There is NO RIGHT TO PRIVACY when using the school's technology resources. Administration, faculty, and other authorized persons have the right to review any and all material saved, transmitted, accessed, or momentarily in use by the student in accord with the policy set by the school's administration.   The school’s right to review is extended to any use by the student’s parents and/or legal guardian of the school’s computer resources in accord with the school’s policy for review of student records and/or work.

There is NO ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH when using the school's technology resources, which is viewed by the administration as a limited educational forum; and student behavior is expected to conform to values consistent with the Catholic faith both inside and outside the school setting.

All access to the school's technology resources will be permitted only under the supervision of a member of the school staff.

The student agrees that all information transmitted through the use of the school's technology resources (e-mail, web page publication, or other Internet postings) will be sent or received only under the direct, immediate supervision of a member of the school's staff and with the explicit permission of that staff member.

The student agrees to stop using any and all of the school's technology resources whenever requested to do so by a member of staff or other authorized person.

The student agrees never to transmit via the school’s technology or personal technology resources the personal information (name, age, gender, address, phone number, e-mail address and the like) of himself or herself as well as that of any other person.

The student agrees never to arrange for a meeting with any person at any time using the technology resources.

The student agrees to notify a staff member immediately if he or she is asked for personal information, views inappropriate materials, or in any other way feels violated, harassed, uncomfortable, or accosted through the school's technology resources.

The student agrees never to access, transmit, or retransmit material which promotes violence or advocates destruction of property, including, but not limited to, access to information concerning the manufacture of destructive devices, such as explosives, fireworks, smoke bombs, incendiary devices, and the like.

The student agrees never to access, transmit, or retransmit any information containing sexually oriented material, which means any pictures or writings that are intended to stimulate erotic feelings by the description or portrayal of sexual activity or nude human form.

The student agrees never to use the school's technology resources for commercial purposes. The student will never buy nor sell anything using the school's technology resources.

The school's system will never be used for political lobbying, although it may be used to communicate with elected representatives to express opinions on political issues.

The student agrees never to tamper with any software and/or hardware including software or hardware that guard the school's network from unmanaged Internet use. The student agrees never to tamper with any security system that protects the school's technology resources.

The student agrees to use only the software and/or hardware permitted by a member of staff for express educational purposes. The student agrees never to use the school's technology resources to gain unauthorized access to another technology network (hacking).

The student agrees never to transmit (download or upload)) any computer file, application, or other computer resource to or from the school's technology network. This includes the unauthorized installation of software from a CD-ROM, flash drive, or other media.

The student agrees never to use inappropriate, obscene, profane, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language. The student agrees never to post false information or engage in personal, prejudicial, or discriminatory attacks.  Student behavior is expected to conform to values consistent with the Catholic faith.

The student agrees never to harass another person by use of any technology resources. Harassment is defined as any action that distresses or annoys another person. The student agrees to stop immediately any and all behavior that is construed by another as unwelcome.

The student agrees never to use any of the school's technology resources to plagiarize. Plagiarism is defined as taking the idea or writing of others and presenting them as one's own.

The student agrees to respect the right of intellectual property of other people and to respect all copyright laws. The student agrees that if he or she is unsure whether copyright law is being respected, he or she will bring this question immediately to the attention of a staff member.

The student agrees never to participate in illegal activity using the technology resources. The school will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation related to any illegal activities conducted through the school's resources.

The school will not be held responsible for the actions of a student who is in violation of any of the terms of this policy. This responsibility is extended to, but not limited to: loss of data or interruptions of service, the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the school's system, or any financial obligations arising through the unauthorized use of the school's technology resources.

The school reserves the right to establish rules and regulations regarding the use of the school’s technology resources, and behavior is expected to conform to values consistent with the Catholic faith both inside and outside the school setting.

A student found in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline including, but not limited to, temporary removal from the school's system, permanent removal from the system, or other appropriate disciplinary action in accord with the rules and regulations of the school, including suspension or expulsion, and /or legal action.


Social Networking - Student behavior is expected to conform to values consistent with the Catholic faith, both inside and outside the school setting, relating to the use of and participation in social networking. 

  • Any technology use or use of social networking sites to display any wording or images of any student engaged in any activity which, in the sole discretion of the school administration, is inappropriate, crude, vulgar, or a violation of values consistent with the Catholic faith, or is illegal in any respect, will be subject to disciplinary action, including, without limitation, suspension, expulsion and/or legal action.
  • Any technology use by any student, in school or at  home, which includes viewing or distributing any images, wording, messages or material which are, in the sole discretion of the school administration, obscene, harassing, racist, inflammatory, malicious, fraudulent or libelous will be subject to disciplinary action, including, without limitation, suspension, expulsion and/or legal action.

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